Norwalk teen accused of stabbing brother in back

Accused stabber arrested.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Nov 13, 2013


A Norwalk teen is charged with felonious assault in connection with stabbing her brother in the back Monday.

Katelyn N. Taylor, 18, of 408 S. Old State Road, Apt. 25, was arrested after the Norwalk police and fire departments and North Central EMS responded to her apartment.

Dispatchers received a 9-1-1 call at 5:07 p.m. about a male victim who reportedly had been stabbed.

"Kyle Taylor, 20, was found inside the residence and had been stabbed. Kyle was alone when officers arrived and refused to tell the officers who stabbed him," said Detective Sgt. Jim Fulton, who investigated the case with Sgt. Seth Fry.

North Central transported the victim to Fisher-Titus Medical Center, where it was learned he had a punctured lung.

During a brief and thorough investigation, officers came into contact with Katelyn Taylor, the victim's sister.

"During an interview with Katelyn, she displayed signs of deception and a small amount of blood was observed on her sweatshirt. Katelyn was detained and it was later learned she had stabbed Kyle with a kitchen knife," Fulton said.

Police secured the crime scene and obtained a search warrant for the residence.

"Inside the residence, officers recovered the weapon used and an article of clothing worn by Kyle when he was stabbed," Fulton said.

"During an interview with Kyle at Fisher-Titus hospital, he told investigators he was stabbed by his sister, Katelyn Taylor. It was learned their mother, Gwendolyn O'Donnell had witnessed this incident, but fled the scene prior to the officers arrival," the detective continued.

Police located O'Donnell, who told investigators Katelyn had stabbed Kyle during an argument.

"Katelyn Taylor later admitted to this crime and was booked into the Huron County Jail on a charge of felonious assault," Fulton said.

If convicted of the third-degree felony, Taylor faces two to eight years in prison. At Tuesday's bond hearing, Norwalk Municipal Court Judge Eric Weisenburger set the suspect's bail at $50,000 and prohibited her from having any direct or indirect association with her brother.



The future of America...scary.


She was cooked into the jail?!?!?! Really!!!

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I'm beginning to think its not typos. More like comical "errors".


OMG Can you believe it!?!?!? ONE letter off. Obviously can't read or write. lol get a life


To enter late in this conversation, this is an online Norwalk Reflector edition. It can/is read much farther than the confines of Norwalk.

It's very embarrassing the large number of "auto-correct" typos and grammar errors. The high school newspaper has much better editing. Maybe the Reflector could out-source the editing to the students of the Trucker Imprint....

Anonymous Enigma

Jesus, what happened to proof reading your article before submitting it? Or what happened to editors doing their JOB?

Reflector staff... if you need a new editor, I'll gladly do it. Mainly so I don't have to read these articles that have horrendous grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

...Mainly. I still need to get paid. Just shoot me an email! ;)

I wonder what the argument was over? & why it got so heated, that she felt the need to stab her brother with a kitchen knife. We need details!


More so...Why did the mother split? What did she need to remove so quickly to leave her son bleeding??


That's my question too. The mother should of called 911 and stayed with her son! What a shame.


"“From the get-go, we suspected she was the person that committed the crime,” Fulton said.

Later at the hospital, Kyle told officers it was his sister who stabbed him with a small kitchen knife. Their mother, Gwendolyn O’Donnell, also later told police she was there during an argument and her daughter stabbed her son, police said.

“We can speculate, it was a disagreement, all of them were involved in it,” Fulton said. “Katelyn had been cussing, disrespecting the mother, and Kyle told her she needed to control herself and treat her mother right.”

The comment allegedly prompted Katelyn to stab her brother.

Police obtained a warrant to search the home, and they found the knife they suspect Katelyn allegedly used to stab her brother."


It amazes me that she stabbed him in the back. Must of known she wouldn't of gotten far had he seen it coming.


"Must HAVE..." "Wouldn't HAVE..." ;)


If family and friends can't stab you in the back, no-one else can or would.


"...Obtained a search warrant for the residents..." I think you mean *residence...


Yes!!! How about this one.....

"Katelyn N. Taylor, 18, of 408 S. Old State Road, Apt. 25, was arrested after the Norwalk police and fire departments and North Central EMS and Captain planet and Hulk Hogan and George Bush and Clark Kent responded to her apartment."

Obviously I added a few of my favorite heroes for emphasis, but If I may....

Katelyn N. Taylor, 18, of 408 S. Old State Road, Apt. 25, was arrested after the Norwalk police, Norwalk fire department and North Central EMS responded to her apartment.

1. Remove the first "and" and replace with a comma.
2. I believe that there is only one Norwalk fire department, so we will make that singular....

Ok I'm done for today, that was exhausting!




Ha! I'm sorry but your corrections are wrong. They are just fine with the way they printed this story. They stated that both the Norwalk police and fire departments responded. Departments is plural because there was more than one department that responded. Nice try though.


HAH! So which one of the Norwalk writing staff has an account for bashing its readers? This totally looks like a staff member sticking up for the paper. Also it looks dumb sticking up for a paper that one most days looks like it was written by a drunk reporter with half a Y chromosome and no educational background on how to write an article. My guess is this is Carey Ashby's username on here.


Come on Norwalk, forget about the typos. We have a much bigger problem here! As I watch and read all these articles and the comments that all of us leave, I think it is sad. Where do we start? How do we take back our community from these rotten drug users, thieves and teenagers that know it all? I am sure someone out there feels the same way as I do and I am sure that there are some of you that do not agree with me and that is ok! As a parent, if this was MY child, I would be all over her, 18 or not!!


John, I do agree with you. We do need to take back the community that was truly once "a kids place". We need a citizens task force or something. People get on here and laugh at mugshots and make fun of people, They judge and ridicule, yet who is getting involved to make a difference? We live here. We need to. Lord knows we don't need further governement involvement.


How do we take our community back? Start sentencing the offenders to some time. Then while all the offenders are away serving their time, we decent, law abiding citizens go down to Ace Hardware, invest heavily in tack hammers. Then when these low life's come back to the community, we are prepared for them to re-offend. At that moment, we begin beating them with the hammers, thus eliminating any third or fourth chance for them becoming decent, productive members of the Norwalk community. Thats my plan for taking back our community. I'm Danny Tanner and I approve this message.


Exodus 22:2


I know what it's like to get stabbed in the back by a female...

Gordon Gekko

I gotta say all these chicks they arrest in Norwalk are pretty cute.
I live in Cleveland but Norwalk is my hometown.
You would not believe the hags they arrest up here.