EHOVE teacher arrested on sexual battery charge

Alleged victim is a 17-year-old girl who is a student at the school.
Scott Seitz2
Nov 15, 2013


An EHOVE Career Center teacher was arrested Thursday on the charge of sexual battery.

Michael Edwards, 47, of Huron, was taken into custody by Erie County sheriff's deputies at his residence, said Chief Deputy Jared Oliver.

The alleged victim was a 17-year-old girl who is a student at the school, Oliver said.

"Detectives had received information there was an ongoing sexual relationship with the student," Oliver said. "Detectives determined there was probable cause after a preliminary investigation and arrested Edwards on the sexual battery charge, which is a felony of the third degree."

Edwards is the culinary arts instructor.

Oliver said Edwards was incarcerated at the Erie County Jail, without bond.

The case will be presented to an Erie County grand jury.




This is really shocking...had him as an educator and he was always professional and did his best to help students who wanted to pursue culinary arts as a career...stay strong chef!!!


hey caddylackity shut your mouth you dont know anything


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I don't know Mr. Edwards but I do know his wife. I don't know if they are still married b I worked with her over 5 years ago but she was an attractive lady. SMH at this "man". You are seeing these charges too much now a days.


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I've worked with Chefe and I'm not surprised at all... I am saddened for the minor and his family, but I have no tears to shed for him.


Doesn't surprise me at all, he did that when I went to EHOVE.


For all those looking to show your support.


Show support for an alleged child rapist? No thank you. If this is true, he's a sex offender and needs to be treated as such. Please be considerate of the alleged victim here.

former local

I know nothing about the case, but the keyword there is ALLEGED!


"child rapist"? An ongoing sexual relationship is not the same as "rape". I also find it funny how age 17 is a "child" and the minute they turn 18 they are an "adult". This guy may be a creep, but to paint him with one brush is not fair. A 17 year old and 8 year old..are not the same "child".


She was a minor so its rape. Calling it something else may sound better but many believe he took advantage of his position and authority, much like a date rape.


First - this fellow is not charged with rape; he is charged with the much lesser offense of sexual battery.
Second - for most folks this would not even be a crime because it's consensual. Only those in authority can commit it.
Third - age is not really an issue here. About 10 years ago in Toledo a step parent was charged with this offense on a 46 year old stepdaughter.

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This is illegal (in this state) because of the age of the girl. I think a lot of things will make more sense when they find out what that 17 year old was doing for an after school job. It wasn't Mcdonald's either. Even can't have sex with your students, I think that one's in the teacher's handbook somewhere.

Seen it All

If he wasn't a teacher, he wouldn't be in trouble. It is illegal because he is in a position of authority. A teacher, a police officer, or anyone like that cannot have sex with an under age individual, even if it is consensual. Age of consent is 16 in Ohio.


@ Seen it All
Very informative, I checked out your claims and was surprised that you are correct.

An informative chart is here:

**"The act is legal unless the act was forced, coerced, or the perpetrator is in a position of power over the victim, like a teacher, coach, parent and/or guardian."


Thanks for posting this. I read the article and was thinking the same thing.


Yea but he obviously didn't force her physically or he would have been charged with rape. Sounds like they had sn inappropriate relationship. Which because she is only 17 is ileagal and morally wrong. What are you thinking chef? What could that little girl possibly do for you. Your disturbing and should be ecacally where you are.


If others knew he did it at other times, then why didn't they report it! Check his computer, he probably views porn on the internet!


Because if you watch porn you are automatically a sexual predator? I never did understand how those two unrelated things go together when comments like this are made.




GOTTOSAY..were you being sarcastic? (it's hard to tell with typed words). If you checked ANYONE'S COMPUTER, I'd wager 99.99999% have viewed porn! -and the ones who said they didn't = total liars!


Journalism 101 - The goal of a newspaper is to sell, sell, sell. As much scandal as they can generate brings more revenue. Cute articles don't sell papers. Many times more than 50% of what is printed in the paper is incorrect. I follow these articles especially those on teachers. How many of you would like to teach a room full of teenage kids on a daily basis? How many of you know that many of these kids are vindictive and if you discipline them they will go to any means to put the teacher in hot water? There was an incident with a Western Reserve male teacher and a female student where he was wrongly accused. His name was drug through the mud, he experienced financial hardship and all because a student wrongly accused him. Justice certainly does not always prevail but he was found innocent. What about his reputation and future? It does not matter if you know this man or not. Show some intelligence and know that the entire truth is not printed here. I have documented proof that the legal system in Huron and Erie county is not always run correctly. Maybe the Norwalk Reflector should do some investigational reporting instead of using the "slapping any incorrect information" method in the paper. For those of you that are on your soapbox try coming out of your glasshouse because someday the legal system and the paper may just break one of your windows and your can experience it first hand whether your guilty or not. There are many good innocent people who wrongly get thrown into it.


A Tandem Media Network paper that would actually investigate something on their own? Hell will freeze over first.
It is Guilty before Proven Innocent now though so good luck trying to get through to these people.


Well, to be fair for the's been quiet in Willard and Greenwich, so they had to dig up something from somewhere!


Legal advocate are you implying that this man here is being wrongly accused? Their is always that possibility, but with any sexual allegations involving a teacher and a minor it is going to be investigated. Should they plaster him in the paper as if he is guilty before it has been proved, probally not..... the court of public opinion is cruel and harsh, but if these allegations are true then he is getting what he deserves.


So you say that they shouldn't plaster him in the paper, but yet then say he deserves this ridicule if its true all in the same sentence? Interesting.

I would think the ridicule should wait until hes been found guilty. Too many people take justice into their own hands and slander people before the facts are provided. If he were to be found innocent, these same people would not even blink an eye to say sorry nor would their minds change on the subject. If you are investigated for anything you are automatically guilty. Such a great, loving, caring, happy world we live in.

*I am not saying he is wrongly accused. I do not know the facts.


A couple of years ago another case existed where a woman was arrested for burglary and it was put in the paper as barging into a house because she was upset with the girlfriend of an ex-husband. After investigation, the woman could not be charged with burglary. She was sent to the home to pick up grandchildren by her daughter. The ex's girlfriend was there and got upset and called the police. The woman picking up the kids could legally be arrested and charged by vindictive people. I am sure the devastation of being arrested and plastered in the paper as a burglar will stick around on the net. We all need to understand that the legal system has flaws. I can recite many other cases where people have been "wronged" by the legal system. Let's give this guy some peace and not judge. Unless you are an elected official with a law degree you don't have the right to judge much less defame someone.


Good Luck with that. Remember, these people dont listen to other peers or differing opinions, they listen to their own minds and the media first.