NHS honored for 100 years of straight accreditation

Norwalk High School first received accreditation in the same year the Titanic sank.
Cary Ashby
Dec 17, 2013


Norwalk High School recntly was recognized this week for having 100 consecutive years of accreditation.

Carolyn Gasiorek, director of AdvancED Ohio, presented NHS Principal Brad Cooley with a banner proclaiming "a century of excellence." She also gave a framed certificate from the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation & School Improvement to Norwalk City Schools Superintendent Dennis Doughty. The agency is under the umbrella of AdvancED Ohio.

"It's a momentous occasion in Norwalk, Ohio," Gasiorek said at a school board meeting.

NHS first received accreditation in April 1912 -- the same year the Girl Scouts was founded, legendary pitcher Cy Young retired, Tiger Stadium opened, New Mexico and Arizona respectively became the 47th and 48th states and the British passenger liner RMS Titanic sank in the North Atlantic Ocean.

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That comment is completely unwarranted.


Wait...you're telling me the Titanic sinking was real!?

Cliff Cannon

" a century of excellence." What a wonderful tribute to our school system. Really, 'explains ' why Norwalk has always been such a great place to build a life, raise a family,grow a business and look to the future with great confidence.

Here's to the next " century of excellence "