Wakeman man scuffles with officers

Suspect reportedly told deputies he "was not going to jail today."
Scott Seitz2
Nov 30, 2013


A Wakeman man could be facing charges after scuffling with police officers Wednesday.

Huron County Sheriff's Deputy Eric Bardar, along with Wakeman Police Chief Tim Hunker, had located an individual at 5571 U.S. 20 who was wanted on a child-support warrant.

"We had been searching for James A. Widdowson, 34, for a few weeks now," Huron County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said.

"We were able to gather some information this (Wednesday) morning that he was at that location on U.S. 20," Querin said.

"Deputy Eric Bardar and Chief Hunker responded and encountered James Widdowson inside," he added.

"Mr. Widdowson made some statements that he was not going to jail today," Querin said. "He refused to comply with orders and was forcefully taken to the ground."

Querin said no injuries were reported.

"He (Widdowson) had made threats toward Chief Hunker," he said. "He was handcuffed and taken to the Huron County Jail."

Querin said Widdowson will serve 30 to 60 days in jail on the child-support warrant.

"We will be asking for the additional charge of resisting arrest," he added. "Mr. Widdowson was already on probation out of Lorain County.

"I'd really like to thank Chief Hunker for assisting on this case," Querin said.



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Had to laugh..YEP


It's good to see some "real" jail time for non-support payers. But must go back to the "blood out of a turnip" phrase.
After 30+ days, then what?
Fact is i guess if i am going to have to pay for the persons kids via taxation, (most generally a kid with 1 bum parent usually has another), i might as well pay for 1 to sit and get 3meals and a cot. Atleast some freedom is taken away for awhile.
Maybe someone will get there act together. But now back to the original question, THEN WHAT?