Boyfriend-girlfriend duo indicted on heroin charges

Couple's 1-year-old son was present at drug deal; pair also charged with cocaine possession.
Scott Seitz
Nov 24, 2013


A Huron County grand jury has indicted a Willard boyfriend-girlfriend duo who were arrested after a buy-bust on Walton Avenue

Arielle A. Aldrich, 23, of 1033 Myrtle Ave., is charged with one count each of trafficking in heroin, possession of heroin and possession of cocaine.

Jeremy D. Robinson, 22, also of 1033 Myrtle Ave., is charged with one count each of complicity of trafficking in heroin, possession of heroin and possession of cocaine.

The Huron County drug task force arrested those two and a third suspect in October.

"Ms. Aldrich, who was selling to a confidential informant, was taken into custody and found to be in possession of more heroin," Huron County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said. "Officers proceeded to (her) Myrtle Avenue residence and located Jeremy Robinson at the residence. Officers then searched the residence and found numerous syringes and other drug paraphernalia."

Robinson is Aldrich's boyfriend, deputies said, and they have a 1-year-old boy together. The child was present at the drug deal, Querin said.

Emery R. Slone, 29, of 4039 Wiers Road, was charged with tampering with evidence and theft of drugs in connection with this case. Querin couldn't release details on the reasons for Slone's charges. However, Slone later jumped from a second-story stairway at the county jail and injured himself, leading to additional charges.



WOW! there probably are alot of parents who felt they did a good job raising there kids, (not all, most) and like.... everyday, New names New faces DRUGS??

hit the road jack

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swiss family

after seeing heroin dealer after heroin dealer in our area, I would just like to make an observation, and a statement.

To all of the people that think that securing our borders, especially with Mexico is a great solution, please take note of how many heroin dealers are in the Willard area, which includes Norwalk.. now ask yourself.. do you really think that these dealers would be working in the fields if we could keep the "Mexicans" out???the obvious answer is "NO" these dealers are NOT interested in working a "real" job, why would they be.. the business they are in, the"customers" come to them, they seek them out because they have what the "junkies" need so why would they consider working in the fields, on a sweltering hot day, digging in the dirt, sweating from the heat, for probably minimum wage?Also, if and when they get "busted" our all knowing Justice team of Judge Conway and Russ Leffler, will plea bargain their charges down to where they would probably get a tougher sentence if they were caught j walking on Main Street..with the added bonus of having had their picture and address in the local newspaper, it is free advertising, so now other junkies know where to find them and buy from them....we are definitely doing something wrong.. maybe removing our weak players in our Judicial system is a good place to start making changes??


Thank you!! Everyone blames the migrants when none of these lazy as s white people would go do that job for the pay they receive. The migrant workers are thankful for the jobs because they make in one week here what they would make in Mexico in an entire month.
Ignorance is bliss to all you nay sayers.


So heroin is pretty much a mexican problem ? Ok, let's kick out all the Mexicans just to be safe. If you look on the inmates in jail, the majority are black, so lets get rid of all them just to be safe. Most of the prostitutes are females, let's get rid of all the women just to be safe. By recent articles in the past most pedophiles and sexually molesting minors are white males, let's get rid of all them just to bed safe most sexual massage places are run by Japanese and Chinese people so let's get rid of all them just to be safe, this is just a few, i am missing many more, so what does that leave us living in this whole country ? One swiss family

swiss family

maybe you should ask Santa for the gift of reading comprehension... Where in my blog did I say that Heroin was a Mexican problem? or that the Mexicans are bringing it into our country and our area,.I will say that I did get a laugh out of the fact that you were OK with the $100,000.00 theft article and the confusion by so many , including our own.. "column writer's" confusion between a chicken franchise, and a Catholic organization...but for some reason you are unable to follow what I write... maybe you should go back to grade school, and start with the basic reading skills and comprehension... it might be helpful in you daily routine....or you could avoid all that and just watch television , and try to follow one of the easiest shows , like Sesame Street...


To Swiss witch, first of all, not ok with the money being stolen from k of c, its called a joke, been a member for 28 years. i believe the reason i have a hard time following you, is you babble and it sounds like you're talking out your butt, if you don't believe me, look at herioncountys comment, grade school was great for me, best 10 years of my life, "it might be helpful in "you" daily routine "??? Who needs sesame street ??? Not sure if you work or not, but if you do, be careful riding your broom in the morning, supposed to have bad weather


Swiss always makes ridiculous comments. I quit reading that babble a long time ago!


I hear ya tracker, you try to give someone the benefit of the doubt and understand them, but swiss just flat out gives me a headache ! Sometimes i try reading her a couple times, then its like i need an aspirin.

Kottage Kat

Him not her.

swiss family

I apologize for not getting your "joke" about some trusted member of an organization, embezzling over $100,000.00 from the members.... I hope though that you can understand my confusion.. Jokes usually are "funny" so that is why I got confused... maybe you are missing a great opportunity.. Did you know, that you can go to the obituary page and leave messages to the deceased loved ones.. maybe you can cheer them with some "Jokes" as well.. I would guess some laughter at this devastating time, and I do not think they would get the "Jokes" there any more than we got them here.. but hey, it is worth a try...


Swiss swiss swiss i confused you ?? If you were confused about my joke about chicken, hopefully you got all the other ones joking about chicken !?!? And then you go right into the obituary page and cheering loved dead people with messages ? And i confuse you ? I was just getting over my headache earlier from trying to understand your babbeling comment from earlier, which if you look at the posts around yours, others tend to agree with me. now i read this comment and BAM instant headache ! Thank you for your ramble bammbled advice, and i guess my only advise to you is cut back a little on your booze and the drugs that you take, and if you say that you don't do drugs or booze, and this is how you always are, then my advise to you is please start drinking a little booze and start doing drugs, it will only make you understandable


Well there are the American Indians who were here first anyway. I personally have a problem with all the illegal immigrants who come here and get free medical care and their kids end up going to college for free while our kids can't go because their parents can't afford to send them. If the Mexicans would spend half the energy on making their country a better place to live and work as they do on getting across our borders then they would have a great country and wouldn't need to sneak over here. I think the US should stop letting people come here from other countries to live for a while until we can deal with our homeless situation and take care of our own for once! Obama can send a butt load of relief money to other countries but has to cut food stamps for the low income people who really need the help! Hasn't he heard the old saying "Charity begins at home." ? Maybe someone needs to enlighten him about our problems here!


The heroin is produced in Afghanistan not mexico...blaming a whole race for a problem is silly


Hey Swiss, or you can read believe its comment

swiss family

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swiss family

I doubt if you could actually get "More dumb" than you are already. Please don't blame me especially if you never heard the word "dumber"...hahahaha


I thought the same thing when i read "more dumb"???


Whatthebucks...seems all you do with your time is sit on the computer and have an opinion about everything. Must be nice.


Sorry uk, i run my own business that i started, with 37 employees, i work my butt off for everything i have, i thought this site was to be able to speak your opinion or comment. Lighten up just a bit and enjoy life uk , its short, smile !! Have a good week, and smile more !! And have a happy Thanksgiving !

swiss family

you do know " whatthebucks" that even if you start a company with 37 employees, on FACEBOOK, does NOT mean that it is real... right?? I would be willing to bet that you also have a "farm" with cattle, acreage, a barn and all on "Farmville" too. right...please get some help.. none of that is REAL... i only lives and exists on your is NOT real life, although, to people that are "weak minded"they actually do believe that it all exists, if you need a ride to "! south" I would be happy to arrange that for you...


Your stupidity just doesnt end swiss does it ? First of all, the only reason I'm responding to your babble is cause i just took a couple aspirin that i just got from reading your earlier post. A few things that i have never had in my life, Facebook, twitter, a farm, no cattle or any other animals except a few dogs over the years, no acreage, to much upkeep, closest thing to a barn is my garage, i have one computer that i try to never get on if i don't have too. To call you weak minded i think would be an over statement. I do have a couple rides that work fine in the snow and bad weather we are getting, but if your broom doesn't work well in bad weather and you need to get somewhere i can make some arrangements for you as well.


For the comments up top about immigrants. No one said it was all their fault but the drugs are coming from somewhere?? And i can bet money that young caucasion kids are going outta country to buy it. Nothing is working at all. Its time to try to get some sort of affordable rehab type thing here in Huron county....or something


When they get caught the judge sends them all to Club Rehab....they go, they get out, they reoffend. It doesn't work, why bother?


Drugs can be created in a basement. It's not an entire ethnicity's fault.