Family dogs kill baby

3-month-old girl fell from couch as father slept, and pair of Japanese hunting dogs caused injuries that led to her death, police said.
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Dec 11, 2013


A baby girl was killed by the family dogs yesterday morning while her father slept on the couch in their West Side condo, Columbus police said.

Mia Gibson, who would have turned 3 months old this week, was pronounced dead at Nationwide Children’s Hospital at 7:45 a.m., after she was taken there from her home at 1467 Lake Shore Dr. Apt. C, police records show.

Mia was on the couch with her father, who was asleep, when she apparently fell from the couch and the dogs caused injuries that led to her death, said Sgt. Steven Little, of the first-shift homicide squad.

Little said the dogs — both Shiba Inus — didn’t attack the baby, but rather appeared to be playing roughly with her.

Little said it appears as if the death was caused by the dogs, although the baby had no major trauma visible. She did have several small puncture wounds on her body, he said. The Franklin County coroner will conduct an autopsy to determine what caused Mia’s death.

“It looks like the dogs were probably playing with the baby, thinking she was a toy,” Little said.

The dogs have been taken by animal control, Little said. Shiba Inus are a Japanese hunting dog and range in size from 17 to 23 pounds.

Mia’s mother, Sabrena L. Gibson, 34, was in her bedroom when one of the dogs at the bedroom door woke her, Little said. She went into the living room and found her daughter injured. Mia’s father, Chris Kusumi, 33, told detectives he had slept through it all.

Little said detectives spoke to both parents and will not charge them. The case will be forwarded to the Franklin County prosecutor’s office to further decide whether there should be charges.

“It’s just an unfortunate situation, and it’s a sad situation for the family,” Little said.


By Allison Manning - The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio (MCT)

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so horrible.. and probably just an accident but will cause the dogs to be put down and the dad to due jail time


It's "do" not "due".


If animals were to live in houses then our creator would have given them the skills to build them. Animals belong outside period! And especially when a newborn or young child is present. I guess dad was in such a deep sleep he didn't even hear the child hit the floor or cry when these dogs were so called "playing" with the child. Makes me SICK! Such a tragedy that could have been avoided. Mom, next time breed with someone who can properly care for a child instead of sleeping. A 3 month old baby should not be on a couch with anyone sleeping but in a safe crib or environment.
You won't get my sympathy on this one. Just pi$$es me off stupid people. Enough said!


Who are you to say where animals should & shouldn't live? My dogs love it inside & I would NEVER subject them to the harsh weather outside. Only cruel, heartless people would do that.

This is a tragedy and I'm sure both the mother and father feel horrible. It's not your place to tell somebody who to breed with, nor is it your place to tell somebody how to raise their child.

Condolences & prayers to the family.


But our creator said! haha


And I suppose we should house deer and horses heck how about skunks too. They are all animals that belong outside. Better yet why don't you go downtown NY and love a homeless person and put them in your home. Only cruel and heartless people would allow an human instead of a animal to suffer in the cold. I didn't tell him how to raise his child it looks like he is doing a good job without my input you think?


Horses are barns. And when it gets cold, they have blankets. Deer and skunks are NOT domesticated animals so you're dealing with 2 different things there. Also...homeless people have help, they have places to go. Or they could get a job. A stray dog or cat will not try to rob me or rape me like a person could. Humans are capable of helping themselves if they want, animals are not. This man made a mistake and I'm sure he'll live the rest of his life regretting it.


I agree with voicetress on this. Put the baby in the crib and the dogs OUTSIDE!

The Answer Person

It is simply natural selection or the basic, "thinning the herd".

Sure sounds like they didn't need children anyway since it appears they do not know how to take care of them nor pets.

A real tragedy that the dogs will have to suffer because of ignorant owners.


What are your thoughts on service animals? For say the BLIND? Seeing eye dogs? Dogs that work for PTSD? The dogs kids have that follow them for epilepsy? There is a reason the "CREATOR" gave us them too. THEY SAVE LIVES. It sounds more like your creator should have chosen some breeders a bit better.


I bet PETA thinks that's A OK