Food banks bracing for cut in food stamps

47.6 million Americans had their food stamp benefits cut this month.
Joe Centers
Nov 19, 2013


Local food banks around the county, including Norwalk, are bracing for another hit.

A total of 47.6 million Americans had their food stamp benefits cut Nov. 1, and most of them have absolutely no idea what happened. The reason that this is happening is because a temporary boost to food stamp benefits that was put in during the last recession is expiring.

The 2009 Recovery Act's temporary boost to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits ended Nov. 1, resulting in a benefit cut for every SNAP household. For families of three, the cut is $29 a month -- a total of $319 for November 2013 through September 2014, the remaining months of fiscal year 2014. That's a serious loss, especially in light of the very low amount of basic SNAP benefits. Without the Recovery Act's boost, SNAP benefits will average less than $1.40 per person per meal in 2014.

A story about this subject was published recently in the Norwalk Reflector.




You have to cut somewhere.You sure can't cut raises for congress.They only make $174k a year.One Pa.Rep.wants us to pay for his 30 year old son's Health Ins.You sure can't cut Bozo's Vacations and His old ladies 1.4 million dollar staff.How about cutting out secret service for all those washed up old presidents ?


WOW!!! sounds like your in pain??? When one is worried about everyone else and how they have it, is surely a sign of a boo hoo, entitlement, more should be for me attitude.. I have a house up for sale right now and it needs the leaves raked, I'll pay ya $29 for a few hrs work... what do ya say? stop worrying about what you don't have and think about what you could have???


Jackel, if I were you, I would get the money up front


Oh darn. They will have to cut back on the pop and candy


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They said the average would be $36 a month...A MONTH...They p*** more than that away on thier 3rd phone of thier cell phone plan. Whatever will they do? How about cooking at home with cheaper ingredients instead of eating Swanson T.V. dinners every night....


Aren't Swanson TV dinners only $1 each? Can you share your recipes for meals that cost less than that?


4 or 5 less Red Bulls a month.


$29 a month??? a couple less scratch-offs, 29 packs a smokes a month instead of 30 and cancel HBO should just about feed the one who screams pain.




If you can't afford to feed yourself or your kids then you shouldn't be having kids!!! Can't afford 1 kid then don't keep having more. Do you know how many fat a$$es there are that just sit around living off of my money...sick and tired of you lazy people. Get your tubes tied if you can't take care of your own for God's sake..!!!!


Are you going to pay for the operation for them?


pretty sure it's covered with Obamacare


Hey its every body 's responsibility to feed, clothe ,provide medical care for me, oops I mean allllll my babies and my future boyfriend too! C'mon you gotta do it. [scarcasm]


Jackel has a valid point. All in authority deserve cuts. Most everyone else has to do with less. So too should ALL elected officials & oldster presidents/families.


Dang, I'm going to have to give up my Obama paid Iphone, I'm going to have to use one of those dang non-smart phones...Goodbye Ohio Lottery, I wont be able to afford to blow my welfare on it...please, listen to yourselves, you all sound like morons. Not everyone who receives these things are getting Iphones, and are buying lotto tickets, you know, some of us actually work, and don't abuse the system...get mad at the people who abuse it, not the program itself


Sorry, i am mad at the program. Once the program took away the embarrassment of monopoly money and made it discreet with prepaid cards, and a political society we live in... the volume of recipients grew VERY rapidly. Once you take the shame out of handouts, you take away the desire to do better for one's self. PERIOD. and sorry with modern internet stats and even in everyone's family there is a bum, non worker, so called drug addict, alcoholic, non worker, baby maker, multiple convict, etc. who seems to ALWAYS get freebies, and still are seen with wide screens, cell phones, out at bars, buying junk food, etc. THE system has made me be like this and i am definitely VOCAL on the subject as many and MANY feel as i, just some still keep it to themselves, so sorry to crap on your parade, but people are talking about you, in your face like me or behind your back. That's a fact.


Oh, the shame isn't gone, Its hard to look at another person and ask for help when things get rough. Its hard to go to a grocery store and know the person behind you is thinking that you're "one of them" who abuse the system no matter what kind of foods I buy. I'm not a drug addict, I don't drink, I work, I have one child, never been to jail, not even a speeding ticket, But I'm already "one of them" because I have a EBT card. I know I'll never change anyone's mind, but maybe when they're in that boat, and they have to go to some jacka$$ at one of these places and ask for help, they'll know what it feels like. When the "workers" at job and family services looks down on you, and make you feel like crap, but you take it because you got a family to look after anyway you can. You'll know how it feels. I don't enjoy going there, I never will, but you have to swallow your pride and do it. This is still America right? Don't we help our neighbors and friends when they're down? I will agree that some people do abuse the system, as with any sort of system (how many of you have called off work sick, but were not actually sick?) I guess what I'm saying is, don't let a few bad apples make you think that every person who gets help is the same way. Some of us do work, some even work 2 jobs. Some go to school, while another parent works.


Sorry, too thick minded. Your quote "still America" Where is this so called American pledge??? that others are expected to take food out of there own kids mouth to give a portion to someone else? Help is one thing, People/organizations do that on there own with there own choosing but for a government forcing me to give up part of my earnings as a "greater good" is PURE slavery thing. How did anyone EVER survive before these sort of enforced regulations of government?? But still where is it listed?? if I want to be an American i MUST pay because someone who is down on there luck, hit's a rough patch, fool around have children, when they clearly can't care for themselves to begin with? and sick pay is part of a workers negotiated benefits and they can choose when necessary to use. and i quess 3 jobs, and just where is this "go to school entitlement"? many of people thru the years would have loved to go back to school learn a new trade for a cushier job, but situations forced them to stay in that dirty, hard plant/job, because it put food on the table, so just where is that right you speak of? about able to go back to school and force others to support you all the while? anymore questions?


your comment still sticks in my mind. So you as many others feel, because YOU are an American citizens you have some sort of right to part of the income of another American citizen, and the government has every right to confiscate the working wage of another to give to you. God only help us if they legalize millions of illegals who, no doubt, have the same thought process as you.


You make some good points every now and again. I agree that ALOT of people abuse the system. Some people just flat out need help. My issue is with the people who make welfare and food stamps a career move. If you have a rough 6-12 months, fine. You decide not to work and just hang out, F-off!

Yall Make Me Sick

Oh my gosh God must have put you in charge to go around & judge everyone & their life. You have no idea what people have been through. So for you to sit there & judge someone because of what is going on in their life is uncalled for. Just because someone abuses the system don't mean everyone does. I sure hope someone you love NEVER falls on hard times & if so just call them & tell them how much of a low life they are because they've lost their job that they've worked for many years & tell them it's life suck it they don't need help & look at their kids & tell them what you had for dinner & then ask them what they've had. OMG close minded & judgmental people kill me. Not everyone is trying to suck the system dry people do fall on hard times.


Everyone is missing the point! Not about the abuser or the true needy. BUT where is it that ANYONE feels.. NO matter the situation, They have the RIGHT to part of another's hard earned wages thru the strong arm of the federal government?? It's not judging! Just tell me if you don't like me, why do you still feel entitled (no matter the situation) to take money i need-want-wish to save for my childrens education-vacation-or pure waste on junk food, whatever i want to do with it, IT MUST GO TO THE GREATER GOOD POT to be distributed by the rulers in DC. That my friend is a socialist-communist society. Period. America was at it's BEST, when giving was a choice. NOT A FORCE


Accountability for this and many other publicly financed charity programs need to be returned to the local level in order to help reduce the billions of dollars in waste, fraud and abuse that annually occurs with the Feds running the show.

Kottage Kat

Spot on and THANK YOU.

free and clean 2 yrs

so just to put this out there i am on food stamps. I worked full time and over time at the business i managed, paid my bills and had my own insurance. I am a step mother to 3 boys that we have full custody of and my new born baby girl. I was never on food stamps UNTIL OUR STATE PUT ME OUT OF A JOB. House bill 7 put over 8,000 people out of job with very little to no warning. I do not have a cell phone and try the best i can. These cuts hurt legitimate people.. not just lazy as$ scammers. i worked hard and am still trying to find a job that helps me be able to take care of my family. So thank your state for putting 8,000 + people on un employment and food stamps

free and clean 2 yrs