Accused drug thief granted intervention

Former Twilight Gardens worker can avoid felony conviction if she stays out of trouble.
Cary Ashby
Dec 3, 2013


A woman accused of stealing prescription drugs from a co-worker has been granted intervention in lieu of conviction.

If Melissa G. Patton, 43, of Toledo, completes what's commonly known as "drug court," she won't have a conviction on her record for theft of drugs. Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway, who placed the defendant on two years of probation Monday, said her case will be transferred to Lucas County.

"I wish you luck. ... I hope things go well for you," Conway told her.

Patton is accused of stealing prescription drugs from a co-worker at the Twilight Gardens nursing home July 1, Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Woodruff said. She is prohibited from being on the premises of Twilight Gardens for the next two years.

The defendant, who is subject to random drug screens, will be under a high level of supervision while on basic probation.






Odd. She looks perfectly fine.

Red Robin Hood

She was a therapist at twilight. Wonder if she'll be able to keep her license and will have access to more elderly people's medications.


I can guarantee she probably stole some of the residents pills!

I Can Read

How is it you can guarantee such a thing, have you been in the same situation?


So if she goes to drug court she won't have a conviction on her record. What if she has been to drug court for a previous offense that is now not on her record? Every offense would thus be her first offense and she could continue to steal drugs and go to drug court to make it go away as that is what you apparently do for your first offense.


It does not get erased from her court records, it will say dismissed instead of convicted so if she has previously done treatment in lieu of conviction the courts will be aware of this.