Local man airlifted to Toledo hospital after being hit by car

Victim was trying to stop traffic for company off-loading construction equipment.
Cary Ashby
Dec 4, 2013

A pedestrian sustained serious injuries after being hit by a car Tuesday.

Grant A. Dauch, 22, of New London, was standing in the southbound lane of Hartland Center Road, attempting to stop traffic for a company off-loading construction equipment at the time of the accident at 7:35 p.m. The incident happened on Hartland Center Road north of U.S. 20 in Townsend Township.

Preliminary indications show Dauch wasn’t wearing reflective clothing and didn’t have traffic control equipment, said troopers with the state Highway Patrol. The roadway was dark and not lighted.

Crystal M. Hall, 34, of Amherst, was driving southbound in a 2011 Ford Focus and hit Dauch, who was thrown off the west side of Hartland Center Road, troopers said.

Citizens Ambulance transported Dauch from the scene to Fisher-Titus Medical Center with serious injuries. A LifeFlight helicopter later flew him to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo. A hospital spokeswoman said nobody named Dauch was listed as a patient as of Wednesday morning.

Hall wasn’t injured and was wearing her seatbelt at the time of the crash. The crash remains under investigation.

The Huron County Sheriff’s Office, Townsend Township Volunteer Fire Department and Citizens Ambulance Service assisted troopers at the scene.



This should be an OSHA violation for not protecting a workman. These fly-by-night companies bid these jobs with no account for the traveling public, or their own workers. These are the same types of things that happen when you don't spend the extra dollar for training and workplace safety. Send a 22 year old out in live traffic in the dark without lights or a even a vest? No signs? What could possibly go wrong? Famous last words...."This will only take a minute"!

yogi bear

I hope this man is going to be ok. Truth is this man may have had all the necessary training and equipment at his disposal. He may have chosen to get out and direct traffic without putting on his vest. This is a horrible tragedy for all involved.


The other night my husband, who is a police officer, was in uniform with a reflective vest ON, a police cruiser with lights ON and standing in the middle of the road. A few yards down the road the fire department was cleaning up a fuel spill. A car drove AROUND my husband and tried to proceed down the road. He yelled loud enough the car stopped. They had NO idea they needed to stop or why he was standing there!!!! LOL. So even if you are wearing the proper gear, or are even a law enforcement officer they still do NOT pay attention!


Prayers to this young man and to the woman driving. I agree, where was all his equipment. I have seen these guys working up and down Hartland Center Road, where the lights not even on the truck? I agree that OSHA should be involved with this. How crazy. I hope he is going to be ok.


The roadways are deadly. Sadly most drivers are careless.


Spot on, Ladydye...When I was in Law Enforcement traffic control was the worst part of the job. If I asked cars to stop, drivers always took it personally. If they were asked to stop; they had to GO. If I asked them to turn left, they HAD to turn right or vice versa. Most were cooperative but there was always one person who assumed they were exempt because they were, well, EXEMPT. When they darted around me, others assumed they could go too. Then they'd get upset because I wanted them to stop and couldn't understand why 'Little Miss Exempt' was allowed to go and they couldn't. When you encounter someone directing traffic the fastest way to get through is just do what you're asked.


I have flagged traffic in my younger years in highway construction, and agree with what you say. Most people have no regard for flaggers or being held up from their routine in any way. But you still have to do it the right way. That girl probably had a heart attack when she finally saw that guy...if she saw him at all. It's steering away from the problem a little. The driver will not be at fault here.


she should've been going slow anyways.. (don't know how fast) but when you see people on the road.. & don't say you didn't see all the trucks and equipment... and considering there are lights going down hartland center.. you SLOW DOWN. not only for their safety but yours as well! what if, while they were unloading something, it tipped into the road right in front of you? it would be way easier to stop when doing 15 then it would when doing 55. I've known Grant since I was younger and he's a good guy. he does everything he can for the sake of his daughter. and Idk who let him out there without the proper safety vests on.. but they are part of the problem!! my husband works in road construction and they won't even let him ON THE JOB if he doesn't have his reflective vest on. whether its day or night. he has to have it on the whole time.


Sad for this guy and his family. And I agree the foreman probably said "just hurry and flag traffic real quick. It'll only take a second." Or something along those lines. I work in the distribution part of a factory, and we have to all have reflective vests and hard hats from the time we clock in until we clock out. Even if you sit at a desk and file papers all day. Still don't know if this would have prevented this horrible accident. But you never know.