EHOVE culinary arts instructor on paid leave

Chef Edwards accused of having sexual relationship with 17-year-old student.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Nov 17, 2013


As a school superintendent, it is one of the things you never want to hear -- one of your teachers was arrested and charged with sexual battery involving one of his students.

"It's a tough time," said Sharon Mastroianni, superintendent at EHOVE Career Center. "We are a people business and people make mistakes."

Michael Edwards, 47, of Huron, was arrested Thursday and taken into custody by Erie County sheriff's deputies at his residence, said Chief Deputy Jared Oliver.

The alleged victim was a 17-year-old girl who is a student at the school, Oliver said.

"Detectives had received information there was an ongoing sexual relationship with the student," Oliver said. "Detectives determined there was probable cause after a preliminary investigation and arrested Edwards on the sexual battery charge, which is a felony of the third degree."

The case will be presented to an Erie County grand jury.

"Obviously, we are working with the local law enforcement and children services," Mastroianni said.

"As far as employment, Chef Edwards is on paid leave. There is due process that has to be followed. Right now we are looking at all of the facts and the board will determine how we move forward."

Mastroianni knew the arrest was coming.

"The school actually tipped off the authorities," she said. "Information came to us. It's devastating news when the teacher/student trust has been broken."

Mastroianni said it is a difficult time for everybody at the school and it's important to move forward.

"Of course, we don't want this incident to reflect on what we truly believe at EHOVE that students and staff are safe as they are receiving top-notch career technical training," said.

Erie County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Dennis Papineau provided more details Friday.

Papineau said there was a second juvenile girl who Edwards pursued through text messaging, but that girl declined his advances.

"These events took place last school year," Papineau said. "There was nothing this year."

Papineau said the encounters took place at multiple locations in Erie County.

Edwards appeared at an arraignment Friday at Erie County Municipal Court in Milan and had his bond set at $30,000, Papineau said.

He remains in custody at the Erie County Jail.

Once the case is presented to a grand jury, additional charges could be filed, he added.

"He was extremely cooperative," Papineau said about Edwards' arrest.

Papineau said the detective bureau often handles sex-related cases.

"But, with teachers and students, no," he added.

Papineau said the relationship between Edwards and the victim began with texting and then escalated into the physical realm.

"It was consensual," he added.



Paid leave? Ok, even if he's found innocent of Sexual Battery, he still had a relationship with a student under the age of 18. "People make mistakes" says Superintendent, Sharon Mastroianni, REALLY? There's a line when it comes to 'Mistakes' A mistake does NOT include a married teacher hounding after an underage student. That's creepy, that's illegal. Sharon, you should be ashamed of yourself for excusing that behavior.


Mastroianni should be FIRED for this statement! Shes in charge and her statement reveals WHY these things have been happening at EHOVE, its because of her lack of seriousness towards raping of a child. YES ITS RAPE, you idiots can call it anything you want but its RAPE. HE was a TEACHER, and as one poster said before, it wouldn't matter if that student came to class naked and begged for affection, HE IS THE ADULT.



Regardless of what you think this is not rape not even close. It's barely sexual battery and if he was not in a position of authority it wouldn't even be that. The age of consent in Ohio is currently 16 and is in the process of being lowered to 14. Where was your outrage when the female teacher in Norwalk had a similar relationship with a male 17 year old? She lost her job and got probation with community service and most of the posters here thought that penalty was to harsh.


You have GOT to be kidding me!

Her statement reveals why these tings have been happening at EHOVE? What the hell are you on about? lack of seriousness towards raping of a child? THEY are the ones that reported it! Or did you not read that?

Consensual does not mean RAPE! Get off it already.


you have to be kidding me, SHE HAD TO REPORT IT OR SHE WOULD BE A FELON! SHE STATED THAT HE MADE A MISTAKE, or didn't YOU READ THAT !! ( Edited, but if you don't wish to be viewed as one then don't provoke people.)


Thank you for calling me a Jerk! As far as I am concerned you are no better than those people on that Facebook page. Not ONCE have I ever called somebody a name in these comments on any article.

Really shows your maturity. (Edited, removed the age comment)

Edit: She said people make mistakes, not him directly. READ!


...but you just called them a '12 year old'...


Eh, If you give it you should be able to receive it. If the gloves come off from one side then mine are coming off too. Maybe then I can actually get through to them if I am on their level.


First you accuse me of being on some form of drug
Then you preach about posting etiquette.
And NOW you tell me that she say people make mistakes, not him directly, What is the article about then, someone who DID NOT COMMIT THIS CRIME?
I suggest YOU read and get some common sense.
As to the work I used I think it suits you just fine.


"People Business, people make mistakes" - Pretty broad statement regarding the type of business they are in.

Never once did I accuse you of being on some form of drug. I do read, and I have plenty of common sense not to jump to conclusions and use words that by their very definition do not fit the crime.

Edit: Yes, but the reasons of deduction she is making a statement regarding this person, however it is still a broad statement that is said in times like this in regards to people and their actions as a whole.


Makes me feel so gooey inside knowing that my tax dollars are still paying this scum.

Voting NO on the next levy unless this paid administration leave policy is changed.


The only way to change this situation is to alter state law. Ehove does not have the authority to alter state law so they are required to follow it.


Then when the schools who fought for this dumb and unconstitutional law fights to change it I will THEN vote for school levies again. To HE*l with a system that rewards those who molest children until they are convicted.

Who else gets this 'reward' at work except government workers. I'm going to help clean it up by starving them to repentance.


Innocent before proven guilty. Or did you forget that? Maybe you didn't finish school? EHOVE could have helped you with that.

You resort to name calling. I prefer this method better.


You try to act all 'high and above' with all your posts, but you insult people constantly, then say "well ~I~ am above calling anyone names." No, you're doing the exact same thing as everyone else on here. Jump in the pool, the water's warm!


High and above? Because I can actually word my responses the way I want them to sound so they are on point is high and above?

How exactly? I don't go around insulting anybody unless they started it. I don't go calling people Jerks at will.

Edit: Please do provide some proof of my "insult people constantly" posts. There are so far 2 or 3 on this article, you won't find any more than that and they are limited to one person after they called me a jerk. I prefer to keep those comments to myself, both in person and from the comforts of my desk chair. I have never once had someone complain about me or to me about me being derogatory or calling people names, in school, in the workplace, in public, or in my own home.

Edit 2: I use words to make sure my point is clear and concise. I make sure I use facts in evidence to make reasonable claims that can be backed up when needed. My Opinion is my own and I make sure it is known that it is my opinion, not that I share as often as some of the commentors here. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, however there is a fine line between opinion and slander/defamation. Some of the commentors here walk that line and cross it daily. They also choose to ignore facts in evidence, or manufactuer things to suit their needs.

San Jose California - Teacher just awarded almost $1/2 million for slander/defamation because 3 students lied and called him a 'perv' and said he was touching them. He lost his job, his standing in the public and possibly any motivation to continue doing the good work he did because people like the ones here were quick to judge with facts not in evidence.


Your right on Target Bailey! He/she attacks a person with venom and then tells them proper posting etiquette! Seems to have more guts than a fish house but nothing of value.


I only attack you because you are so free to attack this Innocent before proven guilty person and call him a child rapist.

If we all followed proper posting etiquette we wouldn't be having this type of discussion.

Edit: lecturing about proper posting etiquette? I posted about how I post and why I post. I don't care how you want yourself to be seen on a public forum. Do what you want and how you want it but be prepared to have comments back at you when someone disagrees with you or wants to give you a differing viewpoint or opinion.

I also have a lot of guts in real life, if someone wants to debate or listen I will back up my claims with facts, just as I do here. But wait, I am a graduate of EHOVE. I couldn't possibly be worth anything according to some people.


(edited, why waste my time with this 'what ever" Now he's thinking about suing people LOL and he calls others 12 year olds.


You don't read do you? Where did I say I was thinking about suing people? That was in regards to another case that I was using as an example about defamation/slander.

(I have said this numerous times to you) READ!!!!!!!!!


Go ahead, vote NO on the next levy. Its not going to change the fact that she is following state LAW and due process. You should also vote no on all future levies for every school district in your district since they have to follow the SAME LAW.


i WILL Vote no, and heres why.
WHO do you think pressed the legislators to pass this 'administrative leave' rule? It WASN'T THE PUBLIC, it was the school employees. So, since they pressed the issue I WILL vote now and make it a future issue to continue to vote no until THEY CHANGE THIS RULE.


Don't you people have a life? Let's impart a little education into you. In the United States we have unions. Do you know what that is? The teachers have a union. In their union contracts and Ohio Revised Code it states you have to follow the "law" ( you know what that is right?) and the union contract. The Superintendent is not a law maker nor are you? Or are you? Furthermore, Mastroianni (as you put it), is an intelligent woman that knows due process procedure. She will do what is in the best interest of the school system. That's why she holds this position and you don't. (Thank God) Let's just start defaming everyone. She could throw a defamation of character suit at you. Do you mind just adding your full first name and last name to your next post along with your address?


So what's that almighty Union Contract say about diddling a student?


In this case?
Sec.4803-02 Section involving student/ teacher relationships

"Hit it and quit it"




EHOVE's attitude about actions like this are not surprising. They have looked the other way in the recent past regarding the safety of staff and students, especially with adult students. The almighty OHIO/Govt dollars that put some adults through tech training outweighs the safety of those of us who pay for classes out of our own pockets. Classes ending late at nite with no real security is very scary. Instructors are aware of this and either there is nothing they can do or they have told administration and nothing is done. For this reason I am taking classes in Sandusky Career Center. Safer in Sandusky than at EHOVE. Don't care if you disagree - my family has taken enough classes to see the pattern. It is rape. Will not vote for next levy unless it is for increased safety measures for staff and students of all ages.


Increased security? What are you looking for security wise? They already have security cameras, security guards and monitored entrances. Never once felt unsafe on campus at all times I have been there.


"People make mistakes" Seriously? That's what you think of his actions? This kind of attitude toward this behavior is shameful!


Watch out luckylady, bnjjad will be offended and attack you on this statement. According to him she didn't specifically use his name so she could be talking about anyone. LOL !
I agree with you completely.