Norwalk building ready to collapse?

Former bar property in state of disrepair, a concern of city councilman and others.
Scott Seitz2
Dec 5, 2013

A Norwalk building appears to be in danger of collapsing.

The former Waldo's bar property, located at 46 Benedict Ave., is in a state of disrepair. The front side of the building is missing windows and the back side appears ready to collapse.

The bar has been closed for several years.

"I really have a lot of safety concerns here," Norwalk city councilman Stephen Schumm said. "I'm also concerned about the buildings on both sides."

Safety-service director Bob Patusky and fire chief John Soisson are aware of the situation, Schumm said.

"There were a lot of people talking recently about that building in New London that was ready to collapse," Schumm said. "That building in New London is a piece of cake compared to this thing."

A story about this building, as well as the challenges facing city officials, appears in Wednesday's Norwalk Reflector.



Are you kidding me!?
Its been like that for how long and now someone is concerned!?
I know those bricks been falling for years!
Not to mention a dear friend fell to her death there.
RIP Lisa


SO Whats going on with the old CLARK gas station, seems nothing is getting done, and the Building on Hester Street with the 2 x 4's holding the front up for over a year now ??


Schumm sure likes to point out problems with no offer of any kind of solution. Clark station, Waldo's, etc. Does he want the taxpayers to pay to take this thing down? I for one would rather see my tax dollars go to something useful- like funding another police officer to fight the growing drug problem.


I remember my uncle Gordy had his glass shop there for years,prior to it becoming the Pewter Mug.

swiss family

I am happy that someone is finally interested in these death traps. I have been saying ,for years, that these infested, rotting buildings, were housing, druggies, rodents, run-aways, and every other bad element of society, needed some serious investigation done to them. I would also want to address, all of the uptown buildings, that have apartments in their upstairs, and have a metal, "fire escape" connected on them for emergencies.. how many of those "fire escapes" are rusted, rotted and non functional?? I would hope that part of the duties of the SAFETY position on the city cabinet, would include that all of these are operable, and that the renters are safe if and when a fire does occur, it would be tragically fatal, to discover at that time, that the "escape" is not functional, and that the residents are trapped up there with no way out.I tried to get Ms Hebert to check into these "fire escape" way back then, just as I tried to get her to address these buildings that are now being pointed out by Mr Schumm, but , well she was not interested in doing anything back then, I hope the gentleman who now holds that position, actually does his my opinion


How about going to Council Meeting and expressing your concerns !


What?!? And have someone know who you are! It's much easier to sit behind the anonymity of a computer and blast away at people who you think aren't doing their jobs.



All taken

I miss you Waldo!! Lisa (RIP) falling had nothing to do with the building falling down. Who owns the building? There is apartments upstairs. Is anything up there? Is it being used for storage?

Kottage Kat

Linda Hebert tried, the owner lives/ lived out of the country. I spoke with her at length.
Hope this issue can be resolved to the satisfaction of all.
The former Clark station has not.
I agree these are safety issues, not always rapid fixes.

swiss family

Ms Hebert did not try... if it involved her having to leave her office, she said it was not her job...I sadly think, that sometimes the difference between us Kat, is you believe all of the politicians and people who hold public positions, when they tell you that they are looking into it, or that they are working on it. I do not.. from my experiences I can tell you that almost every politician have to know how to lie well enough to make both sides of an issue is being worked on...and to whomever said to go to city council meetings... why?? we all know that mostly all of them read what is posted here, and the posts here are spoken honestly, unlike asking the same questions, or making the same statements at the meeting, only to be shunned, or ticketed or accused of some crime, because you spoke the truth, but stepped on an authoritative persons toes...

swiss family

oh one more thing Kat... remember when I was trying to get Ms Hebert to leave her office and do her job, and you shot at me with all of your "barbs" like "I wish I had the time to drive around town all day"... so to you I want to thank you for being a "fly in the ointment" back then when it might have been easier to find the property owner and forced them to make the repairs of transfer ownership to the city at that time...


What about the Shamrock Tavern? When will that ever be fixed or torn down?!


Re: Swiss "I have been saying ,for years, that these infested, rotting buildings, were housing, druggies, rodents, run-aways, and every other bad element of society, needed some serious investigation done to them"
Really! run-aways and rodents?
Id like to say Norwalk is an old town. On the verge of collaps really? Id bet one weeks paycheck if New windows were installed and a good paint job nobody would say a thing!
If this is really the case here then about every building uptown is on the "verge" of collapsing!
I admit it does look like an eye sore but it can be "saved' if money is put into it.

swiss family

I don't understand your problem with what I wrote ?? go look for yourself, you will see the rotted doors and open windows... you do know that there are run away's everywhere, and there are people, usually younger people who live with their parents, and are always looking for a place to party...and with the woods being right there , across the tracks, you think that raccoon and opossums and rats, and mice , and birds,and everything else lives in there/ what did I say that you have a problem with??


Have you seen the rear of the building?
Friend used own the apartment building behind and bricks have been collapsing for a while ..go take a looksy for yourself before you sign that check!

hit the road jack

The owner is probably one of the smart ones to leave the country before everything goes to hell and then no one can go anywhere.