Two killed in fiery crash on turnpike

Pair trapped in vehicle that caught fire after being struck from behind by a speeding car.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Nov 29, 2013


Troopers with the Milan post of the state Highway Patrol are investigating a two-vehicle fatal crash that occurred at 7:18 p.m. Thursday on the Ohio Turnpike at the 89.1 mile marker westbound in Sandusky County's Rice Township.

Andrew D. Gans, 24, of Kent, was driving a 2013 Infinity M56 west at a high rate of speed when he struck the rear of a Chrysler Town and Country containing Wilbur and Margaret McCoy, both 77, of Toledo, troopers said. Gans' vehicle then ran off the right side of the road and caught on fire just after the driver was able to exit his vehicle.

The other vehicle came came to rest in the center lane, where it caught on fire with the two occupants still in the vehicle. The McCoys were unable to exit the vehicle and died, troopers said. Due to the severe fire damage it is currently unknown whether they were wearing seatbelts at the time of the crash, troopers said.

Gans sustained injuries as a result of this crash and was transported by Sandusky Township EMS to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo. Due to severe fire damage, it also is unknown whether Gans was wearing a seatbelt.

His vehicle sustained severe damage and was removed from the scene by Madison’s Towing. The other severely-damaged vehicle also was removed by Madison’s Towing.

The crash remains under investigation, and alcohol use is unknown at this time, troopers said. A blood sample was drawn from Gans for testing.

Troopers estimate Gans was driving at least 125 mph. He was charged with two counts of vehicular homicide, troopers said. Gans will be incarcerated in the Lucas County Jail once he is released from St. Vincent's.

Traffic on the turnpike was backed up for at least three miles, forcing holiday travelers to seek alternative routes.

Sandusky Township EMS, Sandusky Township Fire Department, Turnpike Incident Response, the Sandusky County Prosecutor, the Sandusky County Coroner and Madison’s Towing assisted troopers at the scene.



Where's my gun? If he did this to my family I would be out to get him. I think everyone of us has seen idiots speeding and we think oh boy, he's going to get killed.


Ditto. The worst thing that could happen to my family would be the loss of their dad after a jerk like this killed one of their many siblings. They'd lose their Dad because their Dad would find a way to "get him" "Jack Ruby style". I swear I WOULD! The lady in Bellevue, and this. It's time to keep rocks in the car. I'm sick of these texting, drug freak no counts causing these situations. These pathetic creeps speeding down roads from to and from Willard and Toledo areas going to Norwalk or's rock throwing time! Hit em in the country before these get in the more crowded no witnesses. Come on you punks and heroin addicts, Make MY DAY! Society's getting sick of you dirt bags.

Cliff Cannon

" it is currently unknown whether they were wearing seatbelts at the time of the crash, troopers said "

Seriously ? This loss of life revolves around the victims, wearing their seatbelts or not wearing their seatbelts as too the cause ? Please get real.

Got an idea, turn loose " Gone2work " or " ole45mag " on this murderer as correct me I am wrong; They seem to understand the consequences of destroying a family, like this loser just did, simply because you have, in this extremely sad case a car


I see now that the media is trying to give us the "feel bad for his past" theory. His mom and dad are dead, and whatever else will be dug up. I do believe, according to my "fishing" that he went to Kent State. Perhaps he wasn't an idiot as far as academics go, but the one thing that is NEVER taught in school, common thought, is missing. I'll tell you, my life, though my mom and dad lived, was a chaotic life to say the least. Sleeping in bushes in the SF Bay Area, 3 sets of foster parents, juvenile hall for saying the word "bullsh**" and ONLY THAT, and a crazy mixed up life as a child, a teen, and an adult. But I didn't kill myself, I work hard, I'm married, I have great kids, and I live my life with the belief that as a person and as a country, the desire to win, is everything. I'm not into the sissified ways we are becoming as a nation, and I teach my kids that to win is the goal of everything they do, be it academics or sports. I don't do things to drive my kids away from me, like the school coaches in basketball did in Monroeville. All I do is love them and teach them to stand by the good people and defend them against bullies. And what this punk that ran his car into that couple is, comes under my definition of bully in the highest degree. I saw a kid 22 years ago at a Native American Pow Wow with a cheap home made tee shirt that said, in black magic marker ink "Mean People Suck". They do.