Two heroin dealers receive 18-year prison sentence

Ohio judge doesn't go easy on pair from Detroit.
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Nov 22, 2013


Scioto County Common Pleas Judge Howard H. Harcha, III, sentenced two Detroit men to 18 years each for trafficking in heroin and oxycodone.

Lenward W. Pulliam, Jr., 31, and Harold W. Chapple, 26, waived a jury Wednesday and entered pleas of guilty to an indictment returned by a Scioto County grand jury.They were convicted as major drug offenders, and given the mandatory prison terms without early release or parole. The vehicle they were driving was forfeited to the state for use in drug enforcement.

“This was a huge multi-drug seizure and is a tribute to the diligence of the Highway Patrol,” Assistant Scioto County Prosecutor Pat Apel said. “This is a tribute to the hard work and courage of the local Highway Patrol post.”

On Jan, 22, 2013, troopers of the OHSP, members of the Criminal Patrol Unit, which concentrates on drug interdiction, stopped a Chevrolet Impala on U.S. 23 south of Lucasville for speeding. Apel said the two men gave conflicting stories about where they had been. He said a drug dog was called and alerted on the car.

Troopers placed the two men in the back of the cruiser and while the officers searched the car, the two men were recorded by a recording device talking about the whereabouts of the drugs. The troopers found approximately 196 grams of heroin and approximately 2,500 oxycodone 30 milligram tablets. They said there were also Alprazolam and Oxymorphone pills found in the car.

Troopers said the men said they were transporting drugs to Huntington, W.Va. Apel said the men said they were paid $1,000 a trip to drive from Detroit to Huntington. Apel said Pulliam had been arrested in Huntington while out on bail on this offense. Chapple had a prior drug arrest in Detroit.


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Let the Detroit liberal cesspool overflow. We need to start charging these big cities when their turds come and bring the poison to us. Then charge them for the price of their incarceration. Then they will learn to clean up their moraless cities.


It awfully coincidental that the highway patrol keeps making these huge bust. Time and time again they just happen to pull these cars over for traffic tickets and happen to stumble upon these huge seizures...... c 'mon man. I m not stupid. Some how or someone is conducting illegal wire taps and they are just making it appear that it is luck.... no body is as lucky as the Ohio patrol has been in the last year or so. They are making huge bust at an alarming rate... no one is that lucky. I am glad your getting that junk off the street but it is frightening to think how many constitutional rights have been violated in the process.


Ur quite intelligent if I say so
Look at all the road construction that happened this summer


Double post


@tiredof Detroit is bankrupt, they have nothing to pay with. it's so bad there even their drug dealers have to work out of town

so sick of stup... wanna be thugs...another one bites the dust...bye bye


Huron county juducial system should take a look and see how to handle these cases

Mr. Touchdown

Huron County needs their own Judge Howard H. Harcha, III. Maybe if all the trash we have around here had to face some real consequences,like 18 years in prison,then we could finally get a handle on the drug/crime problem. I'm sure this will deter the druggies from going through Scioto County.