Zinc Brasserie relocates in Sandusky

Couple have new project simmering: Hearth Tavern.
Scott Seitz2
Dec 3, 2013

With Sandusky in the midst of a restaurant renaissance, it's no surprise that the catalysts of this culinary movement are back at it once again.

Chef Cesare Avallone and Andrea Avallone, owners of various local dining establishments including Zinc Brasserie, Crush Winebar, Crush Kitchenbar and Dockside Cafe have a new project simmering.

Zinc's new location on 215 E. Water St. is significantly larger than the original restaurant, affording the Avallone's a chance to fulfill their new vision, but also the opportunity to enhance the experience through patron's feedback.

"As a restaurant owner and chef, you're always listening and learning," said Cesare Avallone. "This unique space finally gives us the chance to use some of those suggestions that we have heard the past several years. A larger capacity with more seating being at the forefront."

While adding to the formal dining experience was very important to the new establishment, so was preserving the past. From exposing brick and repurposing building elements to transporting Zinc's existing bar and classic menu items, the historical significance of the building stays intact as does the recognizable feel of the original Zinc.

"We felt it was all about balance," said Andrea Avallone. "Everyone enjoys something new but still likes a grasp on the familiar. We've accomplished that in the new space."

With this appropriately sized location, the Avallone's will introduce Hearth Tavern. Diners craving hand-crafted wood fired pizzas and an extensive craft beer list can rejoice. Hearth Tavern, the latest creation from this dynamic duo, features a state-of-the-art wood fired oven, multiple beer taps and even wine taps that give diners a causal option in the same building.

The new establishment is slated to open early 2014 while the annual New Years Party will still be taking place at the existing Zinc location.