Janesville employees feel left out in cold by city administration

Parking changes the reason.
Scott Seitz2
Nov 14, 2013


Janesville Acoustics employees and supporters made their displeasure known with the city administration at Tuesday night's council meeting.

Casey Martin, Janesville union president, told city officials the employees weren't pleased with the recent no-parking signs which were posted on Norwalk Commons Drive, effectively ending a protest by fellow employee Kevin Fenwick.

Fenwick, whose car had been draped with protest signs for the past month, said his right to freedom of speech had been violated.

See full story in today's Norwalk Reflector.


Kottage Kat

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Janesville workers should feel left out. Those signs were placed in response to the protest. The protestor's vehicle was legally parked. On top of that your Mayor and City service director blatantly lied at city council, claiming "The order to put those signs up were given in mid-October, but were pushed back due to storm damage." Everyone knows that Duncan received a phone call from unhappy Janesville reps, asking to find a way to get rid of the issue. This process was already hard enough. You just took away a chance for them to send a message.


"Don't it always seem to go but you don't know what you got till its gone"
"Pink paradise put up a no parking sign"


I love how this has turned into a debate about politics. If you really wanted to do something, how about help the workers and families that are about to lose their jobs.


Re: "how about help the workers and families that are about to lose their jobs."

Not-to-worry, with the loss of local tax dollars and consumer spending, EVERYONE will feel the effects.

Really are you ...

In my own opinion, this should have happened a long time ago. Not as a narrow focus on Janesville, and not on a little small town local level. This type of activity should have happened back in 2008 when jobs started leaving the US. But instead of happening in small towns, it should have been taken to every state capital and the White House lawn.

When was the last time there was a successful insurrection in the United States. Back in the colonial days at the Boston Tea Party? It wasn't for terrible tasting tea being brought from England. It was because of the unfair taxes being placed on the colonists.

Isn't that what is happening now? Unfair taxes? The middle and lower classes do not have tax loopholes that big corporations have. We are taxed on money earned before we receive our paychecks, we are taxed on everything we purchase except food. Where did the stimulus package money go from the bailout? That money has floated to the top where it is staying. Very little jobs have been created from that. Even non US companies got a piece of the stimulus package. Then healthcare! But how when big brother can throw you in jail and hold you there for any reason they want. We the people are in a really sad situation.

Forcing and oppressing the American people into submission. Things need to change in a major way to make America great again. Instead of the laughing stock of the world. A peaceful insurrection is needed, because our fearless leaders have blinders on created by their own personal agendas.

Cliff Cannon

@ Really are you.... : Awesome essay here. Here's hoping many take heed.

P.S. " My reading of history convinces me most bad government results from too much government " Thomas Jefferson


It will happen soon. With the large gap of salary between the classes and the lack of good paying jobs, we're all just indentured servents.


Re: "A peaceful insurrection is needed,"

Since the majority of Americans are lazy, spoiled & overweight, this will only occur if they can phone in or email in their displeasure from the comfort of a couch while eating ice cream in front of their flat screen.

Actually, after the govt. goes bankrupt and the EBT cards stop functioning, there ‘might’ be a little movement.


Does anyone commenting realize that the car is still parked in front of Janesville? It is actually CLOSER to the offices now, and yes, it was keeping trucks from getting in. Perhaps it was never an issue before because no one ever parked there. What message is being sent by having a vehicle covered with negative comments sitting there anyway? What proof do you have that the Safety Service Director lied about the situation? You are talking about someone with a spotless reputation. It is highly unlikely he would risk his character over a no parking sign.