Break-in defendant pleads guilty

Suspect, 20, arrested near crime scene.
Cary Ashby
Dec 7, 2013


A man has been convicted of breaking into a Willard garage.

Patrick A. Belt, 20, of Ashland, pleaded guilty Tuesday to breaking and entering. He will be sentenced Jan. 15.

In exchange for the conviction, prosecutors dismissed one count of tampering with evidence in connection with the defendant attempting to hide a wrench in a toilet paper roll at the Willard police station.

A neighbor heard the break-in at the garage June 10.

"One guy bolted and was able to escape," Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said soon after Belt was indicted in mid-August.

Belt and a male accomplice stacked up tools in the garage for "easier delivery" and also wrapped some of them in shirts, Leffler said. Belt was arrested near the Willard crime scene and later posted a $20,000 bond.

"Willard police did a nice job. ... We hope to eventually prosecute the other individual with some (DNA) science," Leffler said in August.

Currently, Belt is in custody at the Ashland County Jail. He is on probation through Ashland Municipal Court for disorderly conduct and criminal damaging.



who are you kidding leffler the county is not paying for dna testing for a theft conviction. The public would be stupid to belive you.the truth would be more likly the kid told you who was with him!


They won't do anything to this scumbag.
These people just cause us to install cameras, and other safeguards, at our expense!

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Excellent police work. Neighbor calls the cops. Cops find a kid walking in the area. These techniques are going to become textbook someday. The next thing you know....they might get the one in custody to roll over on the fugitive. "Look!...that looks like that booger through the database, & let's find out who it belongs to". wow.