Police confirm girl trampled at Wal-Mart

Thanksgiving Day bargain shoppers send 11-year-old to hospital.
TNS Regional News
Nov 29, 2013


Crowds began forming for Thursday evening’s shopping deals at local retailers in the area and one of the bargain shoppers at the New Boston Wal-Mart sustained injuries as patrons entered the store.

Reports of an ambulance at Wal-Mart came in during the evening hours and the New Boston Police Department confirmed a report of a female being trampled at the store.

Judy Boggs, who was one of the crew members that responded to the incident for Portsmouth Ambulance, could not divulge too much information due to HIPAA laws.

“The first call came in at 7:56 p.m. that a child had been trampled at Walmart. The crew was on scene at 8:01 p.m.,” Boggs said.

When asked how old the child was, Boggs said she was an 11-year-old female. She could not give out the name of the child due to HIPAA laws.

“She was transported to Southern Ohio Medical Center for treatment and I believe she was later released,” Boggs said.

Boggs said she could not describe the extent of the child’s injuries.

She said a separate crew from Portsmouth Ambulance responded to the New Boston Wal-Mart for another incident Thursday evening.

“There was another patient there we transported also, for not necessarily being trampled, but it was something along those lines. This was an elderly female. The crew was dispatched on that at 8:02 p.m.,” Boggs said.

She said the description of the elderly patient could not be given because the crew that responded had not, at that time, turned in their paperwork.

The Daily Times sought comment on the two situations from the New Boston Wal-Mart.

“We cannot discuss that. If you have any questions you would have to go through our home office,” a store representative said.

A call placed to Wal-Mart’s Bentonville, Ark. headquarters was not immediately returned.

The New Boston Police Department, who responded to the store and confirmed early reports of a trampling victim, was not able to comment at this time.


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Geez! All to save a buck! Was it worth it? And shame on all those people, and I'm sure the majority of them kept right on moving into the store to grab their bargins. Shame of the parents for taking a child to this kind of madness, even us anti black Friday shoppers know how crazy this day is. I don't think the madness and stress is worth the few bargins.


I agree completely jager5


You think this is bad, wait until SNAP Friday! Warning! Over fed cattle will be trampling through the gates of mealmart. We are the bread and butter of our village and we will smash you flat for our Xbox and chips.
Seriously, my heart goes out to the family of this girl and I hope she makes a full recovery and demands to never be taken to Walmart again.


Look, this girl stood in the way between me and this HUGE SALE ON TOASTERS. What was I supposed to do?


If we don't get rid of those idiots in D.C., wait till they have to fight for food !