CSX outreach center opens Saturday in Willard

Railroad representatives will discuss compensation with residents who were evacuated following a chemical spill Tuesday.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Nov 29, 2013


CSX has opened an Outreach Center in Willard to compensate residents who evacuated their homes following a chemical spill Tuesday.

The Outreach Center will be open and staffed, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., beginning Saturday, at Christian Alliance Church, 1609 Conwell Ave., Willard.

Several CSX representatives will be available to meet with the evacuated residents to discuss compensation.

CSX health and safety staff members will also be available throughout the day to answer any questions from neighbors affected by the evacuation.

Those attending should bring identification (driver’s license or government ID) and proof of residency (current utility, bank or tax bill, etc.). Residents also are encouraged to bring any receipts documenting evacuation-related expenses.

For more information, call 1-877-TellCSX (1-877-835-5279).


Cliff Cannon

Norwalk Reflector : Please never tire of the great challenge of keeping us, your readers, informed. You are very good at it. So, thanks, for being so good, at what you do best---keeping us informed--- especially in trials, as huge as this one.

swiss family

I have to agree with Cliff on this one... but add , that I would have been really impressed with the Reflector, if they had gone to Willard,and gone to the Hotels and the temporary shelters and given away their informative reading to the people who were displaced from their homes with little or no warning.I doubt if these poor people left their homes, believing that they would be gone for so long, and I doubt if many of them took with them, enough resources, including money, to survive for an unlimited time..I would hope , in after thought, that the Reflector would offer these uprooted people the local newspaper so they could at least know what was going on, and to sort the facts from gossip.I would also hope that the Humane shelter would have searched out a "haz-mat" suit to go into the homes with pets, to gather these people's pets and rejoin owner and pet, to give them both the peace of mind knowing that each of them is alright..