'Short-change artists' make off with money from Norwalk's Kmart

Norwalk police looking for two suspects.
Aaron Krause
Dec 5, 2013

Two "short change artists" tried to steal an undetermined amount of money from the Norwalk Kmart by asking for different denominations in change and, in the process, confusing the cashier, police said.

Norwalk Police Department Capt. Eric Hipp said two men bought a gallon of bleach, which they paid for with a $100 bill. But then they tried to confuse the clerk by asking for different amounts of change, apparently in the hopes of leaving with more money than to which they were entitled, Hipp said.

"They were kind of intimidating to the clerk," he said.

Hipp said as of Thursday night, store officials were trying to determine how much money the two men left with. He added they headed south on Milan Avenue from Kmart in a red Dodge Avenger. Hipp said it was unknown if video surveillance captured the incident, which occurred at 7:56 p.m. Wednesday.

Hipp said both suspects are black men. One stands about 6-foot-1 and was wearing a brown aviator coat with a black fur collar and black baseball hat. The other man, who stands about 5-foot-10, wore a black, gray-hooded sweatshirt and light colored gray jeans.

Hipp said the men are in their 20s or early 30s.

Hipp said the men, once identified, will be charged with petty or grand theft, depending on how much money they stole.

Anyone with information or who can identify the suspects should call the Norwalk Police Department at (419) 663-6780.



That's why you never reopen your register drawer..Count the change & shut the drawer..If they want change, send them to the service desk or call for a manager..



We had a policy to limit making any change at the registers to the transaction ONLY.

The policy was specifically in place in order to help prevent this kind of theft.

Hard to believe that K-Mart doesn't have this policy.

Either the clerk didn't follow procedure or mgmt. is inept.


Exactly bikerwife!


Most people in retail can't count back change. They have to look to see how much change to give back from one dollar! I gave one person a Kennedy half dollar and a Golden dollar coin and they looked at me like they had no idea what to do!


Don't ever try and tell them politely they made a mistake either. They will get angry with you. "That's what the register told me to give you"! After trying to help them 3 times I give up and keep it. OR the other fun one is to hand them loose change after they have put the dollar amount into the register. That really throws them off too. Everyone should be taught how to make change before starting a cashier position.


I like asking for $23.76 in gas when my other items come up to $6.24. They look panicked than surprised when it equals $30.00 even. Almost like I did it on accident! Lol


American kids are not that smart! Just a fact!


Re: "American kids are not that smart!"

It ain't the brains, it's that mush-headed liberal public education.


And then the dumbed-down progressives stupidly wonder why the world is "eating our lunch."


It is NOT the fault of public education. In the United States, EVERY child has the right to a public education, even those with a sub-average IQ. In many other countries, if the parents want their child to have a good education, they have to fork out thousands of dollars each year to send him to the best schools. You'd better believe that THAT child will work hard to get the best grades possible and that HIS parents care if he's learning because THEY have a vested interest. In the US, many parents just send their kids to school for the "free" babysitting.

When I was growing up, school was the main topic at the dinner table. My parents were interested in what I was learning and they enhanced it. Now, parents have their kids running to so many different activities, dinner is grabbing a burger as they race through the drive-thru window, jamming to their favorite tunes on their mp3 players. Start to value education and begin taking an interest in the lives of our children, and our country will be "serving lunch".


Re: "parents"?

Try single PARENT.

The death of the nuclear family can ALSO be placed on the doorstep of liberal, feel-good entitlement policies.


I know some single parents who do a better job of working with their kids than some married ones. It just takes a lot more effort than many are willing to give.

Let's add the death of MORALS and VALUES in this country to the root of our problems. Just look at TV and movies in the past five years. There's very few positive role models for people to emulate, just Hollywood trying to see how far they can push the limits of their First Amendment rights.


So let's recap the "reasons" why the K-Mart clerk was short changed:

1. Kids are stupid.

2. The educational system.

3. Parents

4. Social entitlement programs

5. The death of moral and values

6. Holllywood.

Have I missed anything?

Care to throw in God? :)


Let's just take it to the lowest known denominator. If one can confuse a check-out clerk over the price of one bottle of bleach, the clerk needs fired and sent the last check in the mail. Also, banned from the store.


Re: "the clerk,"

I tend to default to Demming, Juran and others - the problem lies with mgmt.


I was taught how to count back change with play money. AT HOME!!

Now it's all swipe, swipe, swipe.


My first job, we had a wood cash drawer and a calculator. We took orders on a blank pad of paper. When we were slow (during the rain/storms, I worked at a dairy queen), the boss would make up fake dollar amounts and teach us how to count back change. It was the best lesson in life I was ever taught.
I agree with all the "swiping" not many know what to do with CASH.


It is my understanding that the two individuals got away with a large amount of cash. Has anyone other than me thought that maybe, just maybe, the clerk was 'involved' with it? I do not know any of the parties involved, but in this day and age, you just never know.


Ok...all of you Reflector trolls are on here all day long complaining/commenting about elected officials, the judicial system, gossiping about your neighbors and the public school system. You all have your opinions and your input into how people should do their jobs, or find jobs, but there is an article on here regarding third graders and how they are failing tests and can't read, for which no one has commented about their disgust for these children, who should be reading and are failing. They might be held back because of parents who don't care, or their parents are on here showing their lack of education and literacy.

Maybe instead of sitting at your computers all day just waiting to see what your other troll friends are posting or what the next article (which, by the way, should probably be spell-checked before posting) will be, so you can whine and moan about, why not step away from your computers/phones and volunteer? Be productive members of society. You would be amazed at how gratifying it is and how much better you will feel about yourselves, and what a difference you could make in your community. Your tax dollars pay for the teachers, so why not take an interest in what they are teaching and what these children are learning. You're all so smart and have the answers...take that knowledge and do something positive with it. I see posts on here from adults whose grammar and spelling are atrocious...be a mentor.