Man arrested on sex charge

Suspect, 22, accused of sexual relationship with 15-year-old girl from Norwalk area.
Scott Seitz2
Nov 29, 2013


A man was arrested Monday on sex charges.

Brad A. Todd, 22, of Clyde, was booked into the Huron County Jail after being interviewed Monday at the facility.

Todd was charged with unlawful sexual conduct with a minor for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old girl from the Norwalk area, said Chief Deputy Ted Patrick.

Detectives Rich Larson and Josh Kaufman worked the case.

"We had received an anonymous complaint naming the suspect as involved in this unlawful sexual contact with a minor case," Patrick said.

"We received the complaint Monday and the suspect was brought here to the jail and interviewed," he added.

Todd is already a registered sex offender for a previous conviction involving unlawful sexual contact with a minor, Patrick said.

"I think the detectives did a fine job," Patrick added. "They received the complaint and acted immediately, establishing probable cause to arrest the individual."

Huron County Children's Services was contacted.

"The suspect made a statement consistent with the violation," Sheriff Dane Howard added.


swiss family

Todd is already a registered sex offender for a previous conviction involving unlawful sexual contact with a minor, Patrick said.

OH...I see.. he already was a registered sex offender,involving a minor.... why, then was he not in PRISON!!!!!!!


Swiss: His prior offense carried a maximum of 18 months in prison. He was sentenced to 17 months and it appears he did that time although the documents are somewhat confusing.

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He has a feminine look about himself. Bubba's gonna like him.

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Sex Offenders are notoriously stupid. There is a valid reason they make the most VILE list in the world. The compulsion to unzipp their pants over-rides their freedoms, their reputation, their futures. Use him for target practice, there is no fixin this kind of broke.


Ya'all are missing one point! "Complaints came in". Doesn't sound like the girl complained? but someone else, thru a tip? WHO? someone who was mad at the girl? mad at him? doesn't even say anything about the parents mad?? and sorry but 15 is not a child. Like you all think he is some "child" molester. Minor? yes. but not child.

Weird looking? YES! Wrong? YES
BUT Target practice?? Bubba gonna get him??
The age a consenting marriage is 14-15-16 in a many of our great states. and i'll even bet most of the 14-15-16 girls getting married are NOT marrying fellow 14-15-16 yr olds.


Dude should play with people his own age. Way easier to manipulate a young girl into sex with your ugly azz tho

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first, I must say that "Sarrak" is probably right, that the max for his past crime was 18 months, but knowing that does not make me happy at all,. Since when do we as a nation decide that an adult having sex with a minor , is only a little illegal, the little kind that only warrants a maximum punishment of 18 months in Prison??that really needs to be looked into, in my opinion..

Then , I am sorry , but I have to disagree with you truckin.. yes, I will give it to you, that there are plenty of states where if you are not married, to your cousin or your brother by the time you are 16, you are considered to be an "Old Maid" but not in Ohio. If these people want to go to those states and get married and live as husband and wife and have a whole slew of mentally challenged children, please move there,, but in Ohio , the age of adulthood is 18.. for some things and 21 for other..and the reason for that is simple.. a 16 yer old is not mentally mature enough to drink, or sign contracts responsibly, so In Ohio they are "children"and obviously the voting adults like it that way, for the laws to stay in place for so long..if they wan to be married , they are more than welcome to move to any one of the states where the entire family shares one toothbrush, because none of them have anywhere close to a full set of teeth,and have no intention of getting any dental health to care enough to do anything about it..


Well Swiss - I am right the maximum sentence for the prior offense was 18 months just as the potential maximum sentence for the current offense is 18 months. And this situation is being looked at in Columbus but not in the way you might prefer.
The general code when it was adopted in 1910 set the age of consent at 16 in Ohio. The revised Code when it was adopted in 1974 continued that age of consent without much commentary. However the commentary for the general code reveals that 16 was picked because it was 4 years after the average age of puberty at that time in 1910.
The average age of puberty has dropped since the general code was adopted and an increasing number of high school students are being prosecuted for having sex with their under 16 girlfriends mostly because of complaints from angry parents. Consequently, the parents of the high school seniors and juniors accused have made many complaints to Columbus regarding this situation. In response to this problem it is likely that Columbus is in the process of lowering the age of consent. I don't know if it will be lowered to 15 or 14, but I suspect that 2 years from now the offense this fellow is charged with won't even exist as a crime.

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Swiss can you name a few of these States

swiss family



@Swiss you can look this up, but for your information ....Ohio,The age of consent is sixteen. With parental consent, males and females under the age of 16 can marry and younger parties may receive a license by reason of pregnancy or the birth of a child. Common law marriage is not recognized. - But if you don't like the buckabilly (Ohio) laws , you can move to Idaho The age of consent is eighteen. With parental consent, parties can marry at age sixteen. Common law marriages are not recognized except for those that were entered into before 1997. -


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