Local man beats female cop while attempting to flee

Shots fired during arrest in Plymouth.
Scott Seitz
Nov 21, 2013


A 37-year-old man is in custody after allegedly attacking two village police officers Wednesday.

During the struggle to arrest Daniel Cody Loera Jr., of 34 W. Broadway St., shots were fired, according to witnesses and police.

Who fired the shots and how many were fired still is under investigation, said Plymouth police chief Charles Doan.

Officers were initially called to the scene due to a reported domestic dispute.

Doan said about 11 a.m. officers were called to the Broadway Street residence, which is right around the corner from the police station, due to the domestic disturbance report. When officers arrived, Loera was not at the home.

"We received a second call and the caller said, he's back (Loera)," the chief said, adding officers responded a second time and attempted to contain Loera in a white van.

Doan said he still is piecing together what happened next and added the Bureau of Criminal Investigation is processing the scene.

Reportedly, Loera would not exit the van and Detective Cameron Dailey was attempting to assist the suspect from the van when Loera charged at him and Officer Krystal Kessler.

Doan said he heard a report that Loera might have grabbed a screwdriver from inside the van and threatened the officers, but this is unconfirmed.

Doan indicated Loera had Kessler on the ground and was "beating her" and then attempted to flee.

Witnesses said this is when shots were fired by Dailey at the suspect.

There were unconfirmed reports the suspect was shot in the leg, but this could not be verified.

"There were shots fired," Doan said.

"But, how it went from there is still under investigation," he added.

Dailey, Kessler and Loera were all transferred from the scene to a local hospital.

The officers' injuries were non-life threatening, the chief said.

Doan said Loera will be charged with felonious assault of a police officer.

Doan was asked if the police department has had dealings with Loera previously.

"Yes," he said, showing a reporter six pages worth of incidents involving Loera on a law-enforcement data base.

Doan wanted to thank Richard County Sheriff Steve Sheldon and his deputies and Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard and his deputies for assisting at the scene.

"We received a call from Sheriff Sheldon that there was a shooting in Plymouth and it was on the Huron County side," Howard said.

Howard said it was too early to provide details about what happened.

The initial report indicated Loera may have had a .22-caliber weapon, but Doan later said no gun was found.

"Two Plymouth officers responded to a call, that has been confirmed," Howard said.

Huron County deputies secured the scene with police tape.

The incident took place right across the street from the Plymouth branch of the Mansfield/Richland County Public Library.

Library employees said they did hear shots fired and immediately enacted emergency protocol.

Witnesses stated three or four shots were fired in the direction of the suspect.

Howard added Loera will be booked into the Huron County Jail once he's released from the hospital.


finally free

I don't understand why the news reports a story that isn't even complete yet. All this is is hearsay. They don't even know what's true and what isn't. Why not wait until the investigation is over before "reporting" it? Or at least confirm that the information they are printing are 100% true?


That's an easy one. If they don't report anything than some tireless turd starts yelling "cover up". and "corruption". Plus, people in the area would like to know a general idea of what happened. This guy is a king turd and needs to be put away. When you attack a cop you attack every citizen they represent. You endanger not only the cop, but have no respect for the authority that keeps your own turd self safe. The cops biggest mistake? They missed. If you have the balls to attack a cop, you will attack anyone you see fit.


^ This comment or something similar can be found any time a local flake gets in trouble and one of their pals comes here to passively defend them. 'Why not wait until 100% of the facts are out?' = 'Please stop talking about my goofus of a friend and the stupid thing he/she just did'


Yanni, very true. My favorite friend or family quote? "But they really are a good person."


Hey Aeverhole heres an idea Why don't u get hired by Howard and lets see how big your balls are then I bet some air gets taken out real quick

Sitting In The ...

I just wished the officer had of aimed higher....


Just noticed this.....three or four shots were fired in the direction of the suspect?? I would hope the officers are better shots than that! 4 shots and only a leg wound?