Bogus check writer not allowed to have checking account during probation

Man asks judge to Conway to "look past" lengthy criminal record.
Cary Ashby
Dec 14, 2013


A man convicted of writing a bad check to a Willard jewelry store isn't allowed to have a checking account during his three years of probation.

In late October, Wood County resident Michael T. Robinson, 50, pleaded guilty for a February 2012 incident. The defendant earlier turned in the $4,060 in restitution to the Huron County Clerk of Court's Office.

Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway, who gave Robinson a 90-discretionary jail term Thursday, warned the defendant he was giving him "much more than a second chance." The judge also told Robinson he was walking a thin line and likely will receive a one-year prison term if there's a probation violation.

Robinson's criminal record includes 60 to 70 misdemeanor charges, six prison terms and multiple probation violations.

"The victim was satisfied with probation because of the return of the funds," Conway said.

As part of his probation, Robinson also must pay a $250 fine.

Huron County Public Defender David Longo said Robinson wrote the bogus check before he served an Ashland County prison term for passing bad checks. The Huron County offense took place at a Blossom Center business in Willard. Prosecutors have said Robinson wrote a check some merchandise on a closed account.

"He didn't have time to make it good before he went," Longo said.

Robinson has a pending sentencing hearing in Seneca County.

"He finished paying restitution in Seneca County," said Longo, who requested a discretionary jail term because Robinson oversees a roofing business and has been paying his bills and child support orders.

"I'm doing all I can," Robinson told the judge and asked Conway to "look past" his lengthy criminal record and see that he's trying to change.


Kottage Kat

Return of funs.? Gets better all the time.


Get a life


Does anyone proofread these articles before publication lol.


Who cares? Get a job.


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swiss family

Robinson's criminal record includes 60 to 70 misdemeanor charges, six prison terms and multiple probation violations.

Yea I don't see any reason for him to go to jail.... I am glad that the Judge.. told him the equivalent of....."Next time mister, you are going to be in Big, Big trouble"............Come on your highness, do your job!!!!!

Scranton Tibbs

Ridiculous. Another career criminal gets off.


Yea,he looked way past !


Get a cell ready , cause he will be ready for it with in a month , if he last that long ...Oh well this is just a another way of Huron and Erie counties justice system . What happen to the three strikes and your done law that was suppose to be in affect? .This guy should not be allowed to walk the same streets as us law bidding .


What 3 strikes law? Actually, Ohio used to have a habitual offender law that if you racked up so many misdemeanors, they turned felonies and your a**want going anywhere but down.What happened to that one? Get scrapped by one of our Governors?


I think The Reflector should ban anyone who corrects their spelling. That is so annoying. Get a life people.


Hope the county doesn't take a check when he goes to pay his $250 restitution