Grin and bear it

This calendar featuring several Norwalk senior citizens is all 'Smiles.'
Aaron Krause
Dec 15, 2013


Sandusky-based Serving Our Seniors has released its "Smiles" 2014 calendar, and is selling them for $10. Locally they can be purchased at Gabby Road Studio, 25 Whittlesey Ave. and Henry's Flower Shop, 26 Whittlesey Ave. Proceeds go toward Erie County senior citizens who can't afford dental care.

The calendar, which features several Norwalk residents, bills itself as "a fun and sassy calendar to make you smile or others may smile too!"

Among the local residents featured in the 2014 calendar are Norwalk residents Ruth Berner, Georgianna Caputo, Pat Westerhold and Reta Stark.

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Señor Clown

Kudos to these golden girls for 'going without' to support a worthy cause.

Cliff Cannon

Very unique idea girls. Here's hoping you sell a million calendar's


This is cool...when I'm old I plan on having this much sass!!!

Kottage Kat

Hope I have that much courage.