Limberios family hopes Dr. Phil airing will raise awareness, change coroner law

Second part of show at 4 p.m. Friday on WTOL, Channel 11, and at 5 p.m. on WKYC, Channel 3
Aaron Krause
Nov 15, 2013


CASTALIA -- Shannon Limberios doesn't want to separate any other mother from her child.

"It's hell," said Limberios, who lost her son, Jacob, to a gunshot wound in a case that has galvanized not just this village and the surrounding areas, but people across the world.

Limberios said because she doesn't want to separate another mother from their child, she will not press for any sentences if what she feels is the truth comes out about how her 19-year-old son died on March 2, 2012.

Shannon's older son, Michael Jr., said in an interview Thursday Sandusky County authorities weren't cooperating or listening to the family's pleas for further investigation into the case.

So the family has taken their case onto the Dr. Phil show in the hope that what they feel is the truth comes out. The first part of the episode aired Thursday and the second part airs today. During today's episode, Dr. Phil is expected to reveal the results of a lie detector test taken by individuals who were with Jacob at a gathering, which is when a gunshot killed him.

The Dr. Phil show airs at 4 p.m. on WTOL, Channel 11.

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"Sandusky County authorities weren't cooperating or listening to the family's pleas for further investigation into the case."

But they will go on national tv for a "cold case" and seek "justice," fame and notoriety? Do your job county! ✰J4J✰


All Sandusky county needed to do was send the body for an autopsy that night. It was negligent on their part to not do it. 4 kids, one dead with alcohol and a gun? You take the other kids word for it?


Good Luck Limberios Family.


Sandusky County law enforcement screwed up the investigation of this case. There's no doubt about it. But the frustration and anger should be directed at the three "friends" who were present. They are the only ones who know what really happened. Without them telling the truth about that night, the best investigation in the world probably couldn't prove who did it.


after watching the show im convinced jake was murdered. now this just my opinion the girl seem to show anger after failing the lie detector im no cop but she seem very suspicious


I have to agree. And her comments "to" Jacob about putting her through this were awful. I think she did it or at least knows who did and it wasn't Jacob!!! My heart breaks for his parents. I hope you find the answers soon!

Anonymous Enigma

This isn't a joke or a jab at all... but is there possibly any way I could buy one of the Justice for Jake & Ella hoodies some where?