Willard man threatens patron with knife at Varsity Club

53-year-old facing charges
Aaron Krause
Nov 20, 2013


A Willard man was arrested by Huron County sheriff's deputies Wednesday evening after allegedly threatening a patron of the 224 Varsity Club with a knife.

The suspect was taken to jail.

Look for the full story in Thursday's Norwalk Reflector.



What the heck? I guess Wednesday was a bad day for drunk crazy people in Willard/Plymouth lol


P.S. Do we all need to wear bullet proof vests- when entering the city of Willard?? I dont feel safe there anymore what do you all think?



believe it

Hey Presto, what you think about the story above this one where the guy from Bellevue got charged with murder for smashing a guy;s skull with a crowbar?


well I think charging someone with murder (when they smash people's skulls with a crowbar) is a no brainer...rofl! Just more of the same I guess :(

so sick of stup...

really, you dont feel safe to come to Willard? that just ridiculous, more things have happened in other towns that in Willard..if ya feel that unsafe...stay out...lol...some people kill me...


My comment was meant to be funny concerning the toothless hilljack wonders we've seen in the local papers and been forced to experience lately in Willard. As far as safety goes I came from Columbus so...
I guess I'm just getting REAL sick of stupid people (too) lol

Dr. Information

We can all agree with that.


It failed on your first and second try.

Your '?' post was actually your most entertaining.

believe it

One of the problems in this country is that all the loser, welfare, trash, druggie, people are having kids like crazy. Just breeding more of the same.


Thanks Stackhouse.


Tom Burkholder.......Go figure. Loser.

what the?

I always have heard that their food was to die for.........

Are all people freaking crazy???