Couple 'devastated' to have to end Gingerfest

"We've created memories for hundreds of kids."
Aaron Krause
Dec 6, 2013


Jody and Tom Lesch started Gingerfest as a way to tell their young nieces and nephews stories about Christmas times past and other such memories.

"We've created memories for hundreds of kids," a somber Jody Lesch said Monday.

The Norwalk resident was subdued and at one point fought back tears, because after this year, Gingerfest will be but a memory. After this year, they will no longer have the financial means to continue hosting the week-long event during the holiday season.

A story about the Lesches and Gingerfest was published on the front page of Tuesday's Norwalk Reflector.



This is such a WONDERFUL event for all of the kids in Huron County. I sure do hope they get help to keep this going!!!

swiss family

this is such a great experience for the kids and the parents, it would be ashame if they could not continue this because of a lack of funds.Tom and Jody work endlessly to make this a great memory for our kids.I think that if the city can ask for donations for fireworks, which they always meet their goal, why can't the "kinder and gentler" city administration go around and put the same amount of effort in this, as they do for the fireworks display

In my opinion, we can go anywhere and everywhere to see a fireworks display, yet we try to keep the people here, compared to this, where there are not many places that do all that they do, and the other local stores are usually not open on the 4th anyway, but here, we have a great local place to take the kids to, and trying to keep the people local, where they will shop local, and keep some of the local shops open....thank you Tom and Jody, I, sincerely help that this is not your last year to provide so much for the local kids

Jonathan Christman

I fail to see the logic in your comparison. One event is not being sacrificed for the other.

swiss family

OK let me explain.. I would hate for you to ,be more confused...I was not saying one should be sacrificed for another.. but what I was saying, is that the "gingerfest" is something like nothing else around, and their future looks bleak without money, and a possible fund set up to keep it going..
On the other hand I am saying look at the donations that are always set up fopr firewoorks... when they do that, they are always able to reach their financial goal,.. and if I remember from the past, it has been our Mayor who either set this up, or was the first to donate... maybe that is what is needed in this situation, after all, historically, locally when their is a good thing, be it fireworks, the county clock, or whatever, when they start a donation program, hopefully they will be able to keep this fantastic, children s, memories, alive and plentiful.... so I am not saying lose the fireworks and put that money towards this, what I am saying is that I would hate to see what they have built for the kids, go under because of financing, and a donation in this area is usually a success, and I was pointing out that the fireworks fund always meet their quota, and so did the county clock.. so it would be nice to try this, and just because it is NOT on the main street strip, it is part of the cities culture and "heart", maybe Ms Wert could go talk to them and help them raise the funds to keep it going, or maybe she could resign, it is her job to see that the merchants happy, and she obviously didn't or couldn't go to the merchants and their employees that keep getting parking tickets to see if their is an answer to that problem where everyone comes out happy, and I have not seen her actually draw any big employers into our town, so her salary would probably fund this worthwhile venture for yearS to come

Jonathan Christman

I would suggest that since you have the answers to every problem, that you get out there yourself and actually do it rather that sit on here and criticize everything.

justlisten is an organization that helps provide Christmas for families that need help and help with these kinds of grass root events by private donation or by providing what you need for such events! I hope they read this id be happy to donate something to this! I've never taken my boy to the this but there isn't to many people out there that do special things for kids like this anymore and that's sad.

Kottage Kat

Awesome experience for kids. I have worked the last 2 years and it saddens me. With so little wholesome entertainment for kids I hope someone will step up to the plate.
Tom and Jody have done a fabulous job and service to this community