Speeding driver found with 'half-smoked' marijuana cigarette

Norwalk traffic stop happened on State Street north of Main Street.
Cary Ashby
Dec 13, 2013

A state trooper reported finding a "half-smoked" cigarette containing suspected marijuana on a speeding driver in connection with a weekend traffic stop.

Joshua A. Slone, 29, of 3335 Austin Drive, Willard, was stopped by Trooper Evan Stevens, of the state Highway Patrol, at 6:08 p.m. Sunday. The Norwalk traffic stop happened on State Street north of Main Street.

The trooper reported finding a "half-smoked," rolled cigarette containing suspected marijuana in a cigarette box in Slone's left coat pocket.

Slone was charged with a misdemeanor count of possession of marijuana and driving with the registration tags of the prior owner. He was warned about speeding; Steven clocked him going 35 mph in a 25-mph zone.



Oh Nooooooooooooooooo! Put the cuffs on him n lock him up forever!! Really??? This isn't even with printing on the Reflectors part. Big deal


Well I don't know numbnuts (I mean lugnuts)- maybe he should have run over a little kid while he was stoned- would that make the story a little more newsworthy for you? Oh well- big deal right? Until its a member of your own family- then I'm sure you'd be screaming "where were the cops". But I'm sure from your post that you don't like cops, or probably for that matter living within the law yourself.


Your right dipsin I mean kinsin, we're not all perfect in your little world. And like stated he did not get sighted for being impaired. Therefore why you wanna show your self righteousness perfect little world you live in. People smoke daily. It's going to be legal, like it or not. Driving 35 in a 25 is a speeding ticket, and I bet he wasnt the only person that's ever gotten a speeding ticket for that same thing. So then once again, this is not news worthy. Hope you know we are in a country that still allows freedom of speech. You don't have to like everything you read. But for you to post your stupidness in public, well that's on you


1-0 lug


Lets look at the facts. One he was not stoned or he would of gotten a DWI ticket. So now what do you have to say about that kingsin?


I flagged this on accident! My bad omg and moderators!!


Okay, lets look at the facts. 1) He's driving with a schedule one drug (half smoked as the article states) in his pocket- that's quite illegal, and that's strike one. 2) He's still driving with the persons tags that he bought the vehicle from- that's also illegal, and becomes strike two. 3) He's speeding (albeit 35 in a 25, which the cop did gave him a break on) but is still over the posted legal limit- and there you go, that's strike three- another moron bites the dust.


Tie game. Kingson expressed his opinion very clearly I agree completely. Let's face it facts are facts. My respectful opinion is that the fact that pot is a schedule 1 drug and oxycodone is schedule 2! It just seems backwards to me.


I am all fine with that Another fact he is a moron I am not questioning that part of the story but he was not stoned.


gosh dang Norwalk Reflector. way to scrape the bottom of the barrel on this one(and most stories as of the last 2 years or so). It's like you guys are stuck in the classic 1930's "Refer Madness" paranoia


Wish I would have seen your comment lugnuts before I sent my reply. So go ahead put your joint down for a minute- clear your fogged over mind- and lets look at a little reality shall we. I hit a kid on a bike about 15 years ago, hurt him too. I had an offer just before it happened to have a drink with a friend, but I decided not to because I knew I was going to be behind the wheel- smart choice on my part. And that's what life is- a whole series of choices both good and bad- and believe me, I've made plenty of each. Do I care whether it was pot or a six -pack that he decided to get behind the wheel with -nope- either one has the potential to ruin your life in an instant. Smoking pot- bad decision. Drinking and driving- bad decision. By not taking the offer of that drink that day I had the ability to partially avoid that kid by braking and swerving (which I did- and which probably saved his life). Wisen up you two- your decisions in life directly impact others- this guy was just lucky this time that nothing worse came from this. Maybe the next time (and there will probably be a next time)- things won't turn out so well- for him, or God forbid, for some other innocent.


Doesn't alcohol have far greater risk involved than marijuana? I mean you said "smoking pot bad decision" and then it was "drinking and driving bad decision"? I call drinking on a regular basis far worse than using a vaporizer for marijuana. But all this is assuming that this is what you meant. I'm not trying to but words in your mouth or disrespect you kingsin. You seem very intelligent and I'm trying to pick your brain per say.


Hey justlisten, know I get a little overzealous in my posts on certain subjects so I apologize to lugnuts over that, but I don't apologize at all for my position. Years ago I used to party with the best of them-probably more than the majority listing their comments here, and I can tell you in truth that it led to nothing good at all within my own life. I dropped out of school, was sent to a detention center, fought with my family for years, the list goes on and on... Of the four friends I hung around with- I've already attended two of their funerals- they never could seem to outgrow their own drug usage. People like chetbob who want to post their comments to show how cool they are- are just plain pinheads- they'll just have to figure it out through their own tough road, and it will be tough. I mean it when I say that I hope they'll be given that chance, but my friends don't have that option anymore. As far as the argument between alcohol and pot is concerned-pick your poison- it's as simple as that. Anheuser-Busch has a great marketing campaign showing snow covered mountains and all the fun parties with the good-looking people, but they somehow fail to show the broken lives and carnage their product leaves behind. How many would truly buy their product if they were to show a bum laying in the gutter covered in his own vomit? True, that may be an extreme picture, but feel free to substitute any level of societal dysfunction alcohol has caused within peoples lives. So with that said- do we really need to give legal acceptance to another life damaging substance? I teach teens as I had posted previously, and I'm happy to say that not a single one uses drugs or alcohol (nor do they have any children)- they all get fantastic grades and as long as they continue the way they're going- will soon become outstanding members of our community. I guess teaching them the right road in life is my penance for all the foolish mistakes I've made in my own life. God bless


Next thing you know we will have jazz music and people shaking their butts total madness End of days type stuff


And by the way lugnuts, do I believe that pot will be legalized some day? Yes, sadly it probably will, as we continue to get an ever more progressive and younger voting demographic in this country. I was raised in a far better America than the one you propose for your children- believe me, it has changed dramatically in my short 46 yrs. So I hope you can live in the America you will have helped to create- a country which will see rampant drug abuse, ever increasing violence,etc... An America adrift- which is already racing toward outward lawlessness and anarchy. But hey- I don't want to be the fun killer here! After all, that's what it's all about isn't it- your fun! Forget about being a true patriot, living a good and righteous lifestyle and being a good citizen- how square and old-fashioned those concepts are! Those who still have a little common sense in this country already realize that we live in a culture of paganized hedonists. Freaks of the week out for their own fun! Enjoy my friend.


Kingsin, for real you need to take a zanax or something. I posted my opinion, just like you have. I don't smoke pot, but I have and tell me how often you read in the newspaper someone was struck by a car driven by someone under the influence of pot? Im not much older than you and there's been alot more things going on around here than a little ole half a joint. Maybe you should form a group so you can go after all them pot smokers, while all the Heroin and prescribed pills are abused.. Maybe that way it you bring your life back to reality!!! Lol smoking pot doesn't make you a bad person, it doesnt stop you from a good citizen, nor a productive one! I guess you should get out more often because your really stuck in maybe what the 40's? Wake up! Medical pot, ever hear of it? Lol I love these little disagreements that someone gets on here and wants to sound off on something so petty. Sit back and judge others all you want. Oh wait a minute,, that's a sin isnt it? KING SIN?



Scranton Tibbs

A Slone in possession of drugs???? GTFOH. No way.


Once again.........real brave behind the keyboard.

Scranton Tibbs

As are you Rambo.




what no needle? no herione? shame on him, he's in the wrong county, he just dont fit in.


Lugnut, It's completely your choice to live with the warped worldview that marijuana has little to no downside on an individuals life or to their productiveness within society (the stats are clearly in my corner with that argument), and I'm sure I won't be the one able to convince you otherwise. As far as being judgmental on this subject- so be it! You need to understood the simple fact that every law on the books in America is a judgment based upon someone's moral base and worldview, and thank God at least up to this point- it's not yours. Medical marijuana for the very few who truly can be helped by it- I'm all for- as long as its within an extremely controlled environment and with the proper distribution channels- but surely not by some pothead who wants to open up shop on the street corner- what a farce that is. I would venture that at least 90% of the so called "patients" with the medical marijuana cards have absolutely no medical condition whatsoever that should even remotely justify their semi-legal usage of pot, they just want to get high- period. It's easy to find unscrupulous doctors these days that will sell their soul for the almighty buck. So don't sit with your flawed and failed arguments trying to convince me of how great this is all going to be for society- its all based in lies formed years ago by organizations like NORML and High Times Magazine along with the high priced law firms they have employed, and this has been their strategy all along for reaching their goal of full legalization. As far as that harmless half joint- show me a coke or heroin addict who started by sticking the needle in their arm or straw up their nose right out of the gate- the absolute majority started with pot- that happens to be another rock solid statistic. I teach kids on a weekly basis to stay away from the influences all around them which can destroy them- how about being a part of the solution instead of the problem.

chetbobalowski's picture

Ramble ramble ramble...


Where did you get your stats? Kingsin? From the government? Of course they would never lie would they? I am willing to venture that 90% that have tried marijuana have not tried heroin or crack or cocaine.


Great comment!


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I was just wondering if there is more to the story in the actual paper? It didn't say the trooper smelled weed and since he wasn't convicted of a driving under the influence I'm assuming the trooper didn't have reasonable cause to search him.. so im just wondering how the half smoked joint was found in his pocket? I have a lead foot and been pulled over a lot for speeding, hell I won't lie I got clocked at 105 in a 65 and I was never searched.

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I like joints too. Let's hang out.


Chetbob- ramble, ramble, ramble? Make sure your family knows to put that on your headstone.