Child pornography seized from South Garden Street home

A Norwalk man was arrested Tuesday afternoon at his home after detectives said they seized a "sizable amount' of child pornography last Thursday. The arrest of Robert Miller, 37, of 18 1/2 S. Garden St., was the result of a joint investigation by the Norwalk Police Department and authorities with the U.S. Postal Service. Detective Sgt. Todd Temple said investigators suspect Miller has abused several children in the Norwalk area.
Cary Ashby
Jul 25, 2010


A Norwalk man was arrested Tuesday afternoon at his home after detectives said they seized a “sizable amount” of child pornography last Thursday.

The arrest of Robert Miller, 37, of 18 1/2 S. Garden St., was the result of a joint investigation by the Norwalk Police Department and authorities with the U.S. Postal Service. Detective Sgt. Todd Temple said investigators suspect Miller has abused several children in the Norwalk area.

“We have one 10-year-old victim we know for sure,” he added.

Miller remains in custody at the Huron County Jail on three local counts of gross sexual imposition, awaiting a bond hearing.

“Federal charges are pending on him,” Temple said.

Miller is accused of buying pornographic videos and other paraphernalia through the Internet, Detective Sgt. Jim Fulton said, and “may have been trading it with others.” Fulton said the suspect has no prior convictions.

Authorities don’t know how many possible victims there are.

“There are numerous photographs, so we don’t know,” Fulton said. “We know some of these were taken locally.”

Temple was asked about what, if anything, Miller said about the allegations when he was arrested.

“I can’t release details of the investigation,” the detective said.

There currently are no other suspects in the ongoing investigation in which “numerous people” have been interviewed.

“We are still looking for victims,” Temple quickly added.


Poor T-car Bob ...

Hey "Friend of the Accused" I have known Bob for a while too. I know most of his family. I would never let any of my children alone with any of them. My kids have the same wierd feeling I have about them in general. As for the red eyes and possibly a tear, 1st he works 3rd shift so they woke him up with little rest hence the red eyes and look of bewilderment( poor poor Bob ) 2nd the tear probably the realization that he will be the one getting abused soon! They are involved in the church, and Bob and atleast one other brother are both "WORKING" with youth often. Makes a person wonder. Like I said my kids were never allowed to be alone with any Millers!

When I told another friend who know his family the ony thing that surprised them was that he was not caught with a boy!, or that other family members were not involved (brothers). But everything is not known yet either.

Re: Shocked (An...

I don't know Bob but I know he is entitled to a jury of his peers and I am not without sin but I will gladly throw the first stone if he's guilty and I'm a good shot.

still a friend ...

look, obviously you guys have nothing better to do than to talk smack about someone other than yourselves.. but hey it's better than playing with yourself and going blind right? i have a 2 year old son and a five month old son and i would trust bob with both of them. so in closing, i just have this to say.. i am bob's friend, have always been bob's friend, will always be bob's friend. so PI$$ off!!!! the poor man has no friends now because of this and if i'm going to be the only one to stand by him in this difficult time, then so be it. BOB, ADAM AND I STILL CARE ABOUT YOU AND STILL HAVE YOU IN OUR HEARTS!!!

Re: still a fri...

Obviously you are delusional. They "seized a “sizable amount” of child pornography". How could you trust someone who gets their rocks off on kids? That is disgusting. Your 2 yr old and your five month old can't really speak for themselves, so you as a parent need to put them first...not your "friend". So, you be Bob's friend, but you are in denial and your friend is a sicko. I certainly wouldn't want to annouce that I am friends with a pervert. As far as playing with one's self, maybe you and Bob are meant for eachother, perverts that enjoy playing with themselves.

And to the pers...

Are you for real?? Do you think the 10 yr old set him up and hid child pornography in his house? Good Lord some of you are stupid!! I feel so sorry for your children b/c if some day one of your friends touches your child you will be too stupid to be a supportive parent. Instead you will talk about how sad he looks, and poor friend this and that. Wake up! And if you are friends with him and your children were around him alone it is your DUTY as a parent to make sure nothing has happened. Pull your head out of your butt for the sake of your kid.

Poor T-Car Bob ...

Yes still a Friend of the Accussed, There are still people like you around. Just look at Micheal Jackson. Idiots still let there kids play there because they are in denial too. The only difference is instead of an amusement park Bob used an Wii and the cover of help in the youth ministry.

I agree with th...

they are in denial these children did not set him up. He had a great deal of child pornography in his apartment. It says he bought videos through the internet so he probably had the child pornography on his computer also. Another thought is he betrayed the trust of the elderly man he was renting off of who happens to be very religous and lost his wife less than 2 years ago, if he has a stroke or heart attack over this if I was his family I would take some legal action against Bob for causing it.

What Church (An...

What church did this guy belong to?

another "religo...

involved in a sexual perversion story.. surprise, surprise! i would really feel more comfortable living out by the all male campgrounds, than i would, living near some religous fanatics seems to me, that the more religous they appear to be, the deeper the secrets they have to hide

re:another "rel...

swiss, you bible thumping fat bloated IDIOT!

shocked (Anonymous)

no doubt this proves you cannot trust anyone! BEWARE!

re/still friend...

I know if you were in the joint you wouldn't talk that way - unless you like getting shanked.This guy will have more problems if & when he gets convicted. You think the cops would risk a lawsuit by proclaiming this. Sure like to be a fly on the wall & watch prison justice!

and think (Anon...

and think we were worried about gay men camping.

no, i know him ...

it's surprising how quickly we declare someone guilty when 1) we don't know them, 2) they "look" guilty, 3) the charges are serious...and printed, so it must be true, right?

many of you are taking this chance to really dish it out under the cover of anonymity. some of you say you know "Bobbie" who has never been called "Bobbie." Bob is really a genuine, likeable guy, who made an obvious mistake here and was seeking help with pornography. he was not, however, and has not ever been involved in molestation of little girls or boys, and i'm sure the facts will eventually prove this. so what if he's a little weird? who has never been called weird at some point?

and who has never looked at something they knew was wrong?

yet, you talk about him as if he's trash? that's sad really...on your part. he has not hurt anyone and i know we could generate a list of 500 signatures of children and adults to attest to that. you think you know him? ha! you are so not funny.

He is still a s...

I said in a below post that he was digusting for getting his rocks off looking at children. They took pornography... CHILD pornography from his home. How did it get there? From HIM. And if he enjoyed getting his jollies from looking at naked children, if he hasn't touched a child I bet it was coming in the future. And you are an idiot for defending him for looking at naked kids. A NORMAL person wouldn't dream of doing such a thing. Yes, he is trash. Anyone who gets sexually excited looking at a child is PURE TRASH. What is sad is that you are in denial. I don't know him, thank God. Don't want to know him, don't need to know him. All I need to know is that he enjoys naked kids. That's enough for me as a parent to judge him.

Lynn; (Anonymous)

For your information we have always called him "Bobbie", growing up. He didn't change his name to "Bob" until he moved out of his parents house. The point isn't how long you or anyone out there has known him. The point is he enjoys seeing little defensless children sexually harmed. Doesn't that disturbe you? Are you not grossed out by that? How can you defend a person who does this?? Look I don't care if my brother did this, I would NOT defend his actions and he sure as hell wouldn't get within twenty feet of my children. That is what is wrong with this world, we are to busy getting mad at each others opinion instead of seeing the true picture. He hurt children!!! he encouraged others to hurt children by buying thier pictures. He needs to be punish. Not out of anger or spite, but to protect the children. By being Bob's friend and defending him you are showing that you don't care what happens to the kids. SORRY but I can't agree with that, and I don't think any one else should either.

swiss family......

i do agree that this guy is very disturbed, and i feel badly for any of the victims that he has corupted.. i hope that they get all of the help that they need to get passed this. My question is this, as far as i know , he didn't touch any of the kids, which isnt to say that he didn't mess them up severly... but i remember reading in the Norwalk paper about the 4 or 5 pedofile priests that went through Saint Paul's Catholic Church, and they told in the article about all of the kids that were assaulted, and had to live with the tragedy of what took place, and the list had to be in the hundreds of kids, and i didn't see the outrage that i see being spearheaded towards this guy. i don't understand this? as alot of you say, this guy looks like a weirdo, so it's almost not so shocking.. but the Catholic Priests that were involved , they are supposed to be there to teach the kids religion, what is right from wrong ! and this is what you get?? and yet people still drop their money into the basket each week to support them .. i will never understand this!! i would think that this would be a real slap in the face to all of the local victims of the abuse from these priests

Another point t...

I would also like to point out that a lot of times the abuser is a friend of the victim's family. They get you to feel comfortable with them and gain your trust. They win you over with sweet talk and often times gifts or acts of kindness. They sugarcoat themselves, but in fact they are a wolf in sheep's clothing.

So I guess what I am saying is, even though you THINK you know him, and even though he has been nice as pie to you and/or your children, he still in fact is a sexual predator. Whether he actually touched a child or not doesn't matter. What does matter is he has the potential to and the tendancies that can overpower him to make poor judgements regarding decency with children. He looks at naked kids. Plain and simple. He enjoys naked children. Plain and simple. I have many, many friends. Some are closer to me than some of my family. As much as I would support them through difficult times, this is where I would draw the line. Anyone with decency, common sense, and morals would never, ever, support a person that commits this sort of act. So to all of you who claim yourselves to be friends of "Bob/Bobbie", I question your judgement of charactor, and more importantly, I fear for your children.

once again (Ano...

Hey N.Reflector you deleted my posts about what occurs to child abusers in prison. WHY? You allow some whacked out supporter of this loser to post stuff. BE FAIR!! Oh yeah if & when he goes to prison he will know terror.

to the reflecto...

swiss family offends me...please delete all their comments. thanks.

still a friend ...

i don't think the child put the stuff on his computer, i think that her father did it. that family has ruined my family's life. the father knows his way around a computer and that kind of stuff can be planted on a computer. as for my children, i would kill if something happened like that. i am what people call a "sensitive" meaning i can sense if someone is truthful and trustworthy... bob never once triggered those feelings of distrust in me. he is a good man and if i'm to be the only friend in his time of need, than so be it. just because everyone wants to drop him like a hot potato means they don't want to be soiled by it. if he did do it, it's wrong but he can get help. if he didn't do it, than i will stand by him anyway. so if you guys don't like me because of that, well you have your opinions, and i have mine. my children like bob, my 2 year old says "Mommy, where Bob?" so like i said, you don't like it tough... but my kids are always with me so i know what goes on in their lives... bob is always in my thoughts and prayers...

to all of Bob's...

Great job NPD. How could a child set this person up if the police were working with the U.S. Postal Service? (duh) You people should not be calling this child a lair; instead I think a more productive action needs to be made such as setting up funds for this 10 year child's future instead of doubting this child. For the family of the child, I hope you can get on with your life.

To: still a friend of the accused: please don't trust your senses in the future.Pray to your god to adjust your senses. Your friend Bob don't want your prayers; he wants pictures of your children.

a greater disti...

Federal Crackdown on Kiddie P*rn and Predators

A Wyandotte teacher of the year.

A Detroit vice cop.

A Dexter businessman.

A retired real estate agent from Dearborn.

Four men. Four seemingly respectable members of their communities. Four people who wrecked their lives and disgraced their families because of a fascination with child pornography and sex with children.

They're among a growing number of men -- more than 100 in the last three years -- who have been prosecuted in U.S. District Court in Eastern Michigan in a federal crackdown on child predators and p*rn collectors. Many came from out of state to have sex with children.

"We've had an explosion in child exploitation cases, and the Internet is the driving force," said U.S. Attorney Stephen Murphy, who assembled a team of seven prosecutors in 2006 to attack the problem under tough new penalties Congress adopted in 2003 and 2006.

Although child protection advocates and law enforcement officials cheer the new penalties, defense lawyers, psychologists and others complain that Congress and federal prosecutors are lumping those who look at child p*rn into the same category as sexual predators, exposing them to harsher penalties than are being meted out under state law.

Possession of child pornography and enticing a child for sex each carry a maximum penalty of four years in prison under state law. But the maximum penalties under federal law are 10 years for possession and a mandatory 10 years to life in prison for enticement.

Not surprisingly, sheriff's offices in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties, which patrol the Internet for sex predators, refer some of their cases to the U.S. Attorney's Office. Since 2003, tri-county sheriffs have diverted about two dozen of their 375 cases for federal prosecution.

Despite the debate over penalties, defendants have been pleading guilty to federal charges and, with rare exception, getting longer sentences than they would have received under state law.

"There's a big difference between lookers and touchers," said Deputy Federal Defender Jonathan Epstein, adding that the new federal penalties for possession of child pornography are too harsh and don't adequately distinguish between the two kinds of defendants.

"One of the hallmarks of the freedom we have in this country is to be able to retreat into the privacy of our homes, and that's really what's being compromised here," Epstein said, noting that an unregulated Internet has resulted in child pornography and undercover cops invading the sanctity of people's homes.

Epstein said he doesn't condone possession of child p*rnography and said that it should be illegal. But he said there needs to be a greater distinction between possession of child p*rn and preying sexually on children.

At least one federal judge seems to agree.

"Sentencing a man who possesses child p*rnography to a term of six to seven years while a child predator receives only a 1-year jail sentence" under state law "does not promote respect for the law; to the contrary, it subjects the law to ridicule, criticism and skepticism," U.S. District Judge Lawrence Zatkoff of Port Huron said in a decision last June.

friend of the a...

you guys can pick on me all you want for being his friend. i don't care that's your opinion. as for my God, he forgives those who ask forgivness and bob was seeking professional help for his addiction. the justice system is up because if you own child p.rn you get more jail time than if you actually touched a child. as for my children "to all bob's friends" you don't know anything about my sons and bob isn't homosexual so that's not the case. the case is the fact that bob did something wrong, but it's not my place to persecute him for that. if he's seeking help then he has my support. if he's innocent i'm not going to drop him and if and when he's proven innocent i'm not going to go back to him and go oh bob i was behind you the whole time. that is hypocritical and i'm no hypocrite. everyone has problems but i don't see you guys coming out with your own faults... i have my own addictions that i had to overcome. so let's see who's without some sort of sin and let them cast the first stone. if i were without sin i wouldn't be sitting at my computer typing this. i'd be just like you yelling for blood, but i know the human psyche and everyone just wants to vindicate someone for something.. life is no fun unless someone else is getting shanked.. but it's no fun when it turns out to be you. in closing, people get a life... i'm sure you have better things to do than to sit and spit acidic comments towards people you don't even know (like me). i'm shocked that people can be so rude to other human beings. yes children are innocent.. it's wrong to do innapropriate things to a child... but like so many other things, it's a chemical imbalance in the brain and can be treated with medication and counseling. so i'm done ranting and raving to you people.. as i said before, GET A LIFE...

Like I said, he...

And you are delusional. And of course I have sinned, but I will throw a truckload of stones at a child perv.

Beth (Anonymous)

I just wonder how you say he couldn't do such a thing and that he was set up, while at the same time you say he was getting help for his addiction. That just doesn't make sense.

swiss family......

i will be happy when they put this scum away for a long time. I just wish that he were taking alot of the Catholic priests away with him. not all of them, but the ones who are well known pedophiles. i still can't see how they are alowed to remain free, with the past criminal records that some of them have

friend of the a...

no i'm not delusional. as for his addiction, it was adult p*rno not kiddie. so if you have sinned than why should anyone be any different? just like Jesus said "those WITHOUT sin should cast the first stone." so if you are with sin, you can't cast the first stone. or a truckload of them for that matter. he is a good man, he's not scum people have problems. you say whatever you want, that's your opinion. your opinions will not sway my friendship to bob. however, this shows me that the town of norwalk is made up of hypocrites and crazy people. i don't even know why i call this place home anymore... pi$$ on all of you...

re: friend of t...

I like how you quote jesus then end with piss on all of you that is why christians (true ones) get a bad name because of the likes of you

swiss family......

to "friend of the accused" i am sorry to say, but you are indeed delusional... you believe that your friend is harmless, and was only looking at adult material.. i hope that you don't have any kids, and if you do, i hope they were never around "Bob".

you say that "if you are without sin, then cast the first stone" ok, well i will tell you that i certainly can not cast the first stone, i think the only one capable of doing that is Jesus, so let him do that, but i will sure be standing by him with a fist full of rocks of my own, in case 'Bob" doesn't get the point.

I do believe that Jesus has a special place in his compassionate heart for the children, because he says so in His word. I don't think that when He talked about the children, that he ever wanted us to look at naked pictures of them.. that is just perverted.

you are correct though, about Norwalk being full of hypocrites and crazy people.. a real hypocrite would be hanging around the church groups kids, while secretly lusting and drooling over them, and talk about crazy!! i would almost be afraid to look in 'Bob's' freezer.. because with all of the weirdness that he has already displayed, and all of the sick and twisted things that they have caught him with, i would be afraid that i might find a frozen, half eaten cat or dog in there.

like i said.. you are not wrong when you say that Norwalk has alot of crazy people.. but, thank goodness, they have caught another crazy... and hopefully they will send him away for a long time.. please feel free to go ahead and leave town if that's what you want.. with your morals, you really won't be missed