EHOVE culinary arts instructor on paid leave

Chef Edwards accused of having sexual relationship with 17-year-old student.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Nov 17, 2013


As a school superintendent, it is one of the things you never want to hear -- one of your teachers was arrested and charged with sexual battery involving one of his students.

"It's a tough time," said Sharon Mastroianni, superintendent at EHOVE Career Center. "We are a people business and people make mistakes."

Michael Edwards, 47, of Huron, was arrested Thursday and taken into custody by Erie County sheriff's deputies at his residence, said Chief Deputy Jared Oliver.

The alleged victim was a 17-year-old girl who is a student at the school, Oliver said.

"Detectives had received information there was an ongoing sexual relationship with the student," Oliver said. "Detectives determined there was probable cause after a preliminary investigation and arrested Edwards on the sexual battery charge, which is a felony of the third degree."

The case will be presented to an Erie County grand jury.

"Obviously, we are working with the local law enforcement and children services," Mastroianni said.

"As far as employment, Chef Edwards is on paid leave. There is due process that has to be followed. Right now we are looking at all of the facts and the board will determine how we move forward."

Mastroianni knew the arrest was coming.

"The school actually tipped off the authorities," she said. "Information came to us. It's devastating news when the teacher/student trust has been broken."

Mastroianni said it is a difficult time for everybody at the school and it's important to move forward.

"Of course, we don't want this incident to reflect on what we truly believe at EHOVE that students and staff are safe as they are receiving top-notch career technical training," said.

Erie County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Dennis Papineau provided more details Friday.

Papineau said there was a second juvenile girl who Edwards pursued through text messaging, but that girl declined his advances.

"These events took place last school year," Papineau said. "There was nothing this year."

Papineau said the encounters took place at multiple locations in Erie County.

Edwards appeared at an arraignment Friday at Erie County Municipal Court in Milan and had his bond set at $30,000, Papineau said.

He remains in custody at the Erie County Jail.

Once the case is presented to a grand jury, additional charges could be filed, he added.

"He was extremely cooperative," Papineau said about Edwards' arrest.

Papineau said the detective bureau often handles sex-related cases.

"But, with teachers and students, no," he added.

Papineau said the relationship between Edwards and the victim began with texting and then escalated into the physical realm.

"It was consensual," he added.



Sounds like Sharon has made a completely "PC" statement regarding this to protect herself and EHOVE from future litigation in the event that he is found Innocent so he cannot come back and file a slander lawsuit. To bad some of you here cannot be sued for some of the stuff that you say.


One person sitting in guard house in evening or taking a cig break does not qualify for adequate security. Monitored entrances during the day but not for evening classes. I've taken several classes and never once saw anyone driving around or monitoring entrances.

Most Wanted

Luckylady, you feel safer at Sandusky Career Center than Ehove late at night? LOL! You must have a bone to pick with Ehove. I'd do cartwheels across Ehove's parking lot at 2:00 a.m. alone with no one out there on a Saturday night when all the bars are closing. I wouldn't walk across Sandusky's parking lot at 8:00 p.m. in the evening by myself or with security in the lot....and I'm a woman.


That was my thinking. I live near EHOVE. Not once have I ever feared for my safety.


I would be scared to death to live near Ehove. All those 'Horticulturists'...I don't know what that is, but it sounds FREAKY! lol...


You never know about those guys. Corn Fields contain some pretty nasty creatures too.


MOST them defending the scum prob have abbused a child themself its only way i can see someone defending him!!!!


Most are not defending him. We are standing up for his right to be Innocent before proven guilty in a court of law. We are also standing up to bullies who feel it is best to slander him before we know the facts or he has been found Guilty.

We probably watch Porn too? Maybe we also drive a panel van and buy candy by the case?


Funny! I agree, he's innocent of a CRIME, until proven guilty. Absolutely. But is he a CREEP? ABSOLUTELY


I mentioned in the other article (here or SR I don't remember) that I never did have a good feeling when I saw him or had to interact with him. (I was in a different program though).


Shame I will Remember this Next time EHOVE has a Levy Out...


Did you also vote no on your local districts levy? I am sure they have had the same thing happen there. It has happened in almost every local district.

Voting NO on a levy is not going to prevent this other than shutting the school down. Which is not in the best interest of this area or our students.


He looks happy and looks like John C Reilly.


legalpublicadvocate and Sarrak I applaud your efforts at trying to educate people on here. People in this area don't understand the difference between a movie from the 50's and due process of law. As a result we are left to read off the wall user comments that use zero logic and even less facts.

To the people still not understanding why this isn't rape. If he would not have been an authority figure NO charges would have even been brought against him. Since he was a teacher then he was charged with sexual battery. EHOVE did not create or make these laws. The State of Ohio did. So not passing a levy isn't going to change these laws. All your going to do is hurt a lot of good educators and students trying to learn a trade. I didn't go EHOVE but know that any time a student can learn a trade while attending school is a great thing and should not be taken away from them as a result.


Get off the kick that its a "EHOVE thing" people. This has been going on for years right under your noses! The diff being, back in the day your "buddies" in the system got you to quit/retire and take up a new profession...BELIEEVE happened more than once in the NORWALK school system. The dif here is it is illegal for your "buddies" to cover it up.

They are handing out condoms at school thereby telling sons and daughters its OK. There is no warning on the package that tells them its NOT to be used with a teacher...

Let me be clear, I DO NOT think this is OK either legally or morally, however "Back in the day" if you acted like the kids do now you were "easy" and an outcast...Today it is simply the way we have teached our young people to be. The female student wouldn't participate in ANY form of conversation with a teacher in the way they do now. Now the student not only particapates but in some cases initiate the conversations. The adult is the adult and should not, IN ANY WAY allow the converssation to continue PERIOD! Allow me an example, If a nice looking lady smiles and says "Hello" no biggie, however, if the same lady says "Hello, would you like to go for a drink" TOTALLY dif meaning.
NOW IF the young lady is say...17...That is where the "adult" in me should kick in and I should do the right thing...the problem is "The right thing" changes with times...EXAMPLE taking the legal age of consent from 16 to 14...Did someone just decide that 14 & 15 year olds are somehow more mature and able to make better decisions than when the legal age was set at 16???

All of the comes to raise your kids right because soon they will be the teachers and people of authority and if you think this is bad now...wait till they are in charge the way they are being brought up and taught by you and society.


Actually there is good reason why Ohio is looking at lowering the age of consent to 14. The problem now days is that to many parents believe their little princess can do no wrong, so when they disapprove of the fact that she is a sexually active freshman having sex with an 18 yr old senior they decide to make that high school senior a registered sex offender. Too often in todays environment we are ruining many young men's lives simply because they were having sex with a freshman or sophomore and the girl or the girls parents are seeking revenge. 25 yrs ago we didn't need a change to consent laws, unfortunately now, in a day when people lack the good sense the lord gives them it's need so that we aren't ruining a kids life for what amounts to a consensual relationship.


Let's just lower the consent age to 4, and start selling our female children to 40 year old men like other countries.


So just what in my post makes you believe I am in support of making pedophilia legal? The law I support takes away the criminal penalty and sex offender status of two high school kids in consensual relationship. The way the law is currently written a high school senior can be imprisoned and have to register as a sex offender for having sex with his/her freshman or sophomore girlfriend/boyfriend. So when you are a high school senior, you never dated a freshman or sophomore? Yeah right! This law is a long time coming. Nearly every state in the country already has this on the books. This has nothing to do with adult MEN having sex with little girls, that my friend should still be punished to the full extent of the law.


Well umm...I was being sarcastic. I think the state would be INSANE to lower the age of consent to 14. Things happen in high school all the time, seniors with underclassmen...18 year old 'adults' procreating with 14-17 year old 'children'. It's only labeled as a crime when her parents find out!


jstus2001 said:

"taking the legal age of consent from 16 to 14...Did someone just decide that 14 & 15 year olds are somehow more mature and able to make better decisions than when the legal age was set at 16???" (Agreed)

We were discussing this very thing a few day ago.

I personally think it was about convenience. Could the courts have been filling up so much time on this that they decided to reduce the age in and effort to decrease the over whelming docket for the day?

This one fact proves that society has degraded. If one goes to the support Face Book site they will be shocked at the language and distortion in those students, both past and present. A bunch of misguided renegades. I'm not inferring that they are not educated but instead they have NO ABSOLUTES and have no idea what the word even means.


It has nothing to do with overwhelming the courts. Call your legislator, it is about protecting young boys who are still in high school (seniors) from being labeled a sex offender simply for having a consensual relationship with a freshman or sophomore. This kind of nonsense of prosecuting an 18 yr old senior for having sex with another high school student was unheard of 20 yrs ago. Unfortunately, it has now become commonplace for girls or their families to act out their revenge. The new law will put a stop to this. It will not however make it legal for a teacher to have sex with a student. It will also likely have some stipulations such as the older person in the relationship may not be more than 5 yrs older than the 14 or 15 yr old, with 16 remaining the full age of consent for sex.


"no idea what the word even means" - Kind of like how you don't know what the word RAPE vs Sexual Battery means?


You guys all sound so old right now when you talk about "back in the day". Not all kids are dumb, you know.


Well of course they are! Once they turn 18 they are magically matured and ready to go on in life and make decisions for themselves (whether they be right or wrong). They couldn't possibly do that at say age 17.5 or 17, it has to be 18.


Truth2u you are very ignorant. First of all a 17 year old is not defined as a child. 2nd of all this is a consensual sex case and the only reason he is charged is because he is a figure of authority as previously stated. I highly doubt if she ran and told on him. Someone found out about it and reported it then the girl admitted to it. If he wasn't a teacher then no crime would have been committed. Do you have common sense? And yes 16 is the age of consent in ohio. You can be 50 and sleep with a 16 year old and as long as it's consensual there is no crime. Look it up for yourself. Why does everyone always blame the guy in a consensual sex matter? It's bs if you ask me.


You better watch out. Truth2u has made their view quite clear. "She is a child and he is a child rapist."

Edit for Truth2u: Yes I will stoop this low. I've been in a funny mood lately and I need someone to go after.


So the day she turns 18 shes automatically an adult who has the ability to make sexual decisions? lol! people are so closed minded. Wake up everyone this is 2013.. 17 year old girls know exactly what they are doing when it comes to sex with anyone. This isn't little house on the prarie or the waltons.. this is 2013! He may be an idiot but hes not a rapist.. im sorry if the truth bothers most of you but that is the truth.


bnjjad has been on here quite a bit...backing up someone who is clearly in the wrong, strange...that's a RED FLAG in my book.