Worker accused of rape at Sandusky nursing home

SANDUSKY (AP) - A nightshift nurse suspected of sexually abusing at least two dozen elderly or disabled patients at a nursing home was being held in jail Wednesday, authorities said. Many of the alleged victims at Concord Care and Rehabilitation Center were unable to report the abuse because of their conditions, said Perkins Township Police Chief Tim McClung. Some have since died.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


SANDUSKY (AP) - A nightshift nurse suspected of sexually abusing at least two dozen elderly or disabled patients at a nursing home was being held in jail Wednesday, authorities said.

Many of the alleged victims at Concord Care and Rehabilitation Center were unable to report the abuse because of their conditions, said Perkins Township Police Chief Tim McClung. Some have since died.

John Riems, 49, pleaded not guilty Tuesday in Sandusky Municipal Court to felony charges of rape and gross sexual imposition. He continues to be questioned about his past, which includes employment at other facilities, McClung said.

Under questioning, police say Riems recalled abusing nearly 100 patients during a 20-year career but that he could only remember specific information on 24. McClung wouldn’t identify other places where Riems worked.

Riems was being held at the Erie County jail on $100,000 bond. The jail didn’t have information on an attorney for Riems.

Jessica Short, director at the nursing home, issued a statement saying that Riems had been fired.

“We cannot share any more detail at this time out of respect for the privacy of our residents, and in light of the ongoing police investigation,” the statement read.


Beth (Anonymous)

At least this disgusting guy won't be at Freedom Valley.

smalltowner (An...

I don't know maybe they can give him community service and he can be the resident nurse at the campground,

Seriously I dont know which story has me the most disgusted. I use to love this little county NOW i don't think I will be telling anyone where I live. What a down fall for this county.

I work in a nur...

the reason I choose to work in a nursing home instead of a hospital is to protect the elderly someone has to. Thank God this sick person was caught and he can thank God he didn't work with us. We would have opened up a can of you know what on his a$$!!

lol (Anonymous)

You people will not stop till that new campground is closed and i say WTG!!! Glad I dont live out there.

re: lol (Anonymous)

what is WTG? Did you mean WTF?

nasty (Anonymous)

to do this to helpless elderly people who depend on him for there pills and care so they can live is just sick

re: nasty (Anon...

and unfortunately it happens alot. The really sick thing is they pick the ones that can't tell on them to victimize. So it is very hard to catch the perverts doing this sick crap.

re: nasty (Anon...

the saddest thing about it is these sick perverts pick the people who cannot tell on them to vicitimize. It is hard to tell who is doing these things. It is horrible to have to suspect everyone of something and have to play detective to catch the nasty a$$ people like him.

Elizabeth's nie...

My 93 yr old aunt was sexually abused in a nursing home around the Canton area in 2002. My family filed charges and the male worker/aide was questioned and my aunt was questioned when her family wasn't present. The police couldn't get her to tell her story so the police didn't think we had a case. My aunt died three months later. Does anyone know if this guy ever worked in the Canton area?

re: Elizabeth's...

that is really sad. It is sick that people get away with that. I would like to know why they questioned her alone she was probably scared to death. Scared her abuser would retaliate.

re; Elizabeth n...

not sure but he is believed to have worked in Clyde.

Where is this n...

I work in Sandusky, live in Norwalk and have never heard of this place.

Sickens Me (Ano...

How does something like this happen? And for so long. I don't get it..Where was everyone??? Put him in jail for a long,long,long time and let the wackos in there take care of him..


Elizabeth's niece:

Was the nursing home MCKINLEY LIFE CARE CENTER??

hmmm (Anonymous)

the concord care nursing home is a branch of briarfield of milan...i use to work at the one in milan i am not sure exactly where the one in sandusky is i wanna say on bougart rd or over in that area

re: hmmm (Anonymous)

We keep thinking we will be getting residents from there we have a couple of empty beds.

Nancy Grace (An...

Coworkers have now stated that he would often go into a patients room and close the door and be in there for an hour. Why didn't they off their a$$ and go check. Would that had been asking too much of them?

Well... (Anonymous)

I am a nurse and I sure don't have an hour to spend with one patient in an emergency let alone anything else. Evidently besides abusing residents sexually he wasn't doing his job if he had that kind of time on his hands.

I just looked h...

and he has been a RN since 1985. So imagine how many people he has victimized.

Pray for everyo...

This guy needs some help honestly!! I thought nurses, doctors, therapists, etc were here to help people!! Not to abuse them. This guys needs to get the max punishment possible. These residents were helpless. I know what i would want!!

wtf (Anonymous)

didn't the other employees think something was strange when he would close the door and be in the room for an hour?? Come on, did they think he was playing a game of bridge with them?? They should be held accountable to some level. He'll find out what it was like for his victims when his perverted a$$ goes to prison. What an animal.

swiss family......

so this guy has been a RN for 23 years, and apparently, the abuse was going on most,if not all of that time.In all those years no one turned him in, or caught him with a patient?? this is very disturbing, how could that be possible? is there a "brotherhood of silence" thing going on here? if this is an example of the kind of care and attention that is given in these nursing homes, i pray that no one that i ever care about, or love, ever lives long enough to have to go into that kind of hell..

yeah swiss... (...

they have a cone of silence. are you really that stupid? do you think that this is just an isolated incident? no, keep thumping your bible and praying to God...moron.

First of all (A...

at a nursing home the nurse is in charge the aid answer to the nurse. The nurse answers to the higher ups that are not there on third shift but if the aides noticed this they could have went to someone higher on the chain of command then him. Second of all swiss moron there is no code of silence. I do not work at that facility but everyone at my facility is very disgusted over what he did. Third doctors and nurses are human like everyone else. There are good and bad people in every profession as in life in general so try to go on something other than stereotypes. Who knows how many people he has abused since 1985.

to the last pos...

it seems that there is a big difference between being disgusted by what this guy did, and actually doing something about it, and maybe putting an end to it.tell me how, in 23 years, and all of the people that he violated, tell me why no one ever turned him in for suspicous behavior?is it set up like that on the 3rd shift, at a nursing home, where there is no nursing supervision? i would have to believe that there were alot of staff, who were aware that what he was doing went against the rules, but maybe they weren't sure what he was really doing! how was he allowed to go into a clients room and close the door, for long periods of time? i'm not a nurse, but that kind of behavior, sounds suspicous to me, and multiply that by 23 years- sounds like alot of people were not doing their jobs, either that, or they just didn't care about the patients, and i don't know which is worse

re: to the last...

stfu, swiss.

re: to the last...

since I do not know the man and never worked with him or in that facility I dont know why nobody turned him in there or anywhere else. Your guess is as good as mine. Therefore like I said we are disgusted by what he did as it reflects on all nurses. I worked as an aide and then went to school to be a nurse and only wanted to work in geriatrics because I could not handle working with sick kids. It kills me to see any kids sick let alone with something fatal. I have known all my life that the elderly have much to contribute sit and listen to their stories once and you will see. Typically in any facility to each unit there is one charge nurse and two nursing assistants because most of them are in bed. They usually only get a few meds throughout that shift and need to be toileted or changed. So there is not alot of staff on third shift. So if the aides were busy in a room down the hall changing a bed they would not have known what he was doing while they were doing their jobs it is called "bed checks" to make sure all are clean and dry. He probably knew when they would be getting to the room he was in and made sure he was not there at that time. Or they were afraid of losing their job. Either way he is the one who should be held accountable he is sick and perverted.

swiss family......

it really is ashame that this guy has ruined the reputation of the nursing profession.i know alot of nurses, and they are dedicated, caring, and compassionate people. they are willing to do things for sick people ,that would turn other peoples stomach, and God bless them.. it is sometimes a thankless job, and i would like to officially say thank you to all of the good nurses!.. thank you for your devotion and care.

like i said it is ashame, that this guy has put a black mark on all of nursing,and i still, for the life of me, don't understand, how this guy was able to work for 23 years,and never have one person turn him in for questionable actions.. i believe that he had many , many victims, and i question how many people saw questionable things going on, and kept quiet about it. this is what really gives nursing a black eye.

there are always going to be sick people , in every profession, but they must be weeded out by their co workers and supervisors. this did not happen in this case. and i think it makes all nurses, suspect.. just as we now all look at priests alittle differently, i for one will now be looking alittle differently at nursing home nurses

Registered Nurs...

I have been a Registered Nurse for the past 10 yrs. and have worked in Critical Care, Intensive Care Units, Cardiac Cath. Lab, Electrophysiology Lab (pacemakers and defibrillator's) post Angioplasty Floor, and have floated were needed ER, Med. Surgical units...many long days of saving lives etc...I started working in Health care in 1991 as an STNA and then decided to pursue a career in Nursing. I've been in health care for 16 years.

I now currently work in a Nursing Home related to having children and the need to have a more consistent schedule for my wife and 2 daughters. Yes, I am a male Nurse, as there are many of in this profession. The person who interested me to pursue my Nursing Career was a male R.N.

This person/man? is not a Registered Nurse. He has violated the code of Ethics, terribly. Be reassured that the Ohio Board of Nursing has already acted appropriately and efficiently to Revoke his Nursing License! This is an embarrassment to his/our profession and a relief that he will no longer harm another human being by "claiming" to be a Registered Nurse.

He is not what a R.N. represents. His name is John Riems. Nothing else. The Nursing Profession has so many caring, compassionate, empathetic people involved who do protect the rights of the pt./client. Male and female Nurse's.

John will now have to get used to his new uniform the one that he should have been wearing the past 20 years. His Prison Uniform.


to swiss (Anonymous)

why can't you comment on a story once and then end it like normal people do. we don't need your opinion every single day on every single subject...comment once, and END it. I'll thank you.