Child pornography seized from South Garden Street home

A Norwalk man was arrested Tuesday afternoon at his home after detectives said they seized a "sizable amount' of child pornography last Thursday. The arrest of Robert Miller, 37, of 18 1/2 S. Garden St., was the result of a joint investigation by the Norwalk Police Department and authorities with the U.S. Postal Service. Detective Sgt. Todd Temple said investigators suspect Miller has abused several children in the Norwalk area.
Cary Ashby
Jul 25, 2010


A Norwalk man was arrested Tuesday afternoon at his home after detectives said they seized a “sizable amount” of child pornography last Thursday.

The arrest of Robert Miller, 37, of 18 1/2 S. Garden St., was the result of a joint investigation by the Norwalk Police Department and authorities with the U.S. Postal Service. Detective Sgt. Todd Temple said investigators suspect Miller has abused several children in the Norwalk area.

“We have one 10-year-old victim we know for sure,” he added.

Miller remains in custody at the Huron County Jail on three local counts of gross sexual imposition, awaiting a bond hearing.

“Federal charges are pending on him,” Temple said.

Miller is accused of buying pornographic videos and other paraphernalia through the Internet, Detective Sgt. Jim Fulton said, and “may have been trading it with others.” Fulton said the suspect has no prior convictions.

Authorities don’t know how many possible victims there are.

“There are numerous photographs, so we don’t know,” Fulton said. “We know some of these were taken locally.”

Temple was asked about what, if anything, Miller said about the allegations when he was arrested.

“I can’t release details of the investigation,” the detective said.

There currently are no other suspects in the ongoing investigation in which “numerous people” have been interviewed.

“We are still looking for victims,” Temple quickly added.


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Always knew Todd Temple was one he!! of a officer!

you know (Anonymous)

Stuff like this wouldn't be in the paper for no reason - this guy better hold his cheeks if he gets sent up. He'll get justice. Glad to see trash get taken out. Good job NPD.

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this faggot has serious issues

Zeit (Anonymous)

Individual listed is sick. Needs treated like livestock.

Kerry (Anonymous)

I went to school with Bob almost every day for well over a year and he is not a bad person. He is not a "faggot" or "trash" or "livestock"! I do not by any means approve of the behavior that he apparently took part in, however, he is still a good friend of mine and I know that he is a very caring and intelligent individual. You think that you know a person just by reading an article that depicts the very worst part or only flawed part of a person's life, but you have no idea. Pornography is an addiction and it is easy to find yourself roped into things that are well beyond ethical and sometimes legal boundaries. People think that what they do at home is their own business and that they will never get caught for doing something that is wrong, but in that case they really do need a slap in the face to realize what they are doing and who they are hurting. I stand by Bob as a good individual and I never once felt threatened by him in any way. My thoughts and prayers are with him.

hey kerry (Anon...

There are a lot of people in prison that were abused as children. To defend him as caring is twisted. Watch what will happen to him. You better seek some kind of help.

Please (Anonymous)

Go to prison soon and meet the man of your dreams...

well I hope its many many men at the same time have a nice time....

Lynn (Anonymous)

Bobbie and I grew up together and he was a pervert even then. He is very good a acting. He knows what you want to hear and he gives it to you. He ruined my life and reputation because of his lies. And I hope he NEVER gets out of prison. Any man who ruins the life of child does not deserve to live. What goes around comes around. Kerry I will be praying for you.

Lynn (Anonymous)

P.S. Bobbie was not abused as a child. His mom was a little strange but she never abused him. She took him and his brothers to church every week. Stop defending his actions and have some sympathy for the little children that couldn't protect themselves from this monster.

He made the dec...

Don't blame this on an "addiction". He knew it was inappropriate and illegal. Those laws are there to protect children because they are no where near mature enough to make any decisions about anything sexual.

I hope he rots.

What are you ta...

Who is kerry that is defending him and saying he is caring?? Did I miss something in the article? Is kerry his wife or the writer of the story???

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to Lynn (Anonymous)

You are so right Monster! Take heart if he gets sent up he will truly know what terror means. It is called prison justice. Rapists & child abusers are HATED by other men serving time. He will get his. I can only hope that the little ones he abused can recover ,

well (Anonymous)

him and tim adkins will get there fun in prison....why do

about time (Ano...

hope they check on all the children of the church he attends...he seems to be very active in the children's ministry

Oh my (Anonymous)

which church is that?? Now you know why he was so involved!

How disgusting....

I think if it were my child that he touched, there wouldn't be an article about him in the paper. It would an an obituary. Lock him up and lose the key.

Hero (Anonymous)

Todd Temple is the backbone of the Norwalk Police Department! Todd, GREAT JOB!!!

a friend of the...

i have been friends with bob for many years.. as an adolescent and minor girl child he never one time did an innappropriate action or said an inappropriate comment towards me. i am shocked and floored that something like this could have happened to such a dear friend of my family. bob miller has all my love and support and prayers.

swiss family......

i am sorry, but anyone who sexually entices a child, is trash, and i, for one, and also glad to see that they are removing more trash from our town... i hope and pray that all of his victims will be able to recover and live normal and productive lives

Listen... (Anon...

he had young kids going up there ALOT which is not normal that young to be hanging out with a 37 year old. Take a good look at his picture to me he looks like he would be weird.

shocked (Anonymous)

All I can say is He without sin cast the 1st stone...

He obviously has some emotional disturbances, so sad...I think he needs alot of prayers!

re: shocked (An...

he needs a good kick in the pants for touching little kids inappropriately!! So do you if you don't think what he did is that bad.

looker (Anonymous)

Just show me their picture and I'll tell you who's guilty every time. I don't need any evidence or testimony, I can tell by lookin' at 'em.

swiss family......

to "Listen".... if you saw all of the young kids going up to his place, and you yhought that it was suspicous, did you caal anyone and tell them what you were seeing?? and if you didn't , why not??especially since you say that merely by looking at him , you could see that he was "weird".i hope that the pain and torment of those kids doesn't keep you awake at night, knowing that you had the opertunity and the obligation to stop the abuse, and you turned away..

i also want to say that i will remember this mans picture forever.. look at his red, sad eyes, you can even see some moisture under one eye. it would seem that he had been crying, do you think that he suddenly knows the pain he has inflicted on these kids lives, and really feels badly for those victims, or do you think that those tears are because he got caught doing what he enjoys, and he knows that no one will understand him,and now he faces an unknown punishment and public shame, and he feels badly for himself,

Lynn (Anonymous)

I've known Bob since he was a child. He always did what ever he wanted and he never cared who he hurt or who got in the way. Even as an adult, he thought it was funny when you told him about something that he did that hurt you. If his eyes are sad from crying it's not from remorse it's from the shame of getting caught and being found out. I hope that this brings him to his knees and that he finally realizes that his actions will have consequences. I have been reading everyones blogs and personally I am sick of hearing people excuse his actions. He had a good childhood. His parents loved him and his brothers, he was always fed, warm clothes, good school, tons of friends. His parents weren't druggies or alcoholics, they were not abusive to themselves or to the children. But. . . They always made excuses for the boys. Bobbie was never made to be responsible for any of his actions. Does this justify his actions I think Not. I doubt that anyone held a gun to his head and forced him to get involved in molestation. He chose this road on his own and now he faces the consequenses. 5 to 10 years to be exact. Just because you are friends with someone does not mean that you truly know them. Like I said before Bobbie knew how to hide his true self. And he always told you what you wanted to hear.

friend of the a...

look, just because you think that's the way he was when he was a child doesn't mean that someone can't change. bob is a very dear friend and i think that he was set up. the family of the first "victim" has a history of trying to ruin peoples lives. bob looks upset because he is confused and is terribly ashamed because people think he did this to innocent children. bob is and always will be in my heart and in my prayers

hey swiss... (A... have nothing to add that's relevent, so go away now, bible thumping IDIOT.

hey swiss idiot...

first of all when I said there was young kids going up there it is because a neighbor told me this after his arrest was in the paper. So moron I would have called had I actually known before it all came down. I never saw him until he had his picture on this website and he does look like a weirdo. Try to think before you blurt out the first think that pops into your pea brain swiss so you are not falsely accusing someone of letting abuse go on.