Drug-dealing charges dismissed against woman

Norwalk police investigated the controlled drug buys.
Cary Ashby
Dec 11, 2013

Prosecutors have dismissed two counts of trafficking in hydrocodone filed earlier against a Norwalk woman convicted of a similar charge.

Carol J. Ashcroft, 55, was charged with two counts of trafficking in hydrocodone in connection with incidents on Feb. 17 and 24, 2012. The Norwalk Police Department investigated the controlled drug buys.

Prosecutors dismissed those charges Monday. Ashcroft was waiting in Huron County Common Pleas Court for her hearing and after Huron County Public Defender David Longo explained the situation to her, she was allowed to leave the courthouse.

In September, Ashcroft pleaded guilty to one count of trafficking in hydrocodone for a Feb. 15, 2012 incident. One month later, Judge Jim Conway ordered her to reimburse police $120 to cover the cost of drug testing. Also, Ashcroft was given a discretionary 60-day jail sentence as part of her three years of probation.

Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Woodruff explained what happened and why the two charges were dismissed.

By the time the first case involving one of the sales went through the grand jury process and Ashcroft was convicted, the other two sales were being presented to grand jurors, he said.

"That was the only report we had," Woodruff added, referring to Ashcroft's conviction. "They (the offenses) all happened within about a week of each other."

In the interest of justice, Woodruff said the state dismissed the two counts of trafficking in hydrocodone because Ashcroft already was convicted on the other case. Also, the prosecutor said even if the defendant had been indicted on all three charges at the same time, Ashcroft likely would have pleaded guilty later to one of the charges as part of a plea deal.

When Ashcroft was arraigned on the two charges in late September, Longo told the court there was a communication breakdown and clerical mistake about the new charges because otherwise, they likely would have been resolved with the previous case.


swiss family

another confusing article...so , are you saying that she has had all her charges dropped, because she was MORE guilty than previously thought???? so, since there were more charges, scattered throughout the judicial system, someone decided to throw out all of the charges??? Something doesn't seem right here, and by the smug look on her face in her mug shot, I think I know why..


Agree with swiss. I cannot understand what the f... this article is trying to tell us. Other than 120$ to test a pill to see if it's a vicoden! Really? My work takes random drug screens and they only cost 25$. And they have to handle pee! No way it costs 120$ to test that.


Re: "a discretionary 60-day jail sentence as part of her three years of probation."

IMO, the jail time is a little harsh. Woulda thought probation was more than enough.

It's becoming increasingly harder to make ends meet in the ol' Maple City.

People are doin' what they gotta do to survive.

All taken

What is so hard to understand!! "They (the offenses) all happened within about a week of each other." So if you sell as much as possible in a week the charges will be dropped. At least that is what I got out of the article.


I'm wondering which article you people are reading? All charges were not dropped!


For a person like me who is retired and lives on a limited income, when I read stories like this please tell me what is my incentive not to earn a little extra income this way? Other than I'm smart and know right from wrong,and have a conscience and don't want to hurt other people/families Either thru addiction or the death of their loved one. give me another reason why I shouldn't do it.


well, I guess we should at least thank the Norwalk Police Department officers for TRYING to do their jobs


I don't think we should thank anybody for doing their job,the safety forces
are used to everyone kissing their a$$.
how about the garbage man who works his a$$ off everyday,do you ever thank him


yes, I do actually, when I see them, I thank them.

Kottage Kat

I bake them cookies throughout the year. Mine do a great job.

Kottage Kat

Perhaps " Kookies 4 Kops " would be nice, also.


my point was that cops chose that career and pursued it for a long time,now they get a paycheck,that and benefits are the payback.
I can remember when cops were humble public servants,not so much these days.
and I'm also aware that the next stop might be a life threat,so please don't remind me.save it for somebody else


exoticnoise420 ,My wife works in the medical feild and they get a book that shows every pill on the market.i would gladly let our police borrow it to help .it would save alot of time and money!i only made it to 10th grade and have no problem reading it!