Driver gets 2-year license suspension for incident that caused severe head injury

An Akron man was sentenced Tuesday to 75 days in jail for a summer incident when his friend was seriously injured after falling off the hood of the defendant's vehicle.
Cary Ashby
Jul 25, 2010


An Akron man was sentenced Tuesday to 75 days in jail for a summer incident when his friend was seriously injured after falling off the hood of the defendant’s vehicle.

Dane R. Lenhart, 21, pleaded guilty Nov. 20 to vehicular assault in exchange for the state dismissing one count of aggravated vehicular assault. On Tuesday, he had his driver’s license suspended for two years. Lenhart also was ordered to pay $16,800 in restitution as part of his five years of probation.

On July 28, Lenhart was driving on Hanville Corners Road near North Fairfield when he got into an argument with his friend, Norwalk Law Director Stuart O’Hara said at the time. After Lenhart stopped his car, his 22-year-old passenger got out and jumped onto the hood. O’Hara said Lenhart started driving and then slammed on his brakes, throwing the passenger off the hood.

Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said Lenhart’s friend was “injured pretty bad,” resulting in “major head trauma” and now has no memory of the incident.

After the victim fell, Lenhart put him into his car and started driving toward Mercy Hospital of Willard.


The driver called 9-1-1 while heading south on Ohio 99. He requested an ambulance for his unconscious passenger who “was bleeding profusely from his head,” police and sheriff’s dispatchers wrote.

A medical helicopter flew the victim from Willard to St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center. The man first was listed in critical condition in the intensive care unit, but he later was upgraded to serious.

State troopers charged Lenhart with driving under the influence of alcohol after his blood alcohol content level was tested at .087.

Leffler said Lenhart is supposed to report to the jail June 1 because he is attending the University of Akron.


slap on the han...

I happened to witness part of this, it was horrifying, bloody and gruesome! After what I saw of the man, I'm surprized he is still alive. He has to have some kind of brain damage?? Sounds like he's learning alot while attending The University of Akron.

abc (Anonymous)

i heard the boy was walking down the road and the driver ran in to him and fliped him over the car, anybody know forsure?

a few thoughts ...

does anyone think that the costs of the victims medical bills are only that of the costs of the drivers cost to go to college?and what about the victims care and life after his trauma?sounds like the driver gets to go ahead with life but the victim gets to still be victimized.does the driver have any inconvience from his life he isn't going to jail until after this year of college is over what about the victims inconvience maybe that driver should be working to take care of the victims medical bills life care now since he messed up the victims life. wasn't the words used to describe the victim "BLEEDING PROFUSELY FROM HIS HEAD", "INJURED PRETTY BAD"!unconsious passenger, major head trauma!!!what's wrong with this picture?the victim is still the victim and the driver is getting to go forward!!!!

Barb (Anonymous)

people like that make my stomache hurt thinking about what happens to people driving while intoxicated.

he admitted it ...

at work and he plead guilty. No he was not walking down the road and got hit. He was riding in the car with Dane they got into a fight and it escalated from there.

a few thoughts...

he admitted he got in a fight with his friend hit him a car how many pounds does a car weigh how many pounds did the passenger weigh and plead guilty!i still don't beleive that the driver has any incovience,please tell me how the passenger is at fault!!!the man has had his life completely changed, is he getting on with life or is he dealing with the trauma?it is my thought the driver needs to be taking care of this passengers care. does anyone know what the fight was over. it sounds like the only side of the story is the drivers.i wonder why no anger management classes was ordered!!! i just can't help but think a person can be hurt that bad his life has completely changed,should have to go on suffering,while the driver gets to go on with less than minor changes is completely wrong ,that's only my thouhgts