Police: Willard residents use money from CSX to party with heroin

Money given to displaced residents after recent chemical spill results in drug overdoses at Norwalk hotel.
Aaron Krause
Dec 8, 2013


Three Willard residents displaced from their homes as a result of a chemical spill before Thanksgiving used money they received from CSX railroad to party with heroin, Norwalk Police Chief Dave Light said.

His department is handling the case because the individuals were found passed out Wednesday at the All American Inn & Suites in Norwalk.

Light said police found a man lying on the hallway of the hotel's third floor, passed out. Authorities gained entry into a room to conduct a welfare check and found a male and female also passed out in the room.

"They were a mess," the chief said. "They decided to go partying with heroin."

Light said the female was somewhat coherent and explained they used money they'd received from CSX to party with heroin. Both males were unresponsive, he added.

The police report wasn't complete as of early Friday afternoon, so the suspects' names were not available.

Police found "a lot of paraphernalia" in the room, Light said.

North Central EMS transported the individuals to Fisher-Titus Medical Center. Authorities have sent a report to the Norwalk Law Director's office for the consideration of charges.

Two Norwalk firefighters responded to the report of "multiple overdoses" at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday and provided basic life support. The crew was at the hotel 25 minutes.

Editor's note: Reflector staff writer Cary Ashby contributed to this story.



That name means nothing too me since I don't live there.

I have made the same remarks out in the real world.

So I guess I invoke my first amendment rights.


Invoke away!


Intend to.


The comments I have made I WOULD make in public. Junkies are JUNKIES. Would I care if anyone in public heard me say it? Do I care if a heroin addict hears me say they are a junkie? UM....NO. I would tell you my name, but I have children. I do not want crazy junkies or their family stalking my house. It happens. People find where you live and do crazy things. Happens every day. I don't want people following me around, watching everything I do. So yes, drug addicts are drug addicts. I talk about them the same on here, as in public. I have no sympathy for anyone that does drugs, deals drugs or gets caught with drugs. It is their choice and if they are busted with it, not my problem. I for one get tired of everyone saying we need to feel bad for the junkies and need to help them. How they have a disease, blah, blah, blah.

Oh and not all FB are real. People LIE on FB too.


Well good for you.


Just one question...do you know what your children are doing? Can you honestly say that they won't try drugs in the future? No one ever knows, no matter how they your children were raised, if they will ever become addicts. Are you positive they don't have the gene that will cause them to become addicted to drugs or alcohol?


Yes I do know what my children are doing. IF and when they try drugs and I find out they will be sent to jail for the night. You see my husband is a police officer. They will be sent to juvie. They will sit in jail. They then will be locked in their bedroom and not be allowed out of the house. If when they turn 18 and decide to continue down that path and abuse drugs or alcohol....they are gone. I will NOT continue to waste my time with them. They have seen the effects of drugs and seen/heard what it will do to you. I do not foresee them doing it. They have seen the trash that their father has locked away. They have seen what heroin (or other drugs)do to a person. They are not impressed. Gene's are usually passed on/inherited .....I am not an addicted neither is their father. Not sure where they would get that gene then.


That's just harsh punishment(she says sarcastically). You wouldn't put them through the legal process...be charged with the crime? That's the privilege of being a cop's kid or any type of law enforcement. You say that they're not interested now, but you can't be with them every waking moment. How do you know they won't be interested when they are older? You can't. None of us can. You can only hope that they won't be influenced by others. Don't cast stones. And for the record...I know Willard cops who are big alcoholics. There's the gene for addiction.


I am not going to sit here and rationalize my life for you. Yes I will hope that I have raised my children right. And yes if they were caught doing drugs they would be charged and sit in jail. Did you miss that comment the first time? Who said I wouldn't? So far in life they are NOT followers and they have great friends. I am glad you know Willard cops that are alcoholics. My husband is NOT a Willard cop, he is NOT an alcoholic. Guess that means he does NOT have the GENE. Good night. Find someone else's life to pick apart.


I'm not picking your life apart, but you are definitely picking everyone else's lives apart. Did you know that cops also have the "infidelity" gene?


So now my husband might have an infidelity gene too? Wow you must really get around the cop shop. Sounds like you have ALOT of experience with them. So do you sleep with cops or only drink with them? Only lives I was picking apart was JUNKIES. I mean they put it out there in the paper every time they get arrested or OD. But if you feel better picking apart mine you go right ahead.


My ex is an attorney and represented 99% of the Willard police force as well as HCSD and Norwalk PD officers. I've seen and heard what goes on. No need to drink or sleep with them.

believe it

Lies, all lies.


pretty sure i smoked a joint with your kid once... not positive just pretty sure


So glad you noticed. Remember who killed Alice White? l.r.Remember Bambi's death? ( this paper put stuff out after I commented before on Bambi) See it IS people like that - that made Willard a ****place. Outside crap that comes here. btw, while not in L.E. some that I know feel the same way I do) You probably don't remember Paradise Supper Club or The Holland Market when it was @ 224/Myrtle Ave. Our ways are ancient.


I do remember who killed Alice White. And yes I do remember Bambi's untimely demise as well. I also remember the Holland Market and Paradise Supper Club, which used to be Hartensteins. What about them? Are you implying that the muck farmers and the Stackhouses are responsible for the drugs that have come to Willard? Have you ever thought that 224 is a US highway and has always been a drop off point for drugs going to back when Evert's Tires was around. How about the "pot lot"? Remember that?


Great! Then you have witnessed the changes. What I stated will be repeated: trash is why Willard is a ********. You assign names to what you want. You know what you know, I know what I know. As another poster stated this discourse will sadly stop. My family has held some people's feet to the fire. They HATE facts. Some of them are in "authority." Too bad that those with an oracle or two anger this very publication. So typical today of weak America.


I'm not sure I get your point. Just be happy with your small town/small mind mentality and live in the past, because you would never survive in a large city with your attitude. Did you know that even now...people from Willard who purport to being Christians still use the "n" word? Crazy, right?


And I should add that Bambi chose to associate himself with the drug culture by being a dealer. $#@! happens, unfortunately.


Heroin is a choice, if they couldn't get it, they would find something else ,just as bad to use. It's a life choice. What would $600.00 buy that would be helpful for them? Let's see..... pay bills, food, donate to a good cause, help out your folks, your grandparents, do a good deed like buy canned goods to give to hungry familys etc...


Then you must be pretty ignorant, unless you hate that Stackhouse now a record. Again - facts. Sounds like you attend one of "them there churches." Through with you.


What is "one of them there churches"? You, my friend, are a racist and bigot.


And I am far from being ignorant. I also know about his record. And you're perfect and have made the right choices? Quit living in the past. There's a big wide world outside of Willard.


And you're through with me because I've put your feet to the fire? Can't come up with a legitimate response? Thought so.


Here is my issue with people saying that these losers 'just made a mistake', or 'didn't know'. Kids are educated in school from a very young age on the dangers and addictiveness of drugs, even if their parents are worthless enough to not bother. They know full well what they are getting into the first time they shoot up. They choose that life, they choose to destroy their lives and the lives of those around them, they choose to be useless drains on society. I am sorry, but I have zero sympathy for knowing the dangers, yet still choosing this path for yourself. I do, however, feel sorry for the good families out there who have been put through this ordeal because of someone elses foolishness.

swiss family

I have to say , I agree with what you say,Sassy, and I also agree that kids are taught from a young age about the dangers of drugs and addiction, but I also feel that sometimes they see their parents doing the drugs or even their parents friends, doing drugs, and to a child, they look up to, and try to be just like their parents.

I also think that sometimes in the teaching of addictive behavior to kids, cigaretts are thrown in there as well, and the kids are warned about the dangers of smoking, and how it causes cancer, yet they know many people who smoke, probably their parents or relatives or friends, and they do not see the harm in smoking, because it kind of looks "cool" for awhile....I wish parents would teach their kids about drugs, heroin, and cigarettes.. but they hardly ever do, I also have zero tolerance for people who choose to try these drugs and become addicted to them....it is a choice..NOT a disease..

believe it

kURTje, reading through these comments, you sound like an idiot. Just give it a rest.

Dr. Information

Truth and it hurts.


These comments are great! You can't change the format on commenting!

so sick of stup...

To all the perfect people that makes comments...you know what i sit and see all the comments on here and i agree with some but to wish someones child to die is just plain evil...and to blame the parents for the actions of these idiots is just ridiculous..I hope to god none of you people ever have to go through this crap...i hope you never have to deal with it, I hope you always stay on that perfect little pedestal you have yourself on..your comments would change if it happen to one of your children, brother or whatever...I dont wish this kind of pain and embarrassment on anyone...dont ever say it would never happen to your family member cause it sure as hell can and prolly will at some point...i dont feel sorry for the addicts but i do feel sorry for the parents and the siblings and the poor children these addicts have..your right it is a choice and i believe that heart and soul..parents can only do so much ..it doesnt matter how much you preach or scream and yell or cry..addicts do not care...they are heartless..again I hope you never have to experience this crap...