ONLINE EXCLUSIVE - Willard to seek funding for soccer complex

WILLARD - A committee appointed by the city manager to look at the possibility of developing a soccer field in Willard has returned with suggestions. Committee members are proposing a multi-use facility, primarily for soccer and youth football, that would have one main field and four practice/youth fields. The facility would have off-street parking, a building housing restrooms and small concession stand, a few bleachers and a small picnic area.
Aaron Krause
Jul 25, 2010


WILLARD - A committee appointed by the city manager to look at the possibility of developing a soccer field in Willard has returned with suggestions.

Committee members are proposing a multi-use facility, primarily for soccer and youth football, that would have one main field and four practice/youth fields. The facility would have off-street parking, a building housing restrooms and small concession stand, a few bleachers and a small picnic area.

Committee members requested council designate city-owned property along Keefer Street, by the lagoon, for the facility. The funding for the $280,000 project would come from the following: State and federal grants, private foundation grants, in-kind services from the city workforce and contributions from local businesses, residents and service/fraternal organizations.

Council voted to pass two resolutions authorizing the city to apply for two grants for the project.

Also at Tuesday’s meeting, council decided to table until next meeting a decision on whether to reapply for state funds to help pay for downtown revitalization.

Council members want to talk further with business owners and residents, city manager Brian Humphress said.

The  city learned last month the state denied its application for $400,000. It would have helped the city to pay for refurbishments to exterior buildings, street signs, streetscape improvements and administrative help to promote downtown.

The project’s total cost would have been more than $1 million, with additional money coming from city and business matches.

The state funded six projects. Willard didn’t make the final cut, Humphress said. Most of the winning cities came up with $1 million or more in matching funds. Willard planned to do about $350,000 worth of infrastructure work in the downtown area, and planned to use part of that sum to match state funding.

a task force appointed by the city manager to determine the need for a soccer complex in Willard has come  back with s


mbrt (Anonymous)

with all the drugs and other stuff going on in that town, the last thing those idiots need is a 'soccer complex'. no wonder willard is such a dump. they need to nuke that whole damn town and start from scratch7ai8r

re;mbrt (Anonymous)

If the kids had something to do, maybe they would't get in so much trouble.This town has nothing, no wmca, no skating rink, just nothing no cinema , nothing nothing , nothing.

wondering (Anon...

Well if you feel that way about Willard, what about Norwalk, Plymouth, Monroeville etc. They are everywhere, open you eyes. What would a soccer complex hurt.

floridaflash80 ...


"with all the drugs and other stuff..." in reading the online Reflecter paper here in Florida it seems that Norwalk is not without these same faults you credit Willard with. In fact, our last trip home to visit our nephew and niece, both Jr. High age and in the Norwalk School District,they told of drug use and young mothers at school ! So, before casting that stone, better worry about your own house ! A sports complex is exactly what the Willard youths need, with focus on Americas obesitey problem, as well as nothing to do, it seems like a win/win situation. Soccer has grown in popularity and numbers for sometime now in the U.S., ask anyone who is involved in Little League about the number of kids choosing soccer over baseball. I live near one of these Sports Complexes here in Florida and the Park is full on the weekends with children and parents getting involved and having FUN ! Oops, better not mention children, according to the NORWALK Reflector there as some BAD STUFF going on in Norwalk !

BTW...I am a Willard transplant and still have family there and things are GOOD :)

mbrt (Anonymous)

florida, i was born in willard and my grandparents and other family still live there. go preach to someone else.

floridaflash80 ...

mbrt...maybe a little "preaching" is exactly what someone needs !It's always easy to critisize someone or something and to rid idiots by nuking them, according to mbrt, than trying to do something positive. I guess the mbrt family unit was so very pleased he/she turned out sooo perfrect ! LOL nuking the whole damn town (Willard), wouldn't you be afraid of the fallout...what a minute...that Glass house sure must be protected !

mbrt (Anonymous)

good one, florida. i didn't say i came from the perfect family, nor do i live in a glass house. i was born there, went to school there, and worked there for a time. i am speaking from personal experience. i have had a friend o.d. and a cousin pass away from that junk. both of them lived in that goddamn town. that stuff is all over that town. so before you continue preaching, walk a mile in someone else's shoes.

yeah (Anonymous)

thats just what the mexicans need. There taking over willard as it is.

floridaflash80 ...

mbrt..sorry to hear of your losses, but you are NOT the only one to suffer such pains, be it Willard, Norwalk or any hometown U.S.A., these problems all exist. BUT, don't blame the city. My graduating class at Willard has lost a few before graduation and some after graduation to desires of their OWN vices.Shoes are a easy thing to fill, to walk them in a path of whats right/wrong is the step some people forget about !Give the kids their Sports Complex and be happy someone is taking that step in the right direction. After reading our exchanges I'm reminded of a lyric from a Don Henley song, "if you keep carrying that anger, it will eat you up inside !" It's NOT preaching, it's just a thing we call LIFE !If a Sports Complex can give the Willard Youth an alternative to other negative choices, so be it ! Flashes PRIDE is city wide and reaches far and wide, just sticking up for my Hometown ! ( a little MSB reference there !)

mbrt (Anonymous)

i apologize for my rant, but it's really hard to take. this has been going on for YEARS. i understand my loss is no greater than anyone else's. i just hate watching little, if nothing, being done about it.

thx for the henley and MSB. love 'em both.

mbrt (Anonymous)

florida, i've got one for you,

'I get the feeling that

I'm in way over my head.

I should be careful, but

I'm going deeper instead.'

Going Down by Greg Guidry

again, my humblest apologies.

I h8 wilalrd (A...

FcuK willard!

floridaflash80 ...

YES it has mbrt(going on for years), a town riddled by suicides, mysterious deaths/killings and shattered lifes and families mourning and grieving the terrible end of their childs future way,way too early.We can't bring them all back, but, we can learn thru their mistakes as well as our own and help the next generation avoid such heartaches.By giving them something positive such as this Sport Complex and let then know there are alternatives to the contrary.As proven by some posts so far, there's ALLOT of work too be done out there !

Ok (Anonymous)

I won't say I don't agree that Willard needs something productive for the children to do, but lets face it in the summer time we are over run by the mexicans. They have taken over the festival, which most people call the mexi fest now. They took over the old soccer field also. So what will make this any different, to where all the children of willard can enjoy it. Oh, hell and we even gave them down town for there little spanish heritage whatever.

They are taking away from our children in this town. And it is hard to get along with people that don't even speak english. THIS IS AMERICA. AND WE SPEAK ENGLISH.

then u must rev...

and run the beanbags out. send them packing tell me, have they taken over pepperidge farm and rrdonnellys too???

Can't beat em (...

join em. Learn the language. They have things to offer. Some of them are fat and lazy and living off our tax dollar teet, however there are plenty of american hillbillies and clowns that do the same thing. Some are good some are bad, try to get to know them a bit.

Mexicans... (An...

all over Willard....terrible....Willard is a sanctuary city. Illegal aliens...come to Willard and work for the filthy rich muck owners. Free rent, hospitals, food stickers.....revitalize downtown ??? NOT....just Mexicans sittin' on the benches....come to our downtown and see for yourself. NEVER heard of the Willard PD calling Immigration on these people. And you talk about cockroaches....I think they eat them with their chili beans, for added meat..... again, terrible

shame on you (A...


Dave Rimmer, Li...

Sorry "shame on you"...not religious at all, indeed as most of the worlds conflicts have and will in the future be fought over religion, my personal opinion is that all religions should be dumped in the Atlantic....controversial I know but thats my opinion. However back to the point,this idea of a sports centre has, to a degree, worked here in the UK and as a first step can regenerate an area or town. So I would say to all you sceptics.....isn`t something better than nothing?

Pele (Anonymous)

Soccer complex...PERFECT!!! Them Mexicans love their soccer!

sick of non whi...

Willard is now a total shithole due to invasion of scumbag illegals. GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY

shame on you (A...

No it's not your country it's God's country.He just let's you live here.Lucky you

Well (Anonymous)

I don't plan to go to mexico. So I don't feel the need to speak their language. They have taken over here. And the only thing they have to offer is drugs and heartache for the honest hard working people that belong here.

The only reason they are here is they are cheap labor. I agree there is good and bad in all races. If they are legal and can speak english. Then I don't have a problem with it. But I don't think we should have to cater to them.

We give them free medical cards, and low interest rates, etc. Should I go on. I agree there needs to be something for our children, But I tell you now it is just going to be another place for them to hang out and take over.

I love Jesus (A...

too, but I don't think HE ever had to pay taxes to support 12 to 20 illegal aliens, did he??? Which is a big reason our economy has gone to hell in a handbasket. Right?

What (Anonymous)

happened when Charlie Frye wanted to do something for The children. Certain people in willard didn't want that. Why?

If they truly wanted to do something for the Children put in a Rec Center. We have kids that swim for the school but have to practice out of town. That sport cost a lot of money as it is. Same with track and cross country. Put in an indoor track.

The money would be better spent if we focused on something that would benefit everyone. So the parents could enjoy it with there children.

great (Anonymous)

another place in town for the drug junkies to get to our kids!!

Tired of White ...

The reality is that Willard should be more worried about all the white trash than the Hispanic population that it has. The Hispanics come and work hard at jobs that the locals are way too lazy to do. Every time I go in Drug Mart and see all the fat, digusting white trash it makes me want to vomit. The number of white people in Willard on welfare outnumbers the Hispanics on welfare by a huge margin.

Almost all of the drug dealing and an overwhelming amount of the drug abuse going on in Willard is by white people. Ask any member of the Willard police department or the Huron County Sheriff's Department and they will confirm this, as a number of them have personally said so to me.

White people have absolutely no excuse to be on welfare as they grew up in this country, speaking the language and receiving our free K-12 education. The Hispanic population, on the other hand, comes from poor countries with broken education systems and horrible economic opportunities. The fact that they are not all on welfare is a testament to their work ethic and ability to overcome the odds stacked against them. The white trash population of Willard needs to look at the Hispanic population and learn from them.

Remember, the Hispanics, whether illegal or not, have payroll and income taxes deducted from their paychecks, pay sales taxes every time they make any purchase, and they pay property taxes, either directly if they own a home or indirectly through their landlords if they rent. The jobs they fill help employers pay property and income taxes as well. They ARE NOT a burden on Willard, they are the ONLY reason Willard has had any population growth at all in recent years! Personally, I couldn't care less if they become half of Willard's population in the future, I get along with them just fine and I am a white male.

Look beyond skin color, RACISTS!!

Dave rimmer, Li...

Unable to comment on the population of Willard and the numerous problems that seem to be in evidence but I will comment on "Tired of White Trash`s" post. I commend your stance against the racists. They are no better then the cowardly pillocks that wear white pointed hoods and white sheets, what do they call themselves, is it the KKK, suppose that stands for kissing krappy kippers, just about all they are fit for.

Up the KKK, yeh right up em. Come on anti-racists, stand up and be counted


Nos da, buenas noches

baby boomer (An...

I blame a lot of Willard's problems on poor city management. This town has no pride whatsoever. It seems like all homes have gone metro or they are empty and nobody wants to fix them up. What has this city management done to attract new business to this town or for that matter, families to buy up some of these homes? There is nothing here to attract anyone. Whatever happened to Willard getting a rec center? Is that plan moot now? Again,blame it on city manager.

Illegals are (...

the reason that the hospitals and schools in this country are going broke...thereby driving up the cost of healthcare -pray that you and yours don't get sick.