Sheriff unveils 6 new cruisers

Cruisers being paid for with four payments of $48,102.
Scott Seitz2
Nov 28, 2013


In an example of three Huron County departments working together, the sheriff's office recently unveiled its new cruisers.

The six 2014 Ford Utility Interceptors are already in service.

Sheriff Dane Howard said he's received positive reports from deputies regarding the vehicles.

The cruisers are being paid for in four payments of $48,102 from the county's capital improvement fund.


A story about this subject was published recently in the Norwalk Reflector.

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If they were better drivers and didn't crash a vehical every 6 months, they wouldn't need 6 new cruisers. Maybe use some of that $ to pay for better driving classes. (You don't swerve for a deer.)


Read the papers no matter how many cars they get Conway always finds a reason to release the criminals. Not just the sheriff's cases everyone's. Oh you helped bash a mans brains in no problem you get out on bond. Drug dealer no problem bond, go home have fun. GET A CLUE CONWAY they arrest you send to prison. It's simple.

swiss family

be careful there "cracked" or you will have ...Judge...oops I mean "AEversol" asking you if you can not understand that sending criminals to Prison is breaking apart families, and saying what a tough job the Judge and Prosecutor have in determining who deserves a second through sixth chance...he will tell you how many of these crimes are "victim less" crimes although he won't name not one victim less is no wonder it is getting more and more unsafe, having these wimpy idiots in the position that they currently hold


Lets just hope they don't use these new vehicles for firearm qualification especially John Harris.