Shots fired in Plymouth

Man arrested for felonious assault of a police officer
Scott Seitz
Nov 20, 2013


 A 37-year-old Plymouth man is in custody after allegedly attacking two village police officers Wednesday.

During the struggle to arrest Daniel Cody Loera Jr., of 34 W. Broadway St., shots were fired.

Who fired the shots and how many were fired still is under investigation, said Plymouth police chief Charles Doan.

Officers were initially called to the scene due to a reported domestic dispute.

Look for the full story in Thursday's Norwalk Reflector.



yogi bear

Wow. Glad the officers are apparently safe. Kudos to Plymouth PD for bringing a successful resolution to this incident without calling in 8 other agencies and swat teams.




LOL! That's true! (What happens in Plymouth, stays in Plymouth) Plymouth PD are the best and dont take no crap from no one :-)

believe it

Sheriff and state highway patrol cars were there too.


Great job Plymouth PD! You guys get the job done.....

Dr. Information

Wow, doesn't take long to take a cheap shot at Willard now does it. I'd love to see how Plymouth would have handled a hostage situation. With only what 3 officers, Im sure they would have called California and every state in-between for backup.

believe it

I didn't understand that comment either. I'm sure there's some type of protocol you have to follow in hostage situations. And the Plymouth PD didn't do it on their own, I drove through there at the time and saw plenty of Sheriff's cars and state highway patrol cars too.