Three men arrested in Plymouth heroin bust

PLYMOUTH - Three men were arrested on heroin-related charges at a Plymouth mobile home Wednesday afternoon. Willie S. Dye, 39, of 4100 Niver Road, Willard, was charged with complicity to possession of heroin. His nephew, Brandon Northcut, 25, of 4265 Ohio 61, Lot 30, Plymouth, was charged with possession of drug abuse instruments while another suspect, Dennis Pugh, 48, of the same address, faces one count of possession of heroin.
Cary Ashby
Jul 25, 2010


PLYMOUTH - Three men were arrested on heroin-related charges at a Plymouth mobile home Wednesday afternoon.

Willie S. Dye, 39, of 4100 Niver Road, Willard, was charged with complicity to possession of heroin. His nephew, Brandon Northcut, 25, of 4265 Ohio 61, Lot 30, Plymouth, was charged with possession of drug abuse instruments while another suspect, Dennis Pugh, 48, of the same address, faces one count of possession of heroin.

Authorities seized $900 in cash and a large amount of heroin while using a search warrant about 1:45 p.m. The bust was the result of an operation by METRICH, a 10-county drug task force.

"The suspects said there were 30 balloons of heroin," Huron County Sheriff's Capt. Bob McLaughlin said.

He was expected to bring the drugs to the Mansfield Police Department today, where the METRICH lab is, to analyze the drugs and paraphernalia for fingerprints.

"The investigation started the second week of January as a result of informant information and citizen complaints," McLaughlin said.

"Pugh had been driving to Columbus, Ohio to buy the drug once and sometimes, twice per week, for the last month. He would bring back approximately 70 balloons of heroin per trip, which were then sold to users in Huron County for $40 per balloon," the drug investigator said.

He said Pugh was accused of being involved in the assault of a Morrow County officer, so deputies used precaution when approaching him. He declined to elaborate.

Dye was hiding in a back bedroom belonging to Pugh's mother when officers arrived, but he didn't offer any resistance, McLaughlin said. Dye also was arrested on a Norwalk Municipal Court warrant. He was charged with failure to appear on a speeding charge stemming from a state Highway Patrol incident, a sheriff's dispatcher wrote.

Sgt. Mike Cooksey found two vials with heroin under the mattress of Pugh's mother's bed, McLaughlin said.

Detective Sgt. Dane Howard interviewed the suspects. When asked if there might be more arrests, Howard said: "We'll have to wait to see what direction the investigation goes."

McLaughlin said he earlier had been doing surveillance at the Plymouth mobile home park and saw several people, whom he called "known users" and Pugh's associates, "come and go." Starting Jan. 17, three people were arrested on outstanding warrants, but he said they weren't related to the heroin investigation.

"We found needles, but no heroin on them," McLaughlin added.

He said information about Columbus-area drug suppliers gained during Wednesday's incident will be forwarded to a narcotics unit in that area.

Northcut must post a $40,000 bond before being released from jail. Pugh and Dye remain in custody awaiting their bond hearings.


Anonymous (Anon...

Plymouth is really going to he!!. First the only dentist gets busted for drug abuse, now this. What will be next??

Wow (Anonymous)

I'm shocked Brandon, I heard rumors but never thought you'd be that stupid. Everyday we lose more friends and family to this evil. What's it going to take to get it through your thick skulls THIS WILL KILL YOU!!!

This (Anonymous)

A Freedom Valley in Plymouth

drugs (Anonymous)

dont forget about macks when you talk about the dentist in is drugs so bad with so many cops here in town kinda makes you wonder who knows who

only in huron c...

this is the only county where your friend will tell on u and be a snitch then party when you get out of jail and think its all cool.what detective work HCSO find a broke junkie offer them a lil money to tell on someone and set them up or let them off of a charge is that helping the problem or making the cops fatter? i think they have their hands in it, why not the dentist do. why is the name detective in this they didnt do this. fire them and put the snitch on the pay roll. bob walks around thinking hes somthing big. do the job on your own instead of telling the next person in line (just tell me what you know and i will help this all go away) who detected this the detective or the snitch? why do tax dollars go for all the detectives huron county has one snitch is better then 2 detectives $40, thats a day pay for them and they do all the work anyway.I think the people in this county need to open their eyes and see the problem isnt the drugs its the bad detective work. if they know its a problem why not take care of it. Id like to see these cops go to a big city and walk around with a chip on their shoulder it wouldnt fly. Dick needs some new workers!

to only in huro...

You said it. It is all one big fuc*!ng game. Bust somebody for heroin, give them money to go buy some from someone then bust them, give them money to do the same, over and over and over. And people have to ask why we have a heroin problem. Th g@d d@#mned cops, judges, prosecutors, law directors and lawyers we have in this county. They are all crooks and they all work together! The few people who get scr$wed are the ones who won't narc, or cooperate in their dirty little games. thats the ones you see going to prison, unless their just dumb little punk kids who have no way of getting proper legal help and they get scr$wed also. And their are the ones that don't share their profits with the owners of this town, Willard, and keep them supplied. This town has many little secrets that alot of us know about but we also know when to keep our mouths shut. Or maybe we will end up like a young man in the late 90's, and the mother who ended up in the pond, and the list could go on if I dare??? And speaking of McLaughlin, isn't he a piece of work. One of the dirtest low downs of all. He will offer someone a deal if they admit, just be honest and we can work something out. Then bam, you give them what they want thinking you're doing the right thing and your busted. And as Mr. Prosecutor explained to me many years ago, "Honesty is good for the soul, but it will get you convicted everytime." So, Mr. Leffler, if you read this you very well know who I am. You scr@wed this man over 10 years ago and you and your people are still scr@wing him. And you wonder what happened to him?? He is a monster--well news flash--you and your "rehablitation system" created him. Sorry if I stepped on any toes, but those of you who this was meant for know who you are. And to Dennis Puck, oh I mean Pugh, good riddens!! I'm sure this will not be posted long because someones feelings are going to be hurt, lol.

to only in huro...

p.s. That was for Mr. McLaughlin, not Annette. She is an angel dressed in black!! You go girl!!

Concerned Citiz...

If you play the game, you d@mn well better be prepared to pay the price! Especially if you conduct business as blatantly stupid as these a$$holes! Come on, this is a small community and you have people in and out 24 hours a day. He!! Barney Fife could figure this one out. We also need to start holding the "Enablers" accountable for allowing this conduct around our families. I just hope everyone gets what they deserve.

"wake up" (Anon...

This is not the first news about drugs in plymouth, where have you been?. There have been several busts along 61, not to mention the od's that happen no one wants to talk about or that don't make the news. And Willard's infested with them. They just get younger and younger. They get slapped on the wrist get a fine and do it all over again.

re: wake up (An...

and how about that angel dressed in black who tried to get Dalton out when he was in jail in the plymouth jail. How about keeping the dealers where they belong-jail. Not right back on the street because they are a narc getting ssi to help buy his drugs. At least his kids are getting supported by our tax dollars.

BigD writes.......

heard Charlie Stephens od`ed a few weeks back,has been on life support was unplugged and died. is this true? havent seen any news of it but heard it told yesterday?

fed up (Anonymous)

GOOD its about time and a lot more need to come this town is full of this shi* and enough is enough.It is taking over our town old and young.Its in every family even mine and I hope my loved ones go down with the rest.Keep it up and get the rest of these dumb a**es that is bringing this crap to our nice home town

charlie stephen...

as of noon today he was still alive, only because us taxpayers are paying to keep his a$$ on life support. They should unhook it. Save him, he goes back to prison for a couple of months and we still pay for him until the next time when he goes back.

duh (Anonymous)

of course my comment is gone! Why, because I told the truth and the truth p!sses the boy's downtown off. Too bad, how do they think it makes us feel??? And your rag is right up there with all the crooks of the county. You only delete the truthful comments, that we all know are true and let all this garbage, and stupid rumors stay on here. Like I keep saying--gotta protect your own!!! WORD, NOW DELETE THIS, BECAUSE ITS TRUE!!

re to wake up (...

she's just following orders!! You know who's in charge, the big Dick. Can't disobey him. I use to have a problem with her, only because I let rumors I had heard about her decide who she was, until I got to know her. She is a very caring and loving individual. She has a job to do and if you are a law abidding citizen then there should not be any problems. Get to know her, not what you here about her.

ithinkimright (...

Fatboy for sheriff you know who im talking about. Dont you have to pass a test to be a cop ? well i guess not in huron county. You cant even do detective work right but wanna be sheriff and think your gonna get it I dont think so. so have you guys heard the biggest joke in huron county DANE for sheriff lmao

duh (Anonymous)

and look who we have for sheriff now, bet he could pass a physical with flying colors???lol

HEROIN (Anonymous)

And how many years did it take to get scum bag Pugh busted?? He lived right on Spring St. here in Willard for years with his wife and step daughter dealing to all. And they were dealing to underage kids, my child was one. But they could never seem to do anything about it. And Mrs. Pugh would brag what an " easy way to make money", it was. They even accepted food cards for heroin. Not caring that there was children out there going hungry because their parents were buying heroin instead of food. Sick people!!

onlyinwillard (...

dont you know if you live in willard you are free to do what you want.I think they are too many cops hook on this to but noone will ever know cause they never tell that. Ithink if all the cops were as stright as they act they would get Willard back to the way it was.Willard was a good place to go not now unless u need a fix 20 cops and a drug dog what a waste of money.The dog must have a drug problem now if it cant sniff this big a?? problem.This part of Ohio has gone to crap

I knew it (Anon...

I watched Brandon go from a good looking guy to a zombie-like, nasty, no teeth brushing, no bath taking, junkie. If I could see this, why didn't his family and so called friends see this?

igotitgood (Ano...

no drugs just good sex with my beautiful women

justme (Anonymous)

no drugs just good sex with my beautiful women

to I knew it (A...

How could his family not see this you ask, look at them. A family who shots up together.....come on his own mother was a big time dealer who got busted in 2006 several times. But of course she narced and she walked. Her and her at the time husband. They got dalton in Feb.06 but he walked because he got someone in Columbus. His driver wasn't so lucky though as Mr. Hicks is still paying for giving the trash a ride, kinda being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He didn't narc so he is still very much in the system. Its all one big sick game the the law allows and promotes by the tactics they use. We need to clean up Willard I agree but first we must clean up our judicial system and law inforcement of Huron County.

duh (Anonymous)

where the he!! have you been. Brandon has been in business for at least 4 or 5 years?? And you can bet he'll join the rest of his "songbird" family members and spend no time. I bet John-Eric is real proud, nice home coming for him!! He's out there fighting for our country and Brandon is home recruiting more heroin addicts.

HEROIN (Anonymous)

I got an ideal since they won't end up in prison. We can send them to the new Freedom Valley Campground!!! They'll be getting more than a few "pokes" from a needle!!roflmao

hope you're enj...

Jason N. You're next. METRICH has seen you leaving Brandon's house. They know where you live. Get out while the gettins good.

huron county (...

this must be what the people of Huron county look forward to everyday. I mean, if you don't shoot up what else is there too do??? Make comments about all the losers there is in this county.

WOW (Anonymous)

Plymouth,OH a pimple on the map.LOL!

Reminds me of Mayberry!

haha (Anonymous)

Dane can you give them a fix now.Dane you can get the sheriff position give all your snitches a bump and thell vote for you.It works when they tell on someone and they get out of the sh!t they have done.Detective? right maybe for donut dropings.If your brother didnt pass away maybe Bob would of got him.Or is it like this? Dont mess with my family and Bob i wont tell the dirt on you and Annette. I think HCSO is so messed up if they would die we would have to screw them all in the ground. Cause they are so crooked. Anyone agree VOTE HERION FOR HURON COUNTY SHERIFF

sick of it (Ano...

great job guys 3 more scumbags down now if you could do willard another one and take out mr. pickles with his oxy and heroin business you would see another big dent in the poison being brought to this town stop letting him sing his sob story and see him for what he really is a drug dealer just like the other scumbags by my count willard still has 11 dealer to go and pickle the ring leader