Neighbors of Norwalk's future dog park claim encroachment

Conway Dog Park interfering with right to fully experience the American dream, man says
Aaron Krause
Nov 20, 2013


Norwalk resident Justin Cooper said he just wants to experience the American dream.

He said he feels he's in the perfect position to experience it: He can walk to his work at Norwalk Concrete, where he just assumed full-time status. He lives right down the street from Summit Motorsports Park, where he enjoys riding old cars. "This place is perfect for me," Cooper said. "I want the American dream. This is my personal happiness."

But he feels the next-door future Conway Dog Park, and its operators, are interfering with his right to fully experience the American dream.

A story about this subject was published recently in the Norwalk Reflector.



If you own the property, it's yours. If the city owns it, tough cookies.


Oh boo hoo. Do you own the property, justin? If not, then buy it off of them and then you'll have every right to say what goes there. Til then, stop whining.

Sitting In The ...

Well I suggest we get rid of ambulances because the noise from the sirens interfere with my "American Dream".

Scranton Tibbs

Exactly what is the American dream anyway? I bet if it were a duck pond Uncle Si wouldn't protest. Relax old man, it's not like they are building a (don't wanna get censored or trigger profanity filter) establishment frequented by adult men with the expressed mission of drinking alcohol and watching partially disrobed women dance. It's just a dog park bro.


When did Si Robertson move to Norwalk?


I think they could carve out a buffer beside his property and still have a huge dog park. A stretch of 12 foot high "pool" fence would go a long way in sound barrier, smell. I adopted from the HS last year and am an animal lover. But it could be a better neighbor. IDK but I bet Mr Cooper has looked like Si as long as Si has, jus saying


I still don't understand what his B!CH is?
He hates dogs?
What a nimrod! There are 1000's of things to protest! Get a life!


1173.015 screening for none residintal uses abutting residential districts.part E . States that if screening for purposes of absurbing or deflecting noise must be 15 feet in depth of dense vegetation or a solid masonry wall with decorative plantings .


The reflector took a picture of uncle so next to a sign! NOT next to the problem..that was the access to the garage where the dog parks fence is..on the city's donated land..where the garage should have been grand fathered lawd in .when the Cooper's have already tore down 2 sheds now this!!

Now The Rest of...

Does he even own the property, when a search is conducted on the Huron County Auditors Website, no record of ownership is shown for a Justin Cooper. The property appears to be owned by a family member and when you look at the aerial map the house is almost on the property line, this dude needs to get a life.


This has nothing to do with the dogs and the park..its about human desentsy not greedy people and free land. I'm sure if they just gave them the 15 feet for access to the garage everyone could get along.


Put up a fence, plant some trees, and get a life Grandpa.


Also on section 1173.015. C1 visual screening walls, fences,plantings, or mounds shall be a Minimum of 5 1/2 feet high in order to accomplish the desired screening effect,except in required front yards where the maximum height shall be not greater than 2 1/2feet. Plantings shall be a minimum of 4 feet in height at the time of planting...


That fence that is up now is 4 feet tall.just talking facts people not opinions!


@privateEye- Looks good on paper. The problem is-The city does not consider a dog park-or any other park a non residential use. Our zoning codes need to be modified and better defined so that the city cannot hide behind it lack of definitions. No matter how noisy it is-the city would not require a fence or any other buffer. Trust me, they are better off dealing with Humane Society than the city.