Suspected heroin dealer pleads innocent

Woman is free on bond, awaiting March trial.
Cary Ashby
Dec 3, 2013


A former Willard resident who was arrested after a buy-bust entered "not guilty" pleas to three related felonies.

Arielle A. Aldrich, 23, of Columbus, is charged with one count each of trafficking in heroin, possession of heroin and possession of cocaine. She was one of three suspects arrested after the Oct. 16 buy-bust involving a confidential informant on Walton Avenue in Willard.

The Huron County drug task force found numerous syringes and other suspected drug paraphernalia during a search of Aldrich's then Myrtle Avenue residence, sheriff's Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said soon afterward. Huron County Children Services was contacted and responded to the scene because Aldrich's 1-year-old son reportedly was there, according to Querin.

Jeremy D. Robinson, 22, also of 1033 Myrtle Ave., who is Aldrich's boyfriend and the father of her child, was charged with complicity to trafficking in heroin. Also arrested was Emery R. Slone, 29, of 4039 Wiers Road, who was charged with tampering with evidence and theft of drugs.

Chief Deputy Ted Patrick and the Willard and Monroeville police departments assisted with the investigation.

Aldrich, who is subject to random drug screens, earlier posted a $5,000 bond. Her trial date is March 27.



Random drug screens, which we know it doesn't matter if you flunk. Out on bond, we all know she will skip out on and not show up. Guess we will have another "shocker" come March!

Scranton Tibbs

If she pleads innocent she can get a 5 star plea bargain from Mr. Leffler and avoid jail time. She will instead say she is sorry, and will get a stint in club rehab. She'll be back in no time.


Shes on facebook claiming shes clean and she misses her son and blah blah blah.. Shes still with her boyfriend which everyone in Willard knows he cant stay clean which means shes definetly not clean. Junkies being obsessed with junkies is all that is.. smh.


Free at last. Free at last. She took the unique plea of sorry judge, won't sell heroin never again. These losers will be back. Problem is how many people will be a victim of their thieving, lies and crimes until the cops get them in jail again? Voting for Leffler or Conway is asking for criminals to be let go. We put them in office they make no effort to keep shirt bags in jail.


Well they both are dumb messing with a snitch like emery slone. Shows what kind of people they are.