Deputies investigate Dollar General shoplifting

Woman arrested, accused of stealing from two of chain's local stores.
Cary Ashby
Dec 12, 2013


The Huron County Sheriff's Office is sorting out the items from two Dollar General stores in connection with a shoplifting investigation.

An employee with the Dollar General in Greenwich called the sheriff's office at 1:34 p.m. Dec. 3 about a possible shoplifting incident and requested a deputy respond. Deputy Shannon Lyons met with the store manager and suspect Sharon A. Graham, 43, of Seville.

"She (Graham) was in possession of $81 worth of clothing she stuffed in her purse," Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said.

When Lyons interviewed the manager, she said she recognized Graham from shopping there Dec. 2.

The deputy then found multiple items from two Dollar General stores in the trunk of Graham's car, Patrick said. Some of the merchandise included a pair of Ohio State shorts, two sweatshirts, three pairs of sweatpants, two pairs of gloves, a sock monkey, a couple movies and a small amount of jewelry.

"Some of the items (Graham) paid for and others she didn't," Patrick said. "She shoplifted from another Dollar General as well."

Graham was charged with two misdemeanor counts of theft. She must post 10 percent of a $10,000 bond before being released from the Huron County Jail.



Got a few hundred for tattoo's but no money for socks???
So common anymore.
Check some of these single mom's at Walmart filling out cards for there lil' government sponsored children to get free gifts...chatting on there blue-tooth with ink all over.?


Ink has nothing to do with anything!
However ...stealing clothing and half naked picture!?
Put some damn clothes on!!
While you're at it a bag over that proud mug.
#people amaze me


It's not the ink, just the cost. Then the no money excuse, gotta steal or get gov asst.


WTF is she smiling about?!


She definitely needs to cover that disgustingness. She had the right idea, stealing clothes. But really, people don't need to steal clothes. There are places that give free clothes. If you don't like what they have for free, you can get a job and buy some clothes you do like. Nobody cares anymore. I hate what our world is coming to.

hit the road jack

The best part is that she's 43 friggin years old! damn,if you gotta steal clothes from dollar general at age 43 you may as well go jump off the train trestle.
I think if the took a tatoo gun and messed up their tats when they get arrested like this it would make them think twice(for most anyway)


Probably wasn't shoplifting for the clothes for herself, they take orders from other people and charge half of the value when they deliver them.

hit the road jack

Didn't think of that,your probably right.


I am seeing more and more mug shots with smiles. Are they that excited to be in jail? Maybe it's because they will be reunited friends they haven't seen in a long time. Village idiot convention.


Doesn't she know its out of style to wear a tube top after Labor day?


The stench from the photo alone overwhelms.

Everyone is fam...

No wonder she's stealing clothes...she's half naked. How dare any of you judge this girl. You haven't been in her shoes. Don't you know how difficult it is to walk around with half your boobs hanging out? That kind of life is too difficult for any of you to comprehend.


At 43, she's no girl. What she needs is a good support bra.

Everyone is fam...


hit the road jack

I think all these people who steal like this and have all the tats should get a tatoo on their neckline or forehead that says "I AM A THIEF"


Is it summer out??? I must have missed the memo.

Scranton Tibbs

It may suit her better to wear vertical stripes instead of horizontal ones.

Scranton Tibbs

She is smiling because she knows that after Leffler and her court appointed attorney (because you know she is indigent) plea it down, and she offers a heartfelt moving apology to Judge Conway that nothing much will come in the form of punishment.


she wont have judge Conway its a Misdemeanor. she will get time served in jail and probation.


@02282012 - Don't confuse the the gripers with simple facts. It makes them angry.


You can get Ohio state Shorts for a dollar ?


It is not a store where everything is a $, it is a $ General. Or Greenwich's mall as they call it.


Don't they have a $ General in Seville? Oh they probably know her.


People don't steal cause they have to; they steal cause they can!


def too big a girl for a tube top.. geez



Ellis dee

She's not fugly


Oh Im sorry shes really fugly


why doesn't Norwalk Reflector try putting a picture of the right person that did the stealing the Mother(sharon) instead of a picture of her daughter that is incarcerated too for thief????? Funny how the mother is the one who put her daughter in jail for stealing from her....LOL


the picture isn't a 43 yr old to begin with....WRONG PICTURE