Disoriented suspect determined to have huffed from aerosol can

Man previously convicted of tying dog to fence and beating it to death with shovel.
Cary Ashby
Dec 7, 2013


A Collins man faces several charges in connection with being disoriented while carrying an aerosol can Wednesday in Norwalk.

Kane M. Ortman, 21, of 3702 DeRussey Road, was reported to be disoriented while walking on West Willard Avenue, Norwalk Police Capt. Eric Hipp said in his report. The 9-1-1 call came into dispatchers at 5:02 p.m. and the complainant said it appeared the suspect was intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.

"While responding to the area, another 9-1-1 call was received, advising the male was lying on the ground and (was) unresponsive. Upon arrival, the male was walking down the street carrying an aerosol can," Hipp said.

Police identified the subject as Ortman and charged him with abusing harmful intoxicants, obstruction of official business and resisting arrest.

Norwalk firefighters responded to the scene at 5:05 p.m. The crew provided basic life support until they transferred patient care to North Central EMS upon their arrival. Paramedics transported Ortman to Fisher-Titus Medical Center.

Police forwarded reports to the Norwalk Law Director's Office and Ortman's Norwalk Municipal Court probation officer for the consideration of charges.

This isn't Ortman's first drug-related run-in with local authorities.

During a July 1, 2012 injury crash, the state Highway Patrol's Norwalk post determined Ortman's blood was positive for marijuana usage. The patrol reported he tested at 10.32 ng/ml. The legal limit for drivers in Ohio is 5 ng/ml.

Ortman was sentenced to a 30-day term in the Huron County Jail for driving under the influence. As part of his two years of probation, he had his driver's license suspended for six months starting July 9, 2012, according to Norwalk Municipal Court records.

He also was charged with failure to control after his vehicle hit a tree and caught fire on Jericho Road. Citizens Ambulance transported Ortman and his passenger, Michael A. Price, who was 17 at the time, to Fisher-Titus Medical Center with minor injuries.

In September 2011, Ortman and Aaron M. Friel, now 20, each received a six-month jail term for animal cruelty convictions for an incident the previous month.

Prosecutors have said the pair dug a hole at the Collins residence where Ortman lived at the time, tied a 2-year-old yellow Labrador retriever to a nearby fence post and beat him to death with a shovel.





Stop smacking him on the hand..He has to want to change & with his actions, he has no intentions to do so..

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When he was lying on the ground and unresponsive instead of calling the cops they should of got a shovel and beat the clown in the head like he did with the 2-year-old yellow Labrador retriever. He's a waste of air.


"TRYING dog to fence"??? Who edits these articles?? Apparently the reporter is illiterate ..

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I was thinking that he's trying to teach his dog fencing. Maybe it's tying or tied. Hmmm


Can't wait to see what the judge does with this idiot. Does he even consider what he is doing to his family? Stupid, stupid, stupid.


That is not the judge's job. His job is the law, not morals.

Tiredofthe BS

No It may not be his job but no one else seems to have taught him anything!

swiss family

lady.... could someone please Tell Judge Conway that it is NOT his job to teach morals?? I seem to think that he sentences far too many heroin addicts and dealers to "self help" centera, when in reality , if he were actually doing his job, as you say which is the "law" these addicts and dealers would be locked up in prison where they belong...


the judge should tie him to a fence and let everyones dog give him justice.

The Answer Person

Maybe he is just angry that he can't get a girlfriend or...? Next time folks (and there WILL be a next time) please do not call 911.


Kane is one of the most loyal & nicest people I have had the pleasure of knowing. Believe it or not. Yes, you can criticize. Go ahead, nobody cares. He is going through a very rough patch, I don't know what got him into this or who. But I believe that he will get through it & he will make up for what he's done and become a better person. HE NEEDS HELP. So instead of people being jerks and calling the cops on him for everything he does, MAYBE try & help him! It's called doing the right thing for gods sake. Doesn't anybody have a heart? Or know what it's like to go through this? If he was part of your family, you'd have no problem. Well even though he's not, i hope somebody, anybody, will stand up and help him get through this, get clean & make him become happy again so that he can better himself.


I used to get on here and bash people all the time... Then my own son got addicted to Heroin He was raised properly, but CHOSE to go down the wrong path, and CHOSE the wrong friends. It tore me and my family apart. Never knowing when we were going to get the dreaded phone call to say my son had overdosed. We tried to help him, but he still couldn't get clean. Endless, sleepless nights of worrying... People, you will never understand how it feels until it's your own child or family member. My son wasn't raised around this kind of environment, & i'm sure this kid wasn't either. But, they do need help. what they choose to do with it is up to them. I know some people can't & refuse to be helped. Call me a bleeding heart if you want too, but unless you've been through this, how can you understand it??


I can't pretend to understand but there are consequences for your actions. He needs to do some time. He's gotten off too lightly before.


You're kidding, right? If I see somebody I don't know stumbling down the street like a drunken fool and/or doped up junkie, the LAST thing I'm going to do is offer my assistance. Lord only knows what that person is on & could potentially end up eating my face off (we've seen it on the news...it's possible)! So I would help by calling the POLICE and getting the degenerative off the street to keep other people SAFE! And if you want somebody to help SOOOO bad...have at it! I'm sure nobody's stopping you.

Tiredofthe BS

I don't know what he is been thru...All of us have consequences to our actions and too bad he did CHOOSE this path and this direction. I don't care if he needs help or not. He should have gotten prison. I am tired of helping people because they choose to do wrong things. I also chose to go down a wrong path for a long time. I never hurt anyone or stole or beat anyone or anything. I also held 3 jobs so I could PAY FOR all my controlled substances. I get so tired of "I am an addict" excuse. Either get with the program or get out!


"Most loyal and nicest people".....wow really? So nice and loyal he beat a dog tied to a fence with a shovel? Then a bit later he HUFFS a can of air? Yep sounds like someone I wanna take home and help....NOT. Are you kidding me? Oh a rough patch? Yea we all have them. There are other ways of dealing with life. Millions of people do it every day. Most are smart enough to NOT huff a can of air and pass out on the sidewalk. If he needs help, why don't YOU help him? What do you expect people to do instead of calling the cops? Have you seen or heard the news lately? Having their faces ATE off? Being attacked? What do you want them to do?


Do the most loyal and nicest people you know, tie puppies up and kill them? That doesn't sound too nice to me. He does need help. He should get it in a form of punishment for his crimes. It's not his first offense.


You people need to wake up. He tortured the dog because of the drugs? No I don't think so. This is our next mass murderer that we will soon be reading about once he starts killing people. He should be put away in a mental institution.


Sad what our society is becoming. Godspeed


What a piece of $hit! Boy did his parents do a fantastic job!
Please someone do to him what he did to a poor defenseless animal.


I feel sorry for the other family members, not knowing any of them though. We will all be reading about this one later after he is put in our prison system. There are a LOT of inmates involved with the dog rescue/training program in many of our institutions that will take a special interest in this one.

Kottage Kat

Iknow his parents and his grandparents. Anything I could say would just be met with some caustic remark.
Like a previous poster said until you have been through addiction with a family member you know not.
His part in killing the dog appalled and does today.. His family does not need to be judged for his actions.
Thank you

swiss family

Kat... I am just curious, if the people that you know who have had to face their addictions, did NOT have to face the consequences for their actions, and sadly go through a public humiliation, be it through work, or where they live or at their job, do you believe that these addicts would have "dug in" as deep as it takes to overcome their addiction??... I do agree with you though as far as the family should not be blamed for his actions, he does as he chooses, and is as destructive , and harmful as he chooses to be... HE should be the one feeling the wrath... not the family, but in turn, I believe that the family needs to do "tough Love"on him, and make him be accountable for his actions, and that means not allowing him to live at home, thus separating him from his family, so he can stand on his own record, and not pull the family into this.. in my opinion


family wont help this kid i went to school with him. hes already destroyed 90% of his brain cells. drop him off in the middle of nowhere let nature take its course!

Kottage Kat

As always your comments are appreciated.
Thank you