A hotel in Uptown Norwalk?

Council considering conditional zoning change.
Scott Seitz2
Dec 5, 2013

Norwalk city council members are considering legislation that would permit a conditional zoning change in the uptown district to allow hotels and motels.

"We used to have hotels in the uptown," Mayor Rob Duncan said. "We have someone who brought up the idea, but we saw there was no zoning for it."

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So, if you zone it, they will come?


One of Duncans cronies must want to build a hotel.


oh yes this is what we need to compete with other cities for conventions and tourism.
people will love the reservoir and firelands museum if we had a hotel for them


maybe a methadone clinic might be a better investment?

All taken

A hotel would be better out where the old Rinks store use to be.


I think a methadone clinic would be better at the old Rinks store




Why not "assume" a major employer and see if wishes really do come true?

And Norwalk is still wasting taxpayer dollars on the inept NEDC why?

Fibber Mcgee

Agree... most useless group uptown..


Do they really need to rezone it? Years ago there was a hotel in downtown Norwalk,it was called the Coloanial Hotel across from the fire station.


Re: "a hotel in downtown Norwalk"

Also the Avalon.