UPDATED: Local trailer park residents evacuated after Vietnam vet makes threats

Standoff ends peacefully; suspect and his wife are in custody.
Heather Chapin-Fowler
Nov 18, 2013


A Vietnam veteran barricaded himself in a trailer outside Greenwich, bringing several law enforcement agencies to the scene and forcing the evacuation of several neighboring residents Monday night.

The suspect is Bruce “Big Red” Stawicki, 58, and he lives in the trailer at Lot 27 in the Woodlyn Acres mobile home park on U.S. 224, east of Greenwich.

Stawicki reportedly threatened to kill his wife and then himself, so his wife called 9-1-1.

(NOTE: To see pictures of the standoff, click HERE.)

The ordeal began about 8 p.m., and residents of nearby trailers of the park were evacuated about 9 p.m., according to witnesses at the scene.

Agencies at the scene included the Mansfield Police Department swat team, Ontario Police Department negotiators, sheriff's offices in Huron, Richland and Ashland counties and the New London, Greenwich and Shelby police departments.

Stawicki’s wife, Vickie, 55, escaped the trailer, but then as negotiations were ongoing, fled back to the residence against the wishes of authorities. She later was arrested.

He surrendered about 9:30 p.m.

As Stawicki was taken into custody, a group of teenagers cheered and threw their hands up, thankful he wasn't hurt.

Sitting in the back of a Huron County Sheriff's vehicle, Stawicki was cooperative and apologetic to deputies as he consented to allow them to search his residence for weapons.

Stawicki confirmed he is a Vietnam veteran. When asked if he was having problems with issues from the war Monday night, Stawicki's response was, "I have problems about it every day."

Stawicki again apologized for "calling all you people out here tonight."

The full story will be published in Tuesday's Norwalk Reflector.




My thoughts are: I am glad this situation was settled peacefully, and I hope now that the gentleman and his wife get the help they need.

From the story above:

Stawicki confirmed he is a Vietnam veteran. When asked if he was having problems with issues from the war Monday night, Stawicki's response was, "I have problems about it every day."

My thoughts: You owe the author an apology.


Re: "You owe the author an apology."

Good that you think so.

The mention of the race and ethnicity of individuals in news stories are generally omitted.

If factual, due to the sensitive nature of the person in question, this story could have and should have been worded VERY differently - but wasn't.


Even if the story should have been worded differently, it does not justify your personal attack on the author:

"Nice hyphenated name - reads like a twenty-something, left-wing feminist commie babe. Not surprised at the disrespect."

And that is coming from the same commenter that wrote about anonymous posting:

"As long as the discourse is well-mannered and interesting - what does it matter?"

My opinion stands.


Re: "My opinion stands."

Good for you.

Have a nice day Sport.

Richard Cranium

Do the math. He wasn't in Vietnam. He was drunk. He has been telling all his drunk buddies he is hard core Vietnam Vet. Check his dd214...that says it all. Big Red needs to quit talking crap when he is drunk.


I agree, him being a vet has no place in this story. But we all know the NR always makes sure to include the fact that people are veterans to make them look unhinged and a danger to society. As a Vet myself I find it appalling that they do this.


What does the fact that he's a VNam Vet, which I doubt he is, have anything to do with this event?


To the Reflector: He is a "Vietnam-Era" vet. At age 57 he DID NOT go to Vietnam. Please know your military accuracy & reporting. Last troopers exited in 1975. (do the math here)

Now The Rest of...

Article stated "Vietnam Vet: last troops were pulled out March 29, 1974, the embassy fell April 30, 1975.


There was no reason to put " Vietnam Vet " in the headline. It denotes negativity against our vets.

Has his military service been confirmed? Apparently not.

His age is in question and his name was wrong at first.

NR: IN your rush to throw this story up; you guys effed it up - royally.

Shame on you.


this is the dumbest thing i have ever seen the reflector do,just because this guy is probably crazy and has long hair and is old,he's a Nam vet,so many old people love to pretend


He never left stateside and your calling him a Vietnam vet? Hey guys, I'm a civil war hero! I've been to Gettysburg! Print that under a headline!


After being married to the military for 20 years and knowing the TRUTH and hearing the media ....you NEVER listen to what you hear. It is barely a shell of the truth. It is disgusting the way the media portrays veterans, their mental status (or what they perceive it to be) and their service. Nevermind the way the government is treating them. Until Americans stand up for these veterans. TRUE HEROS of this country it will continue to get worse. And I agree with the other posts, did anyone actually research this mans history or status before claiming his Vietnam Veteran status? He does seem a bit young.


Nice picture of the deputy with a large wad of chewing tobacco in his mouth. Doesn't the county have a tobacco use policy? I have seen numerous deputies smoking or chewing in their cars while in uniform or at the office. Not only does it look unprofessional, it's against the law and not setting a good example for youth that look up to these men and women in uniform. Then again when you're the sheriff and chew I guess it's your office and you run this county so you can do whatever you please. And since when did Cleveland Browns become part of the standard BSSA Uniform.

JMOP's picture

Is it against the law, or is it code of conduct?

hor mone

I caint run dem dawgs nomore.


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For All of you that don't know this man I do personally and to question if he is a Vet of Vietnam is insane he has the card to prove it not that is actually any of your business so lets clear that up now it is not a lie. They were sending 16 year old soldiers over there. Also if you know him as well as the whole story here you would know he wanted to be left alone and his drunken wife would not leave him alone so she was threaten by him and she called the cops! He is not a violent man in ANY WAY and is kind to everyone just putting the truth out there! And I am not his REAL close friend but a associate that knows him well enough to know these things and I am not his family and DO NOT live in trailer park! But the NR doesn't get the whole story and people on here assume stuff or judge without knowing someone!


Yeah lyn..just like Josh Mandel saw combat - that *&^% had his chance but stayed in the Green Zone. The last U.S. warrior that got on board the helicopter was an enlisted U.S. Marine. Know your facts.

Richard Cranium

Kurt you are right. Look at his dd214...like I said before, he is one of those drunk shiet talkers. He gets one too many bottles of loud mouth and all of a sudden he becomes an ex "green beret seal team 6 force recon ranger sniper".


If this man is truly a Vietnam Veteran, and not a wannabee, he would do exactly what he said, he would do, they dont threaten, they DO IT. Its a shame he probably had intrusive thoughts, anger, rejection, PTSD, the entire time he was in his home, and the anger escalated, im sure his wife contributed to his problems. He needs help, immediatly, and a group called POINTMAN MINISTRIES CAN HELP, They have outposts all over . In all states, to help all veterans, especially vietnam veterans, I am so glad that he did not hurt himself or his wife, The closest outpost would be in Leetonia, Ohio,, near youngstown , and the director is a vietnam veteran, and his wife helps the woman and children,


People need to be more respectful of our Military, OH YOU DONT WANT TO GET ME STARTED ON THAT


The term trailer is not correct unless it is a mobile home built before 1976 or live in a transportation device to haul things. The CORRECT term is Manufactured Home. Thank you.