Rep. Beatty to attend Nelson Mandela memorial

Service slated for Tuesday
Joe Centers
Dec 9, 2013

Rep. Joyce Beatty will be among a delegation of more than 20 lawmakers who will travel to South Africa for a memorial service for former South African President Nelson Mandela, her spokesman confirmed today.
Beatty, D-Jefferson Township, will be one of two Ohioans on the trip. Rep. Marcia Fudge, D-Cleveland, the head of the Congressional Black Caucus, will also be on the trip.
Also attending the funeral will be President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, former Presidents George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.
Mandela, who spent his life working to end apartheid and was South Africa's first democratically elected and black President, died last Thursday. He was 95.
His memorial service will be Tuesday at FNB Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa. More than 95,000 are expected to attend.
The congressional delegation will be led by Rep. Aaron Schock, R-Ill. “I have always had great respect for former president Mandela,” Schock said after House Speaker John Boehner, R-West Chester, tapped him to lead the delegation. “The personal sacrifices he made in order to achieve what was right for the people of South Africa is something I carry with me every day.”
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Probably paid for by taxpayers and a waste of money.

Send a sympathy card instead.


Agreed, all this for a terrorist and a communist, ridiculous.


where the hell is south Africa,never heard of it,I do know brave American soldiers died in north Africa


I guess earl ducked out of line they day they passed out the brains.


Whooopppeeeee-Dooo. How about doing some work on our domestic problems?

Cliff Cannon

Be interesting to know if Rep. Beatty, ( who I never heard of ) would be going to Mr. Mandela's funeral if she had to pay for it, her own self.

Oh well, at least this congressional nitwit and her traveling companion Rep. Fudge aren't going to the most popular congressional "fact finding " location---- Paris.

Glad to know this " professional politician " ( read that honor less crook ) who never came close to meeting or knowing Nelson Mandela can rip off the American public so unabashedly.

Perhaps, she should read ( if she can) of congressional history. For one example of a congressman she could read about ( or look at pictures,so as not to tax her ) who understood politics forward and backwards as well as his duty's to serve--- not rip off the American public---Sam Rayburn.

Mr. Rayburn known as " Speaker Sam " for his 17 year tenure as the house speaker. Went on exactly 1 publically paid for congressional trip. To bad, we don't have 'politician's' like him anymore, who no matter their policy's, understood that public office is a calling, not a calling to steal from the American people


Cliff, are you aware your hero Rafael Edward (Ted to you) Cruz "who never came close to meeting or knowing Nelson Mandela can rip off the American public so unabashedly"....i.e. he is going along to South Africa as well.

Perhaps Cruz should look at the pictures in that there book you mentioned too, since he has already memorized "Green Eggs and Ham".


@ buckeye15:

Don't agree with ANYONE goin'. You?

However, regarding Sen. Cruz, questions are being asked and here's a good of answer as any:

"You look like a statesman; you make invaluable contacts, since every important person in the world is going to be there,"

Read like a typical political opportunist eh?

On a brighter side, after Pres. Obama returns, it's off to a largely taxpayer paid holiday in HI!

At least Pres. Bush had the decency to vaca in Crawford, TX which will NEVER be confused with HI.


Bush had the decency to vacation in Crawford, TX? So what, that's where his home is. Obama goes to Hawaii because that's where he was raised. Now be honest...wouldn't you go to Hawaii rather than Texas if you had the choice?

President George H.W. Bush: This president headed to the family compound in Kennebunkport, Me. for his get-aways for a total of 543 days in four years.

President Ronald Reagan: Another rancher, President Reagan would fly to Rancho del Cielo, his ranch in Santa Barbara, Calif., spending 484 days there over eight years.

President Bill Clinton: Clinton liked vacationing by the ocean, probably because he was from land-locked Arkansas, but the workaholic was only vacationing 152 days during his eight years, primarily on Martha’s Vineyard and Long Island’s the Hamptons.

President George W. Bush took all or part of 297 days at his Texas ranch.

Look who takes the most paid time off while on the "public dole."


Re: "Obama goes to Hawaii because that's where he was raised."

And the Obamas own a home in Chicago - go there.

IL is in BAD financial shape, they could use any and all additional spending.


Like I asked you before, if you had the choice between Texas or Hawaii, and now I'll add Chicago, where would you go? What does it matter to you that Illinois is in bad financial shape?


The POINT (which you're obviously missing) is:

The Bushes had/have a ranch in TX AND the Obamas have a home in Hyde Park, IL.

The Obamas should use their home and lower the expenses for taxpayers.

TX - lower cost of living (among other things).

And YES, I've been to all three - Chicago, Crawford, TX and HI.

I lived in Chicago for 25 yrs. and still have some sympathy for the state.


Re: "President George H.W. Bush: (snip)"

Nice cut and paste.

Pawning off someone else's writing as your own is plagiarism (theft).


swiss family

now, Mr Cannon, didn't that feel good??? I think that was the first time that I read your blog where you actually spoke the truth about our "officials"without trying to kiss their backsides too much. Is it because you do not know these officials personally??? I doubt that it is the first time that you ever saw government waste, or corruption, or officials either not doing their jobs, or taking advantage of their positions.

It would be so refreshing to see you post the truth with all of our officials, and candidates, and school board members, and Judges, and council members etc..just because some of these officials were on your little league team doesn't mean that you can not disagree or even question them... it is not even an attack on the person , as much as it would be questioning their thinking and ruling, I mean even the levels of government are set up as a "checks and balances" system, so , please feel free to speak your mind, and say what you really think, even if you know them personally...I will say though, that of all of your postings, including your newspaper editorials, I like what you said here the best...

Cliff Cannon

@ swiss family : Perhaps, you've missed it. So let me say, I have been a constant critic of our federal government. So when Congresswomen Beatty announced she is off to South Africa, it was nothing new for me to attack that move as a waste of money.

Of course,having read her bio this morning, I see where I was terribly wrong to refer to her as a 'nitwit' ( always a favorite term for errant Congressman )as she has some fairly impressive credentials. So in short, I was wrong to refer to her thusly.

Further, I constantly disagree with our local elected officials. For one example, just last week, city council voted down using a consultant for a 5 year projection of city finances . Did you read that ?

I for one, amongst quite a few, was very against using that consultant and said so publically. However, that did not mean I had to criticize those who were for it, true ? It also did not mean I was right,did it ? So......

In conclusion: For many years, I ran softball teams and I still play on my son's teams. We have always had just one rule--- if the ball goes through your legs, you have to chase it. And that's it.

Obviously, the player already knows who made the mistake. So why talk about it ? It is a given on our team that constant hustling is indeed the way you are going to play ( or you'll get 'voted' off the team) and belittling the player who made the mistake does no good what so ever, does it ?

So it is the same in the local public arena. All the 'players' that I read about our doing their level best to continue to make Norwalk/Huron county a great place to live. So why criticize them personally when I disagree with them ?

Besides,even worse like all who comment on here, I have " bloggers curse " ( a lack of information ) and don't that just stink, when one has to publically scrape egg from one's face ?

Great day to you

swiss family

Mr Cannon, again, I think you missed the point I was making.Yes you have been critical on the federal level, and seem to be very honest and forthcoming, on you opinions of the job that these people do. My observation, was that I wish you would use that same sense of honesty, and your ability to explain your position very well,without attacking the people on a personal level, to give your honest opinion of the Local people.

If I can just point out something that you just said here..."So it is the same in the local public arena. All the 'players' that I read about our doing their level best to continue to make Norwalk/Huron county a great place to live. So why criticize them personally when I disagree with them ?.......since all of the "players" locally are doing their best, and as you say, "at times you disagree with them" why then do you not give your opinion on that issue, not the person??

You have pointed out in my direction, that I disagreed with many of the local politicians, and you gave out all of my personal information, saying that I went to school with them, or I used to work with them, or a family member was their friend etc.. so it was you who made it sound like I was attacking them personally, not professionally...It is just "common law" that people have opposing positions, so then why are you so reluctant to give your honest opinion when a local politician, when you disagree with them.. since you did admit that there were times that you do disagree???Honestly I would love to read your honest opinion of local situations.. I do think you have an interesting point of view, I just wish that you were able to separate the local person, from the local persons job know, even family and friends disagree on certain things, and have opposing positions on things, but that does not in any way mean that you are challenging them , or insulting them, you are merely disagreeing with them.. and as a free American, you are able to voice your views...

Cliff Cannon

@ swiss family : I do believe we shall always be on opposite pages from one another. I thought my philosophy on mistakes very clear " if the ball goes through your legs,you have to chase it ".

Then the mistake doesn't have to be 'explained' or even worse be subject to 'constructive criticism '. Which, in my viewpoint, no one takes well.

So where do we end up ? Back to an extremely wore out topic, things I allegedly said about you. Please understand: Like it or not --YOU--- are by far the best known blogger using a pseudonym on this site and you were already that when I first met you.

I kid you not. I get into quite a few conversations about blogging. Then add,people seem to enjoy figuring out who's who. And I spoke with almost no one,who doesn't know who 'swiss family' is.

One last thought on this topic. ( from me anyhow) Please reread, these missives where I was allegedly giving out your 'personal info'. You will see, that I really don't give out much info. ( and none in a mean spirit) For example; I never once identified your brother as your brother. ( Yet, invariably you tell me I did.)

If you really want to see personal info flying reread some of your comment's to Thomas Jefferson and vice versa. Thanks to your info, I found out who T.J. is real life.

As to local public official's. You will never see me attack them personally. Public life is no different than life on the ball diamond or in your own home. Personal criticism, of a person seldom ,if ever works and I almost never, criticize anyone.

I'll happily disagree all day on public decision's where as a citizen, I may be able to either help or be made to understand the situation better. That I do believe is democracy at work.

However, knowing that all of us-- be we rich or poor, male or female, black or white, republican or democrat, protestant or catholic have the same feelings of insecurity, have suffered many similar losses, feel the regret of shame and just flat out want to be accepted for who we are.

I came to the same conclusion, on public official's, who are doing their jobs to the best of their ability's as that great 19th.century political slogan: " I don't care what you do in your bedroom. Just don't do it in the street, it might scare the horses "


maybe you could tell me more about this location,never hurts to share valuable information


It doesn't matter earl. All you need to know about South Africa is that Nelson Mandela was a communist and a terrorist. Just remember that and you can be a good little Republican soldier.


Re: "Nelson Mandela was a communist and a terrorist,"

And the CIA captured him in 1962 and gave him to the SA govt. who was POTUS...?

Obviously to some, Mr. Mandela was one of those 'good' communists that exist in the bizarro progressive universe.

Dr. Information

Right in line with Fidel Castro (Mandela's buddy) and Bill Ayers.


Along with Abe Lincoln, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson. I would say Martin Luther King, but I'm afraid you would miss the sarcasim.


actually I care more about American heros,democrat and republican,these are the ones I would lower the American flag to honor


Personally,I don't find the label"communist"offensive.And, as for the terroist part, you don't find it just a little bit ironic that one off your cronies mentions we should only lower the flag and honor our own soldiers who are invaders in other countries, killing civilians, telling them their culture and religion are wrong and placing sanctions on the civilian population all in the name of America and democracy? Foo you think that they look at us as terrorists?


a lot of those countries would love to have you happy,why don't you go join the jihad and get rid of your American guilt feelings


Aww,did I offend your delicate sensibilities? For one, I'm not Muslim, I'm Wiccan so it would be more appropriate to tell me to jump on a broom as opposed to joining jihad.For another,I form my own opinions based on both sides of research and reality, not because I'm brainwashed by propaganda, under the guise of patriotism. I honor and respect my country but I know it has flaws.I'm a very well educated woman who had seen firsthand how effed up we can be, mostly because of small minded people like yourself who follow blindly, hate for the sake of hate.What a waste.


"Obama shakes hands with Cuba's Raul Castro at Mandela memorial"

Hopefully, Pres. Obama passed a communicable disease to the ol' murderous b*stard that he'll pass on to his brother that'll have 'em both viewing grass from the underside.

Cliff Cannon

Gut laugh and drink through nose here. Thanks !


Let's all blame it on Sharia Law and move on. LOL


no loss..