Obama to talk economy during Cleveland visit

President won re-election in Ohio by about 3 percentage points last year on a message that the economy was improving.
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Nov 12, 2013


President Barack Obama will visit a Cleveland steel plant Thursday to discuss the economy, a White House official confirmed.

Obama will travel to Luxembourg-based ArcelorMittal’s facility in northeast Ohio, which is investing $55 million in one of its blast furnaces and hired about 150 workers over the past year. According to the White House, Obama will “deliver remarks on the economy and the strength of American manufacturing.” Additional details of the event are forthcoming.

This will be Obama’s first visit to Ohio since delivering the commencement address at the Ohio State University on May 5.

Obama won re-election in Ohio by about 3 percentage points last year on a message that the economy was improving. But now Democrats are trying to create a path to victory for gubernatorial candidate Ed FitzGerald by arguing that Ohio’s economy is floundering under Republican Gov. John Kasich, so it will be interesting to see if Obama’s message at the steel plant plays into or detracts from FitzGerald’s line of attack.

Kasich, meanwhile, met with ArcelorMittal's chief executive Lakshmi Mittal while at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland earlier this year.


By Joe Vardon - The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio (MCT)

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Re: "President Barack Obama will visit a Cleveland steel plant Thursday to discuss the economy,"

The "rollout" of the ACA is an unmitigated DISASTER, so let's change the subject eh?

Good to see that the Campaigner-in-Chief is back doin' about the only thing that he does well.


Re: "Obama won re-election in Ohio by about 3 percentage points last year on a message that the economy was improving."

Economy "improving"?

Nationally, the U.S. labor force participation rate is LOWER than it was 35 yrs. ago during the failed Carter Admin.

Oct. 1978: 63.3%

Oct. 2013: 62.8%

Welcome to the Obama "McJobs" economic recovery.

If you like your part-time job, why not have two?



Headline should read, "Bozo to continue lying in Cleveland"

Dr. Information

It will be funny to watch him and how cleverly he places his words about the economy and jobs and Ohio. Its all smoke and mirrors.

Total deflection from Obamacare which has netted this nation in the hole insurance wise. More have lost their insurance that Obamacare will ever cover. Only 49K have signed up so far. Its a bust.


Economy? OHIO? Where? OHIO? Jobs? Where? OHIO? and just how much is this trip going to cost with secret service, plane, local police, road blocks etc. With around 11 million total in ohio. how about just give everyone a dollar tax break and call it even, and just stay in DC


"Obama will travel to Luxembourg-based ArcelorMittal’s facility in northeast Ohio"

I notice that the company is NOT U.S. based
Maybe because Obama's policies actually are hurting our businesses and economy.

Cliff Cannon

Being an American history buff. I never thought it possible to have a worse President than " President Do-nothing "--- James Buchanan.

Sadly, I was wrong. Not only this moron Obama, but most of Washington D.C. " leadership " makes me want to toss my cookies and wonder this: How could we possibly have fallen this far ?


Cliff,I am afraid we will fall even farther, when they elect that murderer next.The exit polls in N.J.had her leading.That doesn't bother me as he is not my choice anyways.But how do you beat this:The Black Coalition,Latinos,Feminists,Nutty Environmentalists,Media,Hollywood,Gov.Workers,Unions,Illegals,Uninformed Youngsters, which really isn't their fault with all the Social Profs,Welfare Receips,Intentionally unemployed,Forever Needy,Even quite a few seniors,Illegal Aliens,Wow I have just named future America.

Cliff Cannon

@ Jackel : Normally in a free society the pendulum swings way to far one way, then the other. So I for one certainly believe in this time of great need, it is an opportunity of historic proportions to attempt to help push the pendulum back the other way.

That way, one can truly help name the " future America " So keep pushing Jackel as the consequences if we don't are truly monumental.


Re: "push the pendulum back the other way."

IMO, only after "THE GREAT COLLAPSE" and people ask: "What the h*ll happened?" is there a chance of that occurring.

Unfortunately, it also may be too late to put it back together again.

IMO, the warning signs of the limits of centralized planning are on full display for all to see with Obamacare. But, the bureaucrats continue to assure us that: All is OK.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : No doubt, the greatest effort, as well as the greatest moments of each of our lives, will come after " The great collapse " should it ( which seems very likely ) occur.

In those great moments where courage will be paramount. The pendulum will indeed be pushed back. That we may never " put it back together " at least the way we know America now is probable.

So it is indeed vital, we do what we can now, to bolster the courage of as many people as possible. Since youth will be at the helm of any great change, it is vital to demonstrate to as many of those leaders of tomorrow the American is actually spelled " Amer-I-Can "

" Centralized planning " flopped in every communist or socialist country it was ever tried in. So it will indeed flop here as well. Which once again points to the need for teaching our children to be builders,who think like leaders.

Because after all, the strength of America has always resided in the hearts & souls of those sought to make a difference with their lives. And so it will be in the future.

So every time I see or talk to a driven dreamer with courage. I for one look to the future with ever increasing confidence


Why do you blame obama? or bush or reagan? There just puppets in a bigger game! Please watch this cliff!

www.youtube.com the story of your enslavement


Watched them all.The only choice you have is who will be the gate keeper at your time.Follow the money.The election is only a cover up.


For all who voted for Obama, you are just as guilty. It wasnt hard to see he is a fake, liar and was not worthy of the highest office, heck he isnt even a true American.

Cliff Cannon

@ Snoozer : I tried your link and it went straight to the ' You tube' page with out seeing your story. I will certainly check again later.

As to whom do I blame. " All of the above " is my choice. So I ask you to read Charlie Reese's last essay " The 545 people responsible for America's mess " ( or something close to that title) This essay will make a believer out of anyone who currently thinks, our problems can not be fixed.

For since our problems are man made, they most certainly can be fixed by man. ( paraphrasing JFK )

P.S. I've been voting since 1976 and exactly once I voted for a major party candidate ( Reagan in the 76' primary) Does that give you a clue as to what of think of political games that are played in Washington ?


@ CC:

Lending a few pixels:

"545 people are responsible for the mess, but they unite in a common con"


'76? I voted for "Clean Gene."

I woulda voted Libertarian had I been politically aware at the time.

Cliff Cannon

Thank-you Contango : Here's hoping as many as who care about the mess in Washington read this Charlie Reese essay, for it just don't seem right that a mere 545 people can make such a mess for the 300 million they allegedly " lead "


Re: "545 people"

And "We the People" put 'em there.

Polls often show that voters LOVE their respective representative.

But those other guys? THEY GOTTA GO!

Cliff Cannon

Totally agree. Kind of funny,ain't it ?

Dr. Information

Get use to more Democratic control in 2016. This new era of entitlement kids growing up with this notion that the US and its people owe them something is getting worse.

Really are you ...

Who do we blame? Take a look. Blame all presidents past and present. Blame all congressional seats, past and present. Blame the big companies that moved their manufacturing facilities to foreign lands to turn a bigger profit. Blame big oil, blame fracking companies, blame electrical power companies, and overall blame ourselves.

The top people in charge of maintaining, operating, and troubleshooting our faltering economy have failed the people of the United States from the upper middle class down. Majority rules and we voted them in.

Big companies seem to have forgot where they came from and sold out the American worker for cheaper labor to turn bigger profits. Ultimately raising taxes on those who are fortunate enough to find employment. Raised taxes to replace the missing taxes that would have been collected if the American worker hadn't been displaced.

Blame the people of the United States for not innovating and inventing new products and job opportunities to replace lost jobs due to companies leaving for greener pastures. Following the company management like sheep, and crying when the company leaves.

Blame big oil and power providers for raising or planning on raising the cost for their products and services. I will get a few comments about the why on oil. But the electricity thing is BS because why raise the price on something, electricity, that is neither created nor destroyed?

We are letting foreign nations take our jobs, sending them food, sending them money... Foreign countries drilling for oil off our shores, not taking proper care of their Riggs. Why not have these countries store our fracking slurry and nuclear waste under their lands? They are taking everything else.

Let the president talk. It will be quite a bit of smoke and mirrors talking. But collectively as a nation, we are the ones allowing this failure.


Well Cliff if you enjoy history check out Lew Wasserman/Ron Reagan. Or Prescott Bush/T-4 Program. Since you know of me, you know I'm serious when I tell you my family lived this. Sadly we are peasants in their kingdom. People like you & I are the ones that matter in America. Not the elite few. (You'll find the T-4 program perversely interesting)

Cliff Cannon

@ kURTje : Never knew the Prescott Bush/ Nazi connection before. I did find that interesting. Not sure,though that we have to worry about a T-4 program here in America.....yet.

hit the road jack

Most people would be amazed if they only knew how shady their Govt. was,they were responsible for Adolph being put in charge of Germany and how many business people helped and raped the country in the process.

hit the road jack

He will be a good laugh to some of us but you gotta remember their are STILL nutcases out there(union people) who still think this guy is the best thing since sliced bread and will cheer like a basketball game cheerleader.


I find it very interesting that Nixon and Clinton got caught in a lie and were threatened to be impeached, but there are no consequences for Obama. Obama is sorry we didn't understand what he thought he meant to say. It's no longer politics, it's now blame-itics. Good grief!


At what point in time did the United States of America become Barack Obama's bitch? How is it that this petty little man became the small minded dictator of the USA? Where is it written that Congress can pass a law and when that law is proven to be a steamy worthless pile of shit, this arrogant stick figure of a man can pick and choose what parts of the law he will or will not allow whenever the political winds shift against him? By what authority does he commit these unConstitutional acts? Why is this permitted?
He cannot simply decide one day that employers don't have to comply with a law that has been enacted, and then decide that insurance policies the law bans will be good for another year. He is not our king, he's not even a leader, he let the inmates run the asylum and write this damn law. He's had nothing to do with the passage of this law, or anything else that has occurred in his administration. I can't give him credit for (if) anything good that has happened, but he can't be blamed for the bad either, because he obviously is not involved in anything! He's present! He appoints, designates and delegates everything and then goes out to play golf and fundraise! So when did he become the Pope, waving his hand to rewrite laws and pacify the masses?
Republicans should be demanding that by his actions he has admitted that the law is flawed and should be repealed immediately! And demand that IF another attempt is to be made at passing such a law in the future, all parties will be included in its conception. NO amendments to the law, REPEAL IT!