Triple homicide trial: Death penalty for Curtis Clinton

Convicted murderer and rapist provokes victim's brother into rage during sentencing.
Joe Centers
Nov 14, 2013


Erie County Common Pleas Court erupted in a screaming match Thursday afternoon as Judge Tygh Tone handed rapist and killer Curtis Clinton, 42, three death sentences for the killings of Heather Jackson, 23, and her children, Celina, 3, and Wayne Jr., 20 months.

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Clinton provoked Nick Fee, brother of Heather Jackson, into a rage when Clinton had the chance to make a final statement to the court.

Both Clinton and Fee stood from their chairs and deputies and police officers held them back from one another across the courtroom.

Clinton, dressed in orange jail garb, handcuffed and shackled for the hearing, was quickly placed back into his seat by deputies at the defense table and Fee settled into his chair in the jury box, seated behind his mother and father, Jodie and Herb Lynch.

Tone finished the hearing out, tacking on the life sentence for Clinton raping Celina, with an additional 10 years for Clinton's other crimes.



They should've gave Nick five minutes alone with this monster. I'm glad he got what he did. People are ignorant for turning this into a racial issue. Curtis Clinton should not be viewed as a human being. He is a monster. I agree with Nick, I wish he wasn't on death row so the "prison justice system" could take care of him. The Clinton's are scum, they are a disease living in Sandusky. The family that was harboring him before he got caught should be dealt a lengthy prison term also. God bless Heather's family, my thoughts and prayers are with you


Long live the death penalty...

The mother of the victim said "may god have mercy on you soul"

After those comments he made, I don't think anyone is going to have mercy on him


I'm confused. How can someone be given the death penalty and then give him a life sentence and add 10 years to it? Unless the judge has gotten word to Jesus as to what he would want to happen to Clinton when he goes before him. Cause this life here will be done.