Pair nabbed in 'series' of burglaries

Crimes took place in Norwalk and Ridgefield Twp.
Cary Ashby
Nov 17, 2013


Two local suspects were arrested this weekend in connection with the investigation of a series of burglaries.

Maria C. Stallard, 35, of 2910 U.S. 20, Monroeville, and Eugene Large, 43, of 4295 Ohio 61, were booked into the Huron County Jail on Sunday morning.

Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard said the suspects are accused of committing "a series of crimes in the Norwalk and Ridgefield Township area." Citing the ongoing investigation, the sheriff declined to say how many possible victims there are.

"I don't want to release too much information because the investigation is ongoing and I don't want to contaminate the leads we have," Howard said.

Stallard is charged with one felony count each of burglary, tampering with evidence and complicity. Jail records indicate she was booked in at 5:23 a.m. Saturday.

Large, who came into the jail about 7:30 a.m. Saturday, faces one charge of complicity to burglary.

"They co-habitated," Howard said. "They're associates; they're friends."

At 10:30 p.m. Friday, deputies used a search warrant at Stallard's Monroeville home. Details about the nature of the warrant weren't available Sunday.

Monroeville Police Officer Troy Kimball assisted sheriff's investigators with the probe. Howard credited Kimball for being "instrumental in helping detectives all through the night (Friday) and into the next day."

"The detectives worked 30 straight hours on the investigation," said Howard, explaining that the investigators were split into two-people teams.

Investigators from the sheriff's office were Detectives Josh Kaufman, Kayla Zander, Sgt. Josh Querin and Deputy John Vogel. Command staff also assisted.

"They worked hard on it. They definitely completed some good police work," Howard said. "The major parts of the investigation have been in the last several days."


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Kyle Fry

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Didn't Eugene just get out of prison??? Maria, I really hope you can get yourself together and turn your life around. You have a wonderful family that life's you very much!


Once a thief, always a thief

Man Arrested for Stealing,
Pawning Over $34 Grand
in Cash, Jewelry

MANATEE COUNTY, Florida- Eugene Large, 38, of Ohio, was charged on Tuesday, July 15, 2008, with Grand Theft after he allegedly stole and pawned $34,150 dollars worth of cash and jewelry from a home in Manatee County where he was staying as a house guest, according to the Manatee County Sheriff's Office.

Large allegedly stole a 1.5-karat diamond ring, a 14-karat gold ring and several other pieces of gold and diamond jewelry. He also stole a Wii video game and accessories.

He then allegedly pawned them at four Bradenton pawn shops.
The incidents allegedly occurred between February and April of 2008, while he was a guest in their house.
Large was not only charged with Grand Theft, he was also charged with four counts of Defrauding a Pawn Broker.


Maria you really need to turn your life around


Maria ,how do you think the victims feel? there personal items picked through, rummaging ,pawing . They feel violated. Stay away from this scum. If you knew he broke in & stole from your family, how would you feel about him? He is a parasite .


I saw them strolling through wally world the other day.. I said to myself " They look like some trash.." Well i'll be damnnnned .. THEY ARE TRASH!

Estrella Damm

Eugene was driving to school in 8th grade.


Estella Damm , your comment made me laugh soooo hard, tears ran down my legs

Estrella Damm

It's actually true, he was 16 in 8th grade. Biggest baddest guy in all of junior high.


Maria your mom is such a sweet person. Shame to you. We hope you didn't break her heart. Please stop being selfish & think of others before it is too late. Your children need you.


Thanks to all of the police officers involved in bringing these two down. I'm sick of all of these pukes who think they can steal their way through life. The repeat offenders need to be dealt with harshly. Tired of it.


Didnt he marry our 6th grade teacher? he was in 8th grade when they was dating...

Estrella Damm

The rumor was the 6th grade health teacher. I was more surprised she was not in a relationship with the reading teacher at the other end of the hall. I always thought the health teacher looked like the first verse of Lou Reed's "Wild Side"

Ellis dee

Miss elrod


They did get married and moved away she probably found out what a douch he was and divorced him.if she is just as much of a waste of space.


unless he changed his last name this is not her husband she is married Eugene Stallard


Eugene stallard also know as Beanie? He is the one who robbed Mickey Mart he is trash to!


Maria, WTH? You are letting yourself go down a dark road..Do you realize or even care what this is doing to your kids, your mom (Claudia is a sweet lady who has gone thru enough), your sister, & yourself? Come on get your head on straight..Distance yourself a way from the rubish you have been hanging with..


Same old Eugene! Thief , to heroin dealer, back to theif!!! Yes, he was dating his 6th grade teacher. Indeed he just got out of a halfway house in July. If anyone knows Eugene, you know he doesn't waste time... But he's such a waste!

Jsin2782's picture

Come break in my house and you will be shot and mulled by my dog. Stupid people in this world today....


Karma is a BI*** all those years you made fun of me in high school...well look who has the last laugh now!! WHITE TRASH!!!! I hope you get your kids taken away!


I can't imagine her having any room to make fun of anyone in highschool. As I remember, she smoked, drank, and was a bit of a "wild child" even back then. And continuing to tell her to stay away from these trash men, maybe she's the trash and that's why she's hanging out with them??? It's very sad to see her family put through this, they are good people.

shovelhead's picture

The report says SHE did all of the stealing....Eugene just knew about it apparently. The guy has a shakey past, but I can see the cops waiting until he is at home with all of the stolen property that SHE ripped off, & then charged him as well. Guilty by association? One charge of complicity to burglary?....on a long investigation of several burglaries? Sounds pretty weak. Just sayin'.


@shovelhead ... Eugene Large guilty by association??? Hardly! Did you try and catch up on the new today? Did you catch his charges, federal charges in Florida, did you catch when he got busted for heroin? Was all that guilty by association? He's a sad man with nothing better to do with his life, that's ruin someone else's! He's getting exactly what's coming to him.... AGAIN!