Bond set at $1 million for suspect in fatal turnpike crash on Thanksgiving

Patrol: Motorist driving more than 125 mph when his car struck back of minivan, killing couple.
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Dec 3, 2013

Bond was set at $1 million Monday for the suspect in a fatal crash on the Ohio Turnpike Thanksgiving night that killed an elderly Toledo couple.

Andrew Gans, 24, of Kent, was arraigned via video in Sandusky County Court District 1 in Clyde on two counts of aggravated vehicular homicide and bond was set at $500,000 on each count. Gans will remain in the Sandusky County jail until a preliminary hearing Dec. 17 at a county court.

Gans declined to make a statement when Judge John Kolesar, who presided at the hearing, asked him whether he wanted to make one.

Terrence Rudes, an attorney who represented Gans in court, said the suspect has no siblings and both parents are deceased.

Two family members of the victims, Wilbur and Margaret McCoy, both 77, of Toledo, were in the courtroom but declined comment.

The McCoys' Chrysler Town and Country minivan was westbound on the turnpike at 7:19 p.m. when it was struck from behind by a 2013 Infinity M56 moving more than 125 miles per hour, officials said. The vehicle burst into flames, and the McCoys were unable to get out.

Gans' vehicle also caught on fire, but just after he was able to exit his vehicle. Gans was transported by Sandusky Township EMS to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo.

The crash occurred in Sandusky County's Rice Township, about three miles west of the turnpike's Ohio 53 interchange for Fremont.

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I would probably have to be a vigilante and go after this piece of crap!


Ya can't really say "piece crap" Wrong DEFINITE! Bad BAD choice! Will live with this and his mind will run thru over and over again what he should have done or not done. But driving fast (even over 100) is not something to purely call "piece of crap". Not saying...just saying.


Driving 125 mph. Leave a little bit earlier. Show up a little late. Killing two people? Come on dude. If it was your family he'd definitely be a piece.10-4?


NO. Angry and asking why??
but people die turning in there driveway when someone behind in going 35. Rear-end collision is purely attention deficit. As far as turnpike and speed. Any cop will tell you. Our limited access highways and modern auto suspensions, tires etc.The highway can be perfectly safe at speeds over 100 it's more of a driver attention problem. and whether right or wrong, certain areas of our country where people are accustomed, if your not going 80-90 your the congestion problem.
This is purely a tragic accident that turned fatal.


He was traveling at speeds over 100mph and weaving in/out of traffic and already had hit/sideswiped 2 other cars. I'd say he was not just driving fast because he was late. This was not just a simple traffic accident. When he was awake and questioned he asked if he had hurt anyone. He had NO recollection of the night before, his actions, the accident, the fire, or the reasons he was driving like a mad man. He was not injured THAT BAD, he was able to get out of HIS car. I'd like to know just what he was on, or why he was driving SO fast/crazy. Sorry I do not agree with your, tragic accident. This could have been prevented.


and where do you get all this info??.. You a cop/rescue? husband cop/rescue? Lawyer? Hospital nurse?
leaking out sensitive investigation knowledge
I am with ya if true, but the rest of us, without inside info, can ONLY go off the news as REPORTED.


Good to know. Headed out right now to drive 125 miles an hr. I'll keep in mind what you said. Matter of fact I'm just gonna start doing everything recklessly. I'll tell them that this is purely a tragic accident that turned fatal. Keep on truckin good buddy.