Local man accused of stealing, wrecking farm tractor

Tractor still running when deputies arrived; suspect found at hospital receiving treatment for injuries.
Scott Seitz2
Nov 19, 2013


A Willard man was arrested for his alleged role in the recent theft of a farm tractor.

Scott Bivens II, 20, is facing grand theft and receiving stolen property charges after being taken into custody Saturday by Huron County sheriff's deputies.

Detective Bill Duncan outlined the events leading up to Bivens' arrest.

"At about 3:30 a.m. Oct. 26, we received a call from an anonymous caller who stated a tractor had overturned and there was an injured person on Townline Road 12," Duncan said.

"Deputies responded, but could not locate an injured male," he added. "The tractor was still running when deputies arrived."

Duncan said a tow-truck responded to remove the tractor.

"Based on information we had received, it was suspected the tractor was stolen," he said. "Later that day, a report was made that stated the tractor was stolen from a residence in the area."

It was then confirmed the tractor belonged to a local resident and it had been stolen earlier that night.

"There was a suspect in the theft," Duncan said, adding the Bureau of Criminal Investigation processed the scene.

Detectives Kayla Zander and Rich Larson were assigned the case and instructed to locate the suspect.

That same evening, the suspect allegedly received treatment at a local hospital for some sort of vehicle crash.

Detectives interviewed Bivens recently about his possible involvement and were able to secure enough evidence to make an arrest.

The tractor is valued at $14,000 to $15,000.

"After I reviewed the facts of the case, I felt stronger service could be provided to the victim so I assigned the detectives to it," Sheriff Dane Howard said.



Local man??? He looks to be 12!!!

Yall Make Me Sick

Not surprised at all. It was just a matter of time.


How do you get grand theft "AND" receiving charge on same item?


I believe they do that so that if they can't prove that he actually took the tractor, they can at least get him for being in possession of it at some point.


This Guy Is A Known Thief In The Willard Area. Him And His Loser Friends. They Go Around At Night Time Stealing Stuff Like TOOLS and Shoes From Vehicles In The WILLARD Town Area . There Not The Smartest Bunch Of Losers. I Hope He Gets What Is Coming To Him One Way Or Another. Its Only A Matter Of Time !

Yall Make Me Sick

Well said Willard-Resident.


Call the police in Willard if you think something is going on. Call in anonymous if you have to. But if you know that someone is breaking into vehicles or stealing then please do something. As one resident to another. You'll be helping the police, your community and the person that is doing it. Willard residents need to be more proactive for these problems to stop.

Scranton Tibbs

Like father, like son. Apple didn't fall far from that tree. He learned well.

Scranton Tibbs

Double post.


If he says that he has a drug problem and that he's really, really sorry, he'll get a slap on the wrist and maybe some time in CBCF. What a joke.


...Confucius say: man who sneak into zoo to steal rare creatures, think twice before boosting elephant...


Why isnt Brants name in this article? Guess Bivens hasnt told on him yet?


Go to his facebook page and look at the response to his post on October 28th ! Hahahahaha !


Never try stealing a tractor. It's like a 2mph getaway. - Jerry Seinfeld


Must be a photo from September he looks fine to me.